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Looking and Listening

by Brenda Lynne Leach

Looking and Listening: Conversations between Modern Art and Music invites the art and music lover to place these two realms of creative endeavor in conversation with one another. In Looking and Listening, conductor...

The Instrumental Music Director's Guide to Comprehensive Program Development

by Michael J. Pagliaro

The Instrumental Music Director’s Guide to Comprehensive Program Development gives a practical approach to the procedures associated with teaching instrumental music and administering the program. An in-depth...

Mavericks of Sound

by David A. Ensminger

In Mavericks of Sound: Conversations with the Artists Who Shaped Indie and Roots Music, music scholar David Ensminger offers a collection of vivid and compelling interviews with legendary roots rock and indie...

Experiencing Jazz

by Michael Stephans

In Experiencing Jazz: A Listener’s Companion, writer, teacher, and renowned jazz drummer Michael Stephans offers a much-needed survey in the art of listening to and enjoying this dynamic, ever-changing art...

The Classical Revolution

by John Borstlap

The Classical Revolution studies the recent emergence of a new brand of classical music, one rooted in “pre-modern” tonal traditions. Through polemical essays on the conflict between re-emergent tradition...

Experiencing Mozart

by David Schroeder

In Experiencing Mozart: A Listener’s Companion, music historian David Schroeder illustrates through the great composer’s music how the issues he cared about so deeply in his time remain as pressing to modern...


by Mark R. Brewer

As a devoted fan of the lads from Liverpool, Mark considers himself an expert on their songs, both with the Beatles and during their solo careers. He has selected his favorite forty songs and tells their story...

Quick Reference for Band Directors Who Teach Orchestra

by Ronald E. Kearns

The book is intended to help new and veteran band directors develop an orchestra in their school. It outlines step by step what needs to be done before the teacher meets students, preparing for the first rehearsal...

Becoming a Real Musician

by Robert H. Woody

Nobody is born a musician. Rather, people become musical. They do so through the right experiences as children, and with the right kind of support from the adults in their lives. Most teachers and parents believe...

Experiencing Mahler

by Arved Ashby

Experiencing Mahler surveys the symphonies and major song sets of Gustav Mahler, presenting them not just as artworks but as vivid and deeply felt journeys. Mahler took the symphony, perhaps the most tradition-bound...

Exploring Early Jazz

by Daniel Hardie

About This Book

One night around 1897 they say Buddy Bolden stood up in a New Orleans Dance Hall and played the first hot blues. It was not until 1917 that the Original Dixieland Jazz Band made the first jazz...


by Victor Lederer

Victor Lederer surveys the music of Hector Berlioz, one of the most pioneering orchestrators in history, and introduces the general music lover to both his masterpieces such as Les Troyens and lesser known gems....

Listening to Mendelssohn

by David Hurwitz

The greatest musical prodigy since Mozart (some would say he was even greater), Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847) excelled in everything he did, musical or otherwise, and during his brief life became Europe’s...

Perry Robinson

by Perry Robinson

The book description is included in the completed cover tiff file 115580_cover.tif

Beethoven and Me

by Becky Askin

What if Beethoven suddenly appeared in the passenger seat of your car? The smell of body odor is overpowering, and you nearly swerve off the road. This unbelievable experience is described in the first person...

Beethoven's Orchestral Music

by David Hurwitz

Veteran music critic David Hurwitz provides an accessible, comprehensive, and fresh survey of Beethoven’s symphonies, overtures, concertos, theatrical music, his single ballet and other music for the dance,...

Organ Literature

by Corliss Richard Arnold

Now in paperback! Cloth edition 0-8108-2964-9 originally published in 1995.

Seeking the Significance of Music Education

by Bennett Reimer

Noted music educator Bennett Reimer has selected 24 of his previously published articles from a variety of professional journals spanning the past 50 years. During that time, he's tackled: -generating core values...

The Metropolitan Opera Presents: Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana/Leoncavallo's Pagliacci

by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti & Ruggero Leoncavallo

Opera's most enduring tragic double bill of verismo masterpieces, Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci share many common features, most noticeably their direct language, plot simplicity, common-folk characters,...

The Metropolitan Opera Presents: Georges Bizet's Carmen

by Henri Meilhac & Georges Bizet

A riveting story of fatal attraction between a beguiling, strong-willed gypsy and a naïve but passionate soldier who falls under her spell, Georges Bizet's Carmen pulses with seduction, obsession, and deadly...