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Clinical Manual of Addiction Psychopharmacology

by Henry R. Kranzler, Domenic A. Ciraulo & Leah R. Zindel

This new edition of Clinical Manual of Addiction Psychopharmacology offers information on the pharmacology of the major classes of drugs related to addiction and the latest pharmacological treatment of dependence...

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychopharmacology

by Sandra A. Jacobson

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychopharmacology, Second Edition, covers all newly available drugs, new safety warnings, information about adverse effects, and efficacy for expanded or more limited indications....

Essentials of Clinical Psychopharmacology

by Michelle M. Primeau, Alan F. Schatzberg & Charles B. Nemeroff

This third edition of Essentials of Psychopharmacology is based on the premier textbook in the field, The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychopharmacology, now in its fourth edition. The Essentials...

Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Nurses

by Laura G. Leahy & Christian G. Kohler

The Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Nurses is designed to serve as both an academic textbook and a reference book for Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (P.M.H.-A.P.R.N.s)...

Clinical Manual of Couples and Family Therapy

by Gabor I. Keitner, Alison Margaret Heru & Ira D. Glick

The Clinical Manual of Couples and Family Therapy outlines practical, evidence-based family therapy skills, and it also reestablishes the role of the psychiatrist as the leader of the team of professionals providing...

The Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic Medications

by Anthony J. Rothschild

The Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic Medications is a table-rich, comprehensive overview of our current knowledge regarding the use of antipsychotic medications to treat a broad range of psychiatric conditions,...

Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorders

by Terence A. Ketter

This guide to the assessment and management of patients with bipolar disorder can help physicians keep abreast of dramatic and rapid advances of recent years and integrate them into their practice. This book...

Handbook of Essential Psychopharmacology

by Ronald W. Pies

This edition provides an indispensable guide to vital information in the rapidly expanding field of psychopharmacology. The updated edition of this popular handbook will continue to be a reference that is simply...

Understanding and Treating Adults With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

by Brian B. Doyle

This authoritative volume addresses difficulties in diagnosing adult ADHD, including the debate about whether the disorder exists as a valid entity. Dr. Doyle covers the genetic and biochemical bases of the...

Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Mental Health Care

by James H. Lake & David Spiegel

Written for both conventionally and nonconventionally trained mental health care professionals, the book provides both an ideal reference for clinicians whose patients inquire about CAM therapies and a critical,...

Managing the Side Effects of Psychotropic Medications

by Carrie L. Ernst, Joseph F. Goldberg & Stephen M. Stahl

This book provides information on anticipating and countering adverse drug effects when they occur. Cowritten by a research psychopharmacologist and a consultation-liaison psychiatrist, this book helps mental...

The Evidence-Based Guide to Antidepressant Medications

by Anthony J. Rothschild

The Evidence-Based Guide to Antidepressant Medications, provides a clear reference to the current knowledge and evidence base for the use of antidepressants among a variety of patients across a wide range of...

Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice

by Jessica R. Oesterheld, Kelly L. Cozza, Scott C. Armstrong & Gary H. Wynn

The Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice is an exceptionally practical, thoroughly up-to-date resource to help psychiatric clinicians understand and avoid potentially dangerous...

Concise Guide to Psychopharmacology

by Lauren B. Marangell & James M. Martinez

This invaluable clinical companion begins with an overview of the general principles relevant for the safe and effective use of psychotropic medications. Subsequent chapters present clinically relevant information...

Mental Health Inc

by Art Levine

The mental health system in America is hardly the front-burner issue it should be, despite lip service about reform after each new tragic mass killing. Yet every American should care deeply about fixing a system...

Deprescribing in Psychiatry

by Swapnil Gupta Md, John Cahill Mbbs, BmedSci & Rebecca Miller PhD

The current state of medicine has witnessed the long-term adverse effects of certain medications, an increased rate of polypharmacy, and a cultural shift that emphasizes patient-centered practice. The term "deprescribing"...

Psychedelic Revolutionaries

by P.W. Barber

“Psychedelic Revolutionaries is not only beautifully written—it is timely. We are in the midst of a rebirth in interest in the psychedelic group of drugs with increasingly strong research evidence for their...


by Herbert Mwebe

This concise and accessible text is suitable for all trainee and registered health professionals who require knowledge and understanding of drugs used in the treatment of mental health conditions for prescribing...

The Unjust "Justice"

by Edward Castle

In his late teens, Henry Carmel was stricken with schizophreniaa life-altering mental illness characterized by tormenting voices, impaired judgment, and acute paranoia. In 1996, Henry was attacked by a huge...

Gender in Psycho-Oncology

by PhD Youngmee Kim & Lcsw Matthew J. Loscalzo

As cancer treatment has evolved toward precision medicine, psychosocial research and practices for cancer patients and their family members have also raised awareness of the need for a personalized, patient-focused,...