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The Wolves of Alaska: A Fact-based Saga

by Jim Rearden

Alaska has announced that wolves are to be killed on the Tanana Flats near Fairbanks to allow a moose population to rebuild. A pretty Boston school teacher, representing an animal rights organization, arrives...

Wolves of the Yukon

by Bob Inc. Hayes

This non-fiction book is about a great mountain wilderness where wolves and their prey continue to live in a delicate, natural balance. Using a combination of narrative non-fiction and easy-to-follow essays,...

Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals, Politics, Soldiers, Faith, Love, Addiction And Insanity

by Perry Bsl Ritthaler

Poetry and Rhymes - Over 50 Beautiful Full Color Illustrations That Will Serenade the Sole of the Caring-Valiant and selfless men and women have fought and died for our country for centuries – and they continue...

The Book of Were-Wolves

by Sabine Baring-Gould

First published in 1865, Sabine Baring-Gould’s "The Book of Were-Wolves" is the first serious academic study and one of the finest ever done on the subject of lycanthropy and werewolf lore.

With the shocking...

How the Dog Became the Dog

by Mark Derr

How the Dog Became the Dog posits that dog was an evolutionary inevitability in the nature of the wolf and its human soul mate. The natural temperament and social structure of humans and wolves are so similar...

Cry Wolf

by Harold R. Johnson

"Required reading for anyone invested in our shared future with these powerful and complex creatures." --John Vaillant, author of The Tiger and The Golden Spruce Growing up on a northern trap line, Harold Johnson...

NIGHTS WITH UNCLE REMUS - 71 Illustrated tales narrated by Uncle Remus

by Joel Chandler Harris & Illustrated by Milo Winter

Nights with Uncle Remus presents 71 of Harris's, or Uncle Remus’, most popular narratives, featuring Brer Rabbit, African American trickster tales, Sea Island legends, and spine tingling ghost stories. For...

Wolf and Moon

by Jaimee L. Moore-Colon

Based on the Native American Blackfoot tribe, Wolf and Moon tells a story about a young wolf going on a journey within the boundaries of the pack territory to find his name.

The Silent Wolf

by Dick Schoof

This is a story about a pack of wolves living in Ontario, Canada, and how the author is associated with them.

A Walk in Connection

by Tracy Ane Brooks

Living with wolves has provided Tracy with countless experiences that have changed her life in unimaginable ways. As a cofounder of Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary in Colorado, Tracy has spent half her life...

Bighorn Sheep

by Jack Ballard

Falcon Pocket Guide: Bighorn Sheep presents readers with substantive yet easily digestible information on this majestic animal. Where do they live? What enemies do they have? How do they communicate?  This...


by Jack Ballard

Falcon Pocket Guide: Moose presents readers with substantive yet easily digestible information on this elusive animal. Where do moose live? What enemies do they have? How do they communicate? This book contains...


by Jack Ballard

Wolves: A Falcon Field Guide presents readers with substantive yet easily digestible information on this most feared yet misunderstood predator. Where do wolves live? What enemies do they have? How do they...

Man's Furry Best Friend: All about Dogs - Animal Book for Toddlers | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Dogs! Who loves dogs? We do! They are furry and friendly. You probably even have one at home that you play with everyday. But how much do you know about dogs? This book will give you information and fun facts...

The Difference Between Dogs, Wolves, Foxes and Hyenas | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

To adults, the differences are very obvious. But to a child, the difference between dogs, wolves, foxes and hyenas could be difficult to spot. After all, these animals are all cousins. This educational book...

The Secret World of Red Wolves

by T. DeLene Beeland

Red wolves are shy, elusive, and misunderstood predators. Until the 1800s, they were common in the longleaf pine savannas and deciduous forests of the southeastern United States. However, habitat degradation,...


by Cary J. Griffith

In this outdoor-themed mystery, a US Fish & Wildlife agent returns to Minnesota to investigate wolves and a murder.

The Wolves of Mount McKinley

by Adolph Murie

In the time of Lewis and Clark, wolves were abundant throughout North America from the Arctic regions to Mexico. But man declared war on this cunning and powerful animal when cattle replaced the buffalo on the...

The Red Snow

by James Greiner

In The Red Snow, his second work, Greiner turns his keen eye to Alaska's vast wilderness and its most mysterious creature: the gray wolf. Basing his story on careful research and personal observation, Greiner...

Hawks Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone

by Gary Ferguson

With a new introduction by revered western writer Ferguson, this updated classic explores the wildness, people, and politics of Yellowstone.