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by Lorenzo Pradelli & Albert Wertheimer

Authors decided to provide a text which can serve as a quick reference and as an aid to understand papers dealing with pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, providing a slim basis of the theoretical background,...

A Piece of My Mind

by Roxanne K. Young

reflections and insights on health, disease, and healing

Now in paperback for the first time, A Piece of My Mind brings together revealing personal essays that first appeared in The Journal of the American Medical...

Kore: On Sickness, the Sick, and the Search for the Soul of Medicine

by Andrzej Szczeklik, Antonia Lloyd-Jones & Adam Zagajewski

There is a grand tradition of physicians who are also great writers and philosophers. From Copernicus and Paracelsus, to Chekov, Osler and Frankl. And most recently Sherwin Nuland and Oliver Sacks have gained...

Covid-19 The virus of fear

by Massimo Andreoni & Giorgio Nardone

This publication is based on scientific analysis, newspaper sources, and is loosely inspired by the documentary "COVID-19 - The Virus of Fear" that was created thanks to Massimo Tortorella's idea and a screenplay...

Of the Epidemics - and Historic Epidemics

by Hippocrates & Al.

This book presents the Hippocrates treatise of the epidemics, followed by an essay on historic epidemics.

"Epidemic denotes a spreading disease which attacks great numbers of people at certain seasons. The term...


by George Cummings McWhorter

This article, "Spectacles," by George Cumming McWhorter, was originally published in the January 1862 issue of "The Knickerbocker" magazine. 

Cholera : Mode of Propagation, Healing and Prevention

by Joseph von Pettenkofer

- Cholera : Mode of Propagation, Healing and Prevention -

"Cholera is an infectious disease. By infectious diseases are meant those diseases which are caused by the reception from without of specific infective...

Possible Worlds and Other Essays

by J. B. S. Haldane

The essays in the first part of this book deal mainly with matters of fact. Those which follow are more speculative. Haldane advanced genetics, population biology and evolutionary theory. This volume emphasizes...

How Not To Be A Doctor

by John Launer

Doctor and medical columnist John Launer has written on the practice and teaching of medicine for many years. Now, more than fifty of his essays have been collected in How Not to Be A Doctor. Taken together,...


by Charles S. Reichardt

Featuring engaging examples from diverse disciplines, this book explains how to use modern approaches to quasi-experimentation to derive credible estimates of treatment effects under the demanding constraints...

3D Printing in Medical Libraries

by Jennifer Herron

Supporting tomorrow’s doctors involves preparing them for the technologies that will be available to them. 3D printing is one such technology that is becoming more abundant in health care settings and is similarly...

Mortal Lessons

by Richard Selzer

A surgeon shares true stories of life, death, and the human body in an essay collection that “will nail you to your chair” (Saturday Review).

With settings ranging from the operating theater to a Korean...

Medicine Under Attack and Other Essays

by Clyde W. Johnson M.D.

This book is about my experiences, observations, and opinions during my fifty year career.

Also included are other essays and anecdotes of interest. We are all entitled to our own opinions and this is mine....

Mendel's Garden: Selected Medical Topics

by David J Holcombe

MENDELS GARDEN: SELECTED MEDICAL TOPICS contains a collection of short non-fiction texts covering a wide variety of medical issues. Dr. Holcombe intends each short text for the lay audience, and there are consequently...

The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review

by Danielle Ofri & Sherwin B. Nuland

The Best of the BLR will include pieces by Rick Moody, David Lehman, Abraham Verghese, Floyd Skloot, Julia Alvarez, Rafael Campo, Rachel Hadas, Caroline Leavitt, Hollis Seamon, David Watts, Alicia Ostriker,...

Understanding Chronic Pain

by Robert T. Cochran

This is a personal narrative, a record of my passage among victims of chronic pain and the discoveries that have come from those encounters. I write for physicians, nurses, therapists, and caregivers, but mostly,...

Curing Chronic Pain

by Robert T. Cochran

In 2004, Dr. Robert T. Cochran published Understanding Chronic Pain, a ground-breaking work exploring the links between pain, depression, childhood trauma, substance abuse, and bipolar disease. A companion to...

Hidden Lives

by Andrew Boden, Lenore Rowntree & Gabor Mate

A revised and updated edition of a collection of personal essays that illuminate what life is like for those who live with mental illness, and how it impacts their family members.

More than 4 million Canadians...

Plasticity and Pathology: On the Formation of the Neural Subject

by David Bates & Nima Bassiri

This collection of essays explores the historical and theoretical dimensions of the contemporary neural subject. With a multidisciplinary perspective, the volume focuses attention on the important, but problematic...

Collaborative Caring

by Suzanne Gordon, David Feldman & Michael Leonard

Teamwork is essential to improving the quality of patient care and reducing medical errors and injuries. But how does teamwork really function? And what are the barriers that sometimes prevent smart, well-intentioned...