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In the Company of Bears: What Black Bears Have Taught Me about Intelligence and Intuition

by Benjamin Kilham & Temple Grandin

In In the Company of Bears, originally published in hardcover as Out on a Limb, Ben Kilham invites us into the world he has come to know best: the world of black bears.

For decades, Kilham has studied wild black...

Global Warming - The Polar Bear and the Monkeys

by Okolo Chime Anianwu

Global Warming, The Polar Bear and The Monkeys is a book that targets young people but the adults who have read it expressed immense pleasure at the contents. The havoc climate change is causing around the world...

Talking with Bears

by G. A. Bradshaw

A highly literary and reflective portrait of Charlie Russell's beautiful and unparalleled relationship with some of our planet's most majestic giants.

Charlie Russell is a legend, not only in his home territory...

CHINOOK THE CINNAMON CUB and his forest adventures

by Allen Chaffee

Here are the stories and adventures of Chinook, the mischievous Cinnamon Bear, who lives, wild, in the rich woods of Oregon.

In this book you will be able to follow the adventures of Chinook, the cinnamon bear...

The Biography of a Grizzly

by Ernest Thompson Seton

The Biography of a Grizzly recounts the life of a bear named Wahb who lived and died in the Greater Yellowstone region. By the time it was published over a hundred years ago, grizzly bears had been hunted out...

Polar Bears In The Wild

by Joe McDonald

Polar bears are the largest of all of the earth’s land predators. In this evocative book, you’ll learn about the bears’ daily habits—from eating, to playing, to sleeping, to socializing, and mating....

The Vigil

by Oleander Main

The polar bears believe they are the guardians of the souls of all creation, maintaining a constant vigil over the polar ice. Join Aruq, a polar bear who takes a journey to determine what he believes. He encounters...

Dancing Bear and Other New Poems

by Diane H. Schetky

Her poems in Dancing Bear are inspired by her travels to the arctic and other northerly realms and her respect for nature. Her poetry is both poignant and humorous and her deep concern for our endangered earth...

Bear Attacks

by Stephen Herrero

What causes bear attacks? When should you play dead and when should you fight an attacking bear? What do we know about black and grizzly bears and how can this knowledge be used to avoid bear attacks? And, more...

Bears Behaving Badly

by John McDonald

Bears (particularly black bears) by nature are elusive and difficult to see in the wild; yet they are immensely popular, perhaps because they are surprisingly human-looking, though their dense fur and seemingly...

Bear Aware

by Bill Schneider

Updated and revised guide filled with helpful tips on traveling and camping in bear country.

Growing Up Grizzly

by Amy Shapira & Douglas Chadwick

The True Story of a Big-Hearted Bear is a factual story of a mother grizzly bear named Baylee, her three cubs, and a two-year-old grizzly who Baylee adopts into their family. Grizzly bears are extremely protective...

Grizzly Bears

by Jack Ballard

Grizzly Bears: A Falcon Field Guide presents readers with substantive yet easily digestible  information on this most revered and feared of large mammals. Where do grizzly bears live? What do they eat? What...

Speaking of Bears

by Rachel Mazur

As majestic as they are dangerous, and as timeless as they are current, bears continue to captivate readers. Speaking of Bears is not your average collection of stories. Rather it is the history, compiled from...


by Clyde Ormond

Bear! Is a fascinating volume which will grip the interest and fire the imagination of both the seasoned outdoorsman and the one who must enjoy the thrills of big-game hunting from his arm-chair reading.


Ice Bear

by Michael Engelhard

Prime Arctic predator and nomad of the sea ice and tundra, the polar bear endures as a source of wonder, terror, and fascination. Humans have seen it as spirit guide and fanged enemy, as trade good and moral...

Tamed By a Bear

by Priscilla Stuckey

Stuckey is the author of Kissed by a Fox which won the WILLA Award in creative nonfiction in 2013

She has taught in the graduate programs of Naropa University (Boulder, CO) and Prescott College (Prescott, AZ)....

Barle's Story: One Polar Bear's Amazing Recovery from Life as a Circus Act

by Else Poulsen & Gay Bradshaw

When a 19-year old female polar bear named Barle is rescued from the inhumane conditions of a circus in the Caribbean and flown to safety in Detroit, zookeeper Else Poulsen — renowned throughout the world for...

Bear Encounters: True Stories to Entertain and Educate

by North American Bear Center

A collection of true stories that debunks common myths about bears, revealing what bears are really like.

The Real Winnie: A One-of-a-Kind Bear

by Val Shushkewich

The story of Winnie, the real Canadian bear that captured the heart of Christopher, son of A.A. Milne, is told against the backdrop of the First World War.