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Musical Composition

by Ellis B. Kohs

A volume of projects designed to help student composers achieve technical mastery and artistic growth. For each chapter the author provides suggested exercises paralleling the text and musical illustrations....


by Luciana Galliano & Martin Mayes

"This book introduces us to the world of contemporary Japanese music and it guides us towards a better understanding of their world."—Luciano Berio

Yogaku discusses over a century of musical activity in Japan,...

Bartók's Mikrokosmos

by Benjamin Suchoff

Now available in paperback! Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos is a collection of 153 pieces for piano designed by the composer as a series graded according to difficulty. The pieces were written between 1926 and 1939,...

A Case for Charpentier

by Carla E. Williams

Who originally authored the anonymous, undated French manuscript Traité d'accompagnement et de composition?

Carla E. Williams tackles this mystery while providing the first English translation of this rare...

Widor on Organ Performance Practice and Technique

by John R. Near

Renowned organist, composer, and Paris Conservatory professor Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937) was a leading figure of the French Romantic organ school. In the extensive Preface he wrote for his edition of the...

Widor on Organ Performance Practice and Technique

by John R. Near

Renowned organist, composer, and Paris Conservatory professor Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937) was a leading figure of the French Romantic organ school. In the extensive Preface he wrote for his edition of the...

Harmony Through Melody

by Charles Horton, David A. Byrne & Lawrence Ritchey

Harmony Through Melody:The Interaction of Melody, Counterpoint, and Harmony in Western Music, Second Edition offers a robust, composition-based approach to tonal music theory, ranging from early modality to...

The Music of James MacMillan

by Phillip A. Cooke

James MacMillan appeals across the spectrum of contemporary music making and is particularly celebrated for his orchestral, operatic and choral pieces. This book, published in time to mark the composer's sixtieth...

Rethinking Social Action through Music

by Geoffrey Baker

How can we better understand the past, present and future of Social Action through Music (SATM)?

This ground-breaking book examines the development of the Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín (the Network...

Classical Music

by Michael Beckerman & Paul Boghossian

This kaleidoscopic collection reflects on the multifaceted world of classical music as it advances through the twenty-first century. With insights drawn from leading composers, performers, academics, journalists,...

Music Composition For Dummies

by Scott Jarrett & Holly Day

You can hum it, but can you write it down?

When most people think of a composer, they picture a bewigged genius like Mozart or Beethoven frenetically directing mighty orchestras in the ornate palaces of Vienna....

A Sonata Theory Handbook

by James Hepokoski

Sonata form is the most commonly encountered organizational plan in the works of the classical-music masters, from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to Schubert, Brahms, and beyond. Sonata Theory, an analytic approach...

The Art of Is

by Stephen Nachmanovitch


“Stephen Nachmanovitch’s The Art of Is is a philosophical meditation on living, living fully, living in the present. To the author, an improvisation...

Music Theory For Dummies

by Michael Pilhofer & Holly Day

Tune in to how music really works 

Whether you?re a student, a performer, or simply a fan, this book makes music theory easy, providing you with a friendly guide to the concepts, artistry, and technical mastery...

The Latin American Art Song

by Patricia Caicedo & Walter Aaron Clark

Taking as a thread the concept of national identity, this book elucidates the sound transformations that have taken place in the world of the Latin American art song since its appearance in the late nineteenth...

Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports

by John T. Lysaker

Brian Eno's seminal album Ambient 1: Music for Airports continues to fascinate and charm audiences, not only as a masterpiece of ambient music, but as a powerful and transformative work of art. Author John T....

Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Secular & Sacred Music to 1900

by Laurel Parsons & Brenda Ravenscroft

Through musical analysis of compositions written between the mid-twelfth to late nineteenth centuries, this volume celebrates the achievements of eight composers, all women: Hildegard of Bingen, Maddalena Casulana,...

The Contemporary Piano

by Alan Shockley

With Contemporary Piano: A Performer and Composer’s Guide to Techniques and Resources, Alan Shockley provides a comprehensive resource for composers writing music that uses extended techniques for the piano,...

10 Truths of Songwriting

by Chris M. Will

Writing good songs is not easymany talented musicians dont know how to do it. No matter what the obstacle might be, constructing a solid song can be an arduous process that frequently causes many musicians to...

Never Say Never

by Evelyn Elizabeh Hughes-Bass

Never Say Never is an accompaniment music book containing lyrics that will inspire and build the character of youths for success. Each song is an original, and was inspired by God to give encouragement to our...