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Jolly Green Giant

by David Bellamy

David Bellamy is a natural story teller whose memoir will be packed full of funny anecdotes and observations. It is the story of how a city boy, brought up in the middle of London, went for a trip into the countryside...

The Moral Menagerie: Philosophy and Animal Rights

by Marc R. Fellenz

The Moral Menagerie offers a broad philosophical analysis of the recent debate over animal rights. Marc Fellenz locates the debate in its historical and social contexts, traces its roots in the history of Western...

Empty Pastures: Confined Animals and the Transformation of the Rural Landscape

by Terence J. Centner

Over the past century American agriculture has shifted dramatically, with small, commercial farms finding it increasingly difficult to compete with large-scale (mostly indoor) animal feeding operations (AFOs)....

Without a Tear: Our Tragic Relationship with Animals

by Mark H. Bernstein

In Without a Tear Mark H. Bernstein begins with one of our most common and cherished moral beliefs: that it is wrong to intentionally and gratuitously inflict harm on the innocent. Over the course of the book,...

Combating Mountaintop Removal: New Directions in the Fight Against Big Coal

by Bryan T. McNeil

Critically examining the fierce conflicts over an intense and increasingly prevalent form of strip mining, Combating Mountaintop Removal: New Directions in the Fight against Big Coal documents the changing relationships...

Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice

by Lisa A. Kemmerer

Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice addresses interconnections between speciesism, sexism, racism, and homophobia, clarifying why social justice activists in the twenty-first century must challenge...

Young Herriot

by John Lewis-Stempel

Set in Glasgow in the 1930s, Young James Herriot is the fascinating story of Herriot’s formative years at veterinary college, recounting the tales behind his calling to work with animals and his early friendships....

The Fossil Detectives

by Douglas Palmer & Hermione Cockburn

Fossils provide us with a tantalizing glimpse of Britain's prehistoric past and hold the key to unlocking the secrets of life's history and evolution. Since the appearance of primitive organisms in Britain more...

Wild Flowers

by Carol Klein

Wild flowers are a great passion for Carol, and for the TV show this year she's travelling the length and breadth of the country to find the most exquisite flora occurring naturally in our woodlands, hedgerows,...

Our Songbirds

by Matt Sewell

In this beautiful follow-up to 2012's hit, Our Garden Birds, street artist Matt Sewell offers more watercolours and quirky descriptions of British songbirds.

In Matt's world, the peewit sings the blues, and the...

Wisdom for a Livable Planet: The Visionary Work of Terri Swearingen, Dave Foreman, Wes Jackson, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Werner Forn

by Carl N. McDaniel

There are many books on the environment, but Wisdom for a Livable Planet stands out by using inspirational stories of successful activists to explore major environmental issues and offer proven solutions. This...

Wild Cincinnati: Animals, Reptiles, Insects, and Plants to Watch Out for at Home, at the Park, and in the Woods

by F. Lynne Bachleda

Now readers can explore the Cincinnati area without fear and feel prepared in case they encounter any of these dangerous creatures or diseases. In this new guide, Lynne Bachleda showcases the animals, places,...

Sexing Day-Old Chicks - A Treatise on Sex Detection in Pure and Cross-Breed Chicks

by , W. Blount

This early work provides a detailed investigation into contemporary chick sexing theory with a detailed chapter on the sexual biology of male and female chicks. A fascinating read for poultry enthusiasts and...

Everything about Parakeets - A Complete Manual on Health, Care, Training, Talking and Breeding

by Anon.

Learn everything you need to raise a healthy and happy parakeet. Including chapters on training, taming, talking, care, feeding and basic ailments and how to treat your bird. Many of the earliest books, particularly...

The Hedgerows Heaped with May: The Telegraph Book of the Countryside

by Stephen Moss

An exploration of everything the countryside means to us, from a hundred years of the Telegraph’s archive.

The Telegraph is, as its former editor Max Hastings identified, more than any other national broadsheet...

Vivaria Designs

by Jerry G. Walls

Vivaria Designs is one reptile book from the highly acclaimed Advanced Vivarium Systems series. The AVS series, founded and guided by herpetocultural pioneer Philippe de Vosjoli, is the #1 series on reptile...

Popular Amphibians

by Philippe De Vosjoli

Frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are among pet owner’s favorite amphibians, and this colorful guide proves the perfect introduction to these fascinating animals. Author Philippe de Vosjoli provides guidelines...

Handy Pocket Guide to Orchids

by David P. Banks

Features over 120 orchid species found in Southeast Asia and contains more than 130 color photographs.

How Long Can a Fly Fly?: 175 Answers to Possible and Impossible Questions about Animals

by Lars-Åke Janzon

Get to know more than the usual facts and stats about animals, both familiar and rare! How Long Can a Fly Fly? will answer all your animal questions, along with plenty more you’ve never even thought to ask....

Altered Environments: The Outer Banks of North Carolina

by Kathleen Pompe & Jeffrey Pompe

An illustrated history of how natural and human forces have shaped the development of a coastal community