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The Influence of Carlos Prieto on Contemporary Cello Music

by Alán Saúl Saucedo Estrada

This book includes biographical information on Carlos Prieto, his contributions to music, as well as a detailed catalog of 72 pieces commissioned and/or dedicated to him. This is the first time a study has been...

Masterpieces of Italian Violin Making (1620-1850): Important Stringed Instruments from the Collection at the Royal Academy of Music

by David Rattray

This book presents a unique view of the work of the great Italian violin-makers from the 17th to the 19th centuries, based on the collection of The Royal Academy of Music in London. The Academy, founded in 1822,...

Nicolo Paganini: With an Analysis of His Compositions and a Sketch of the History of the Violin

by Francois-Joseph Fetis & Stewart Pollens

Written by an important musicologist, this rare 1860 monograph analyzes Paganini's compositions and provides a fascinating history of the violin. Firsthand accounts of the virtuoso's playing and personality...

Concerto in B Minor Op. 61: with Separate Violin Part

by Edward Elgar

This practice and performance edition of one of the most beloved pieces in the modern violin repertoire contains a piano reduction and a separate insert for the violin part.

A Double Bassist's Guide to Refining Performance Practices

by Murray Grodner

Murray Grodner draws on his distinguished career as a double bass musician and teacher in this compendium of performance philosophy, bowing and phrasing recommendations, tutorials on fingerings and scales, and...

The Violin Maker: A Search for the Secrets of Craftsmanship, Sound, and Stradivari

by John Marchese

How does a simple piece of wood become a violin, the king of instruments? Watch and find out as Eugene Drucker, a member of the world–renowned Emerson String Quartet, commissions Sam Zygmuntowicz, a Brooklyn...

The Baroque Double Bass Violone

by Alfred Planyavsky & James Barket

The most exhaustive study of the double bass violone accessible to English-speaking musical enthusiasts. This book includes lists of terminology, the most comprehensive bibliography to date, and 48 illustrations...

Historical Dictionary of Baroque Music

by Joseph P. Swain

The Historical Dictionary of Baroque Music covers the history of this period through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 400 cross-referenced entries...

The Contemporary Violin: Extended Performance Techniques

by Patricia Strange & Allen Strange

Written by a composer and a musician, The Contemporary Violin offers a unique menu of avant-garde musical possibilities that both performers and composers will enjoy exploring. Allen and Patricia Strange's comprehensive...

Playing with Ease

by David Leisner

Playing with Ease is a book about ergonomic technique for the guitar, as well as other instruments. Renowned classical guitarist David Leisner offers an introduction to the basic anatomy of movement, advice...

How to Play Guitar

by Jason Randall

Play the Guitar and Be the Life of the Party!

Click the READ MORE button to start your guitar adventure!

Inside How to Play the Guitar, you’ll discover how fun and easy it is to make music!

This multi-media teaching...

Christian Hymns & Chorals

by Viktor Dick

Christian Hymns & Chorals, Twelve known Christian songs. Sheet Music for String Quartet. Instrumentation: Double Violin, Viola & Cello Difficulty Level: Advanced. Arranged and Produced by Viktor Dick

Christian Hymns & Chorals 5

by Viktor Dick

Christian Hymns & Chorals 5 Twenty known Christian Songs Sheet Music for String Quartet Instrumentation: Double Violin, Viola & Cello Difficulty Level: Advanced Arranged and Produced by Viktor Dick

Christian Hymns & Chorals 6

by Viktor Dick

Christian Hymns & Chorals 6 Twenty known Christian Songs Sheet Music for String Quartet Instrumentation: Double Violin, Viola & Cello Difficulty Level: Advanced Arranged and Produced by Viktor Dick

The Journey of the Sitar in Indian Classical Music

by Dr. Swarn Lata

Since the thirteenth century, the sitara stringed, plucked instrument of Indiahas transformed into an instrument beloved by millions in its country of origin as well as all over the world. The Journey of the...

Con Brio

by Nat Brandt

A 1959 New Yorker profile captured the inspired risk-taking and raw creative spark of a Budapest String Quartet rehearsal: "Sasha leaped from his chair and with violin held aloft, played the passage with exaggerated...

The Integrated String Player

by Pedro De Alcantara

Pedro de Alcantara's The Integrated String Player: Embodied Vibration is a practical guide for all string players: violinists and violists, cellists and bassists, but also gamba players and anyone who makes...

Before the Chinrest: A Violinist's Guide to the Mysteries of Pre-Chinrest Technique and Style

by Stanley Ritchie

Drawing on the principles of Francesco Geminiani and four decades of experience as a baroque and classical violinist, Stanley Ritchie offers a valuable resource for anyone wishing to learn about 17th-18th-and...

The Happiness in Child-Raising

by Tatsuo Yamamura & Hanns Stekel

The book shows the importance for parents to encourage a child’s imagination. Imagination has a strong connection to language and logical thinking for a child in learning and it promotes their sociability...

Bach and Tuning

by Johnny Reinhard

Bach and Tuning is strictly concerned with the identification of a historically accurate tuning paradigm that applies to the great majority of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. Once Bach has his personal tuning...