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The Bjorling Sound: A Recorded Legacy

by Stephen Hastings

A half century after his death in 1960, Swedish tenor Jussi Björling remains one of the most beloved singers in the world. He spent forty-five of his forty-nine years performing in public, rapidly conquering...

Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures: Record Collecting as a Social Practice

by Dr Roy Shuker

This study examines the history of record collecting; profiles collectors and the collecting process; considers categories-especially music genres-and types of record collecting; and outlines and discusses the...

Recording History: The British Record Industry, 1888 - 1931

by Peter Martland

In Recording History, Peter Martland uses a range of archival sources to trace the genesis and early development of the British record industry from1888 to 1931. A work of economic and cultural history that...

Perfecting Sound Forever

by Greg Milner

In 1915, Thomas Edison proclaimed that he could record a live performance and reproduce it perfectly, shocking audiences who found themselves unable to tell whether what they were hearing was an Edison Diamond...

Through The Looking Glass

by Richard H. Brown Jr

Through the Looking Glass examines John Cage's interactions and collaborations with avant-garde and experimental filmmakers, and in turn seeks out the implications of the audiovisual experience for the overall...

Theories of the Soundtrack

by James Buhler

A theory of the soundtrack is concerned with what belongs to the soundtrack, how a soundtrack is effectively organized, how its status in a multimedia object affects the nature of the object, the tools available...

RA The Book Vol 2

by Roger D'Arcy, Hugh Flynn & Neil Waving

Volume 1 of this three part series focuses on private and in-house studios and Recording Architecture's built output from 1987 to 1996 with technical chapters covering work stages A to D (including details of...

RA The Book Vol 3

by Roger D'Arcy, Hugh Flynn & Neil Waving

Volumes 1 and 2 of this three part series focus on private, in house and commercial recording studios, mastering and cutting rooms and Recording Architecture's built output from 1987 to 2002 with technical chapters...

Posthuman Rap

by Justin Adams Burton

Posthuman Rap listens for the ways contemporary rap maps an existence outside the traditional boundaries of what it means to be human. Contemporary humanity is shaped in neoliberal terms, where being human means...

Swelling Sounds: More than Just a Noise - Sounds for Kids - Children's Acoustics & Sound Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s learn more about sounds and noise through this creative and highly visual display of information. Kids would love to learn on their own if they are attracted to the right education resource. They like...

Catching a Wave - A Child's Understanding of Sounds for Kids - Children's Acoustics & Sound Books

by Baby Professor

What are those sounds we hear and how do we hear them? This book will provide a complex definition of sounds but with information presented in a child-friendly format. Such layout will encourage reading and...

Creating Sounds from Scratch

Writing Music for Commercials: Television, Radio, and New Media

by Michael Zager

In Writing Music for Commercials: Television, Radio, and New Media, professor, composer, arranger, and producer Michael Zager describes the process of composing and arranging music specifically for commercials...

Get Down Here Quick and Mix Yourself a Hit

by Pete Hammond

Telling the story of the “mixmaster” Pete Hammond’s incredible 40 year career in music production, Get Down Here and Mix Yourself a Hit lifts the lid on life behind the hits and the unique contribution...

Music, Sense and Nonsense

by Alfred Brendel

Alfred Brendel, one of the greatest pianists of our time, is renowned for his masterly interpretations of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Liszt, and has been credited with rescuing from oblivion the piano...

Music Production: For Producers, Composers, Arrangers, and Students

by Michael Zager

Music Production serves as a roadmap for navigating the continuous changes in the music industry and music production technologies. From dissecting compositions to understanding studio technologies, from coaching...

Mixing and Mastering in the Box: The Guide to Making Great Mixes and Final Masters on Your Computer

by Steve Savage

Mixing and mastering are the final challenges in creating great recordings. Great mixes require both creativity and a practical understanding of process, while final masters require both a clear sense for purpose...

Beyond Sound: The College and Career Guide in Music Technology

by Scott L. Phillips

Beyond Sound is a must-read for anyone who loves music technology and wants to build a career in this competitive, fast-paced world. Author Scott L. Phillips draws on his seventeen-year career as a technology...

The History of Music Production

by Richard James Burgess

In The History of Music Production, Richard James Burgess draws on his experience as a producer, musician, and author. Beginning in 1860 with the first known recording of an acoustic sound and moving forward...

Max/MSP/Jitter for Music: A Practical Guide to Developing Interactive Music Systems for Education and More

by V. J. Manzo

In Max/MSP/Jitter for Music, expert author and music technologist V. J. Manzo provides a user-friendly introduction to a powerful programming language that can be used to write custom software for musical interaction....