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All of Me: The Complete Discography of Louis Armstrong

by Jos Willems

A discography of jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong's groundbreaking musical career, with detailed information about all his works, from professionally made commercial releases to amateur and unissued...

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult

by Dayal Patterson

Here is the most comprehensive history yet of this fascinating offshoot of extreme heavy metal.

Pocket Karaoke

by Sarah Lewitinn

Your nights of poring over massive karaoke binders are over! With more than two thousand songs handpicked and organized by music industry insider and DJ Sarah Lewitinn (a.k.a. Ultragrrrl), Pocket Karaoke is...

The Musical from the Inside Out

by Stephen Citron

An entertaining and informative new guidebook to the creation of the musical show, filled with anecdotes, practical advice, and sparkling commentary from the biggest Broadway insiders.

Serge Chaloff: A Musical Biography and Discography

by Vladimir Simosko

Simosko details the life and music of Serge Chaloff in an engaging style, from his childhood in Boston, Massachusetts, through his untimely death in 1957. He also provides a discography of Chaloff's recorded...

Rocks Off

by Bill Janovitz

December 3-4, 1969. Keith and Mick stood at the same microphone at Muscle Shoals, lights dimmed, splitting a fifth of bourbon, and simultaneously sang the melodies and harmonies on the three songs that they...

Giacomo Puccini: A Discography

by Roger Flury

In Giacomo Puccini: A Discography, librarian and music historian Roger Flury brings together information on nearly 10,000 recordings of Giacomo Puccini's music. Flury looks at each of Puccini's operas chronologically...

Andre Kostelanetz on Records and on the Air: A Discography and Radio Log

by James H. North & Barbara Haws

This discography gives full details of Andre Kostelanetz's commercial recordings with appendixes that cross-reference the recordings by composers, song titles, and album titles alphabetically. Other appendixes...

New York Philharmonic: The Authorized Recordings, 1917-2005

by James H. North & Zarin Mehta

This is a complete discography of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra's recordings, from 1917 to the present day. Entries contain relevant details such as music, performers, session dates and venues, recording...

The Musical Dna of Gregg Diggs

by Gregg Diggs

The Musical DNA of Gregg Diggs is a true story about a club DJs rise to prominence in several areas of the music industry. It chronicles his initial success on the club scene during the height of the disco era,...

The Bbsat's - Baby Boomers Soul Aptitude Test

by Anthony C. Davis

So you think you know soul music? Well check this out! The BBSAT has a main test of 250 questions that actually read like the history of soul and R&B. Then there are over twenty smaller, one-paged quizzes, that...

Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' the Rock:

by Janell R. Duxbury

Rock music of all varieties has been influenced by classical music and vice versa, both in the form of direct quotes and in the form of borrowings of style, composition, and instrumentation. The average listener...

Born to Play: The Ruby Braff Discography and Directory of Performances

by Thomas P. Hustad

Ruby Braff’s uncompromising standards, musical taste, and creative imagination informed his consummate artistry in creating music beautifully played. He achieved swiftly what few musicians accomplish in a...

Still the Greatest: The Essential Songs of The Beatles' Solo Careers

by Andrew Grant Jackson

As recommended by USA Today and excerpted on!

Still the Greatest is a love song to the songwriting and recording achievements of Paul, John, George, and Ringo after each struck out on his own....

A Catalog of Music Written in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

by Anthony McDonald

McDonald organizes and makes available information on music appropriate for concerts performed by a symphony orchestra, school music department, church choir, or solo performer in celebration of Martin Luther...

Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings

by Steve Sullivan & Dave Marsh

Volumes 3 and 4 of the The Encyclopedia of More Great Popular Song Recordings provides the stories behind approximately 1,700 more of the greatest song recordings in the history of the music industry, from 1890...

The New York Times Essential Library: Classical Music

by Allan Kozinn

A dazzling appraisal of the definitive classical music performances available today

For classical music lovers, there is nothing more beguiling and exciting than the range of technique and emotion that can capture...

Country Music Originals

Married to the Amadeus

by Muriel Nissel

The Amadeus Quartet, which was active from 1948 until 1987 when its viola player Peter Schidlof died, is probably the most famous and distinguished string quartet of the 20th century. It played to a wide variety...

100 Greatest Cover Versions

by Robert Webb

Which Blondie Top Five was originally a flop for a West Coast power pop band? Who wrote Alice Cooper's 1973 hit 'Hello Hurray', and which folk singer first recorded it? Who launched their career with a tear...