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Camerata: A Guide to Organizing and Directing Small Choruses

by Arthur Wenk

Camerata: A Guide to Organizing and Directing Small Choruses distinguishes itself from all other works on choral conducting by starting at the very beginning—the conception and purpose of an ensemble—and...

Principles of Orchestration

by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Great classical orchestrator provides fundamentals of tonal resonance, progression of parts, voice and orchestra, tutti effects, and much else in major document. Includes 330 pages of musical excerpts.

Orchestral "Pops" Music: A Handbook

by Lucy Manning

In this new edition of Orchestral “Pops” Music: A Handbook, Lucy Manning brings to the present her remarkable compendium, which has proven so critical to the success of “pops” concert programming. This...

A Conductor's Guide to Choral-Orchestral Works: Part I

by Jonathan D. Green

Surveys large choral-orchestral works written between 1900 and 1972 that contain some English text. Green examines eighty-nine works by forty-nine composers, from Elgar's Dream of Gerontius to Bernstein's Mass...

Starting Out Right: Beginning Band Pedagogy

by Si Millican

Starting Out Right: Beginning Band Pedagogy is the only complete resource for organizing, planning, and teaching beginning woodwind, brass, and percussion students. The book covers every aspect of teaching beginning...

Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble: Scenarios, Priorities, Strategies, Essentials, and Repertoire

by John F. Colson

Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble is the most comprehensive guide on the rehearsal process for conducting instrumental music ensembles. Ideal for the advanced instrumental music conductor...

Music, Murder and Mayhem - A True Story!

by Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace & Tiwanda Lovelace

An un-cut non-fiction description of how some music industry personnel murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. People assume that artist just sign bad deals that allow producers or managers...

On the Principles and Practice of Conducting

by Markand Thakar

This book is a practical manual for anyone who stands on a podium helping an ensemble make music. The four main chapters address the major obligations of the conductor: (1) bringing the musical tonesto life...

The Rhythm Book

by Peter Phillips

This excellent textbook is directed to students and their teachers who want to further their mastery of rhythmic reading and notation. Through study of its principles, and through practice of the simple drills...

Conducting the Brahms Symphonies

by Christopher Dyment

How did Brahms conduct his four symphonies? What did he want from other conductors when they performed these works, and to which among them did he give his approval? And crucially, are there any stylistic pointers...

Constant Lambert

by Stephen Lloyd

To the economist and ballet enthusiast John Maynard Keynes he was potentially the most brilliant man he'd ever met; to Dame Ninette de Valois he was the greatest ballet conductor and advisor this country has...

Inside Conducting

by Christopher Seaman

What does a conductor actually do? How much effect does he or she have? Can the orchestra manage without one? Why don't the players look at the conductor more? Is it necessary for the conductorto play every...

Choral Monuments

by Dennis Shrock

Choral Monuments provides extensive material about eleven epoch-making choral masterworks that span the history of Western culture. Included are: Missa Pange lingua (Josquin Desprez); Missa Papae Marcelli (G....

Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber

by Charles Barber

Drawing heavily on their 15-year correspondence, this book is the first English-language biography of Carlos Kleiber ever written. Charles Barber offers unique insights into how Kleiber worked. This biography...

Quick Reference for Band Directors

by Ronald E. Kearns

Quick Reference for Band Directors is a go-to guide for new and experienced band directors. With tips on recruiting and retaining members, preparing lesson plans and program objectives, developing a booster...

Conductors in Britain, 1870-1914

by Fiona M. Palmer

Drawing on many archival findings, this book considers the emerging function and status of orchestral conductors in Britain, and the nature of the opportunities available to them, from the late Victorian era...

The Beat Stops Here

by Mark Gibson

In The Beat Stops Here: Lessons on and off the Podium for Today's Conductor, master conductor Mark Gibson addresses the technique of conducting as an extension of intimate knowledge of the score to the hands...

Victor Feldbrill: Canadian Conductor Extraordinaire

by Walter Pitman

This is an account of the life and cultural contribution of one of Canadas most talented conductors. He was known for his limitless enthusiasm and support of Canadian music and young musicians, as well as for...

In Their Own Words: Canadian Choral Conductors

by Holly Higgins Jonas

Canadas choral conductors share their experiences and ideas about the roles of music and the choir.

Rehearsing: Critical Connections for the Instrumental Music Conductor

by John F. Colson

In Rehearsing: Critical Connections for the Instrumental Music Conductor, Colson supplies the missing link for conductors looking for advice that allows them to complete their training for reaching complete...