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Adventures of a Mountain Man

by Zenas Leonard

Zenas Leonard (1809 – 1857) was an American mountain man, explorer and trader, best known for his journal Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard.

Leonard was born in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. As...

In the Path of an Avalanche: A True Story

by Vivien Bowers

On a clear, cold morning in January 1998, in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern British Columbia, six experienced skiers were buried in a massive avalanche. They didn’t have a chance. A combination of factors...

Sky's Witness

by C. L. Rawlins

Thoreau joked that he was a "self-appointed inspector of snowstorms and rainstorms," never dreaming that such a need might exist. But such is the author's work and that of his various helpers, from ski bums...

The Magnificent Nahanni

by Gordon Nelson & Harvey Locke

The Magnificent Nahanni extols the natural wonders of the South Nahanni Valley—its untamed waters, high, glaciated mountains, colourful tufa mounds, great falls, deep canyons, caves and karst, extensive forests,...

In the Great Apache Forest (Complete Edition)

by James Willard Schultz

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. This book brings us the story of George Crosby, the Lone Boy Scout. George Crosby was born and has...

Steep Trails

by John Muir & Terry Gifford

‘When a man plants a tree, he plants himself. Every root is an anchor, over which he rests with grateful interest, and becomes sufficiently calm to feel the joy of living.’

Steep Trails encompasses a delightful...

In the Great Apache Forest

by James Willard Schultz

This book brings us the story of George Crosby, the Lone Boy Scout. George Crosby was born and has lived all of his seventeen years, in Greer, a settlement of a half-dozen pioneer families located on the Little...

The Great Quest

by Matthew Gilbertson & Eric Gilbertson

Eric and Matthew were born in Berea, KY in 1986 and started hiking with their Dad in the nearby hills and hollers of Kentucky as soon as they could walk. They started college in the fall of 2004 at the Massachusetts...

On Dogwood Mountain

by Betty L. Carter

Its the 1940s and the WW11 is raging. There are six girls and three boys living with Mam in a log cabin with no electricity or running water. Pap comes home only when feels the notion lifes not easy. The struggles...

The Finest Peaks

by Adam Helman

This book challenges the precedent that a mountain's worth scales with height. It is a rational synthesis of new concepts that compel one to reassess the popular "heightist mindset". The concept of prominence,...

Twelve Months at Merritt Lake

by Thomas Edward Trimbath

Twelve months of visits to a mountain lake tells more than twelve tales. The solitude found during a Wednesday in the winter is completely different from the chaos found on a Saturday in the summer. The seasons...

Flakes, Jugs, and Splitters

by Sarah Garlick

Rock climbers have an inherent interest in geology. For some, it's about knowing what gear to use or how to avoid rotten bands of rock. For others, it's about finding the next hot-spot boulder field, or understanding...

Seton Gordon's Scotland

by Hamish M. Brown

Seton Gordon was only a boy when he began exploring the Cairngorms, fascinated by its wildlife and seeking to photograph all he saw - he later became a pioneer naturalist, photographer and folklorist. He wrote...

Seton Gordon's Cairngorms

by Hamish M. Brown

Seton Gordon really created himself as naturalist, photographer and writer, the first such in the country, his first book appearing when he was eighteen. In all he wrote 27 books, two specifically about the...

Hiking and Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway

by Leonard M. Adkins & J. Richard Wells

This comprehensive guidebook provides a detailed description of every official National Park Service trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway. But that's just the beginning: veteran hiker Leonard M. Adkins includes...

Death on Mount Washington

by Randi Minetor

On Mount Washington, it’s lack of preparation, not the mountain, that kills. The weather is highly changeable with wind gusts of 140 mph and -35 degree temps. Then there are the avalanches and icefalls. Combine...

Unknown Pleasures

by Andy Kirkpatrick

‘The idea of owning anything except the experience is hubris.’

Unknown Pleasures is a collection of works by the climber and award-winning author Andy Kirkpatrick. Obsessed with climbing and addicted to writing,...

Large Mammals of the Rocky Mountains

by Jack Ballard

This is the ultimate guide to big mammals of the Rocky Mountains—Elk, Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Bison, Black Bears, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lions, and Whitetail Deer. This book offers up substantive yet...

Deadly Peaks

by Robert Hauptman & Frederic V. Hartemann

Deadly Peaks is a collection of the most notable mountaineering disasters and near-disasters in history. Exhaustively researched by two of the most respected authorities on mountaineering history, the book is...


by Justin Lichter

Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or tucked into your backpack, Survive Mountains is the must-have item to keep with you in case you find yourself in a mountainous survival situation. Including...