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The Essential Guide to Overcoming Obsessive Love

by Ph.D., Monique Belton & Eileen Bailey

When love consumes, here's the solution.

When does love become an obsession? What are the warning signs? What does it take to guard against it and prevent it from taking over one's life? A psychotherapist...

The Imperfect Chess Playbook Volume 1

by Sean Nelson

The Imperfect Chess Playbook answers the simple question: What move should White make? OK, it is a little more than that. This is the eBook version of the first part of a White repertoire designed to play and...

Still! Still Green Bananas

by Carol R. Levergood

In Still! Still Green Bananas you will find laughter, fun and even difficulties. We hide nothing; just raw material in the hands of God. This is a story about a family who desired to be missionaries to Brasil...

Christian Stories That Make You Think

by Daniel Zimmermann

This book contains stories about the reconciliation of two teenage enemies, the trial of St. Paul before Nero, the discovery of the tree of life, the fall of Eblis the Great, the suppression of true religion...

A Sham, a Sham. Is My School a Sham?

by Jim Bergman

A satire with fictionalized characters showing what happens when a school prostitutes its academic integrity in pursuit of sports success.

Admissions Essays - Professional Essays and Assignments

by Tyler Perez

Admissions Essays - Professional Essays and Assignments - Second Edition. This e-book contains the winning essays for any type of graduate program or scholarship, including: PhD, Master's, Master of Science,...

10 Minutes Illustrated Digital Photography

by Roger Liang

See the pictures at your iPad, Learning how to make your photography objects appear clear and sharp

Ielts - The Best Writing Correction

by Joseph Sanders

Whether you are worried about your writing, feeling insecure or looking for a way to estimate your score before taking the real IELTS test, you are in the right place. Having corrected thousands of IELTS Writing...

How to Prepare for Speaking In Ielts

by Alexander Johnson

The speaking component:The IELTS speaking test takes between 11 and 14 minutes and is in the form of an oral interview between the candidate and an examiner. During the interview you will need to answer questions...

One Company Under God

by Simon Lee

God called the disciples to leave their families and jobs behind to follow Him. Matthew 4:20 describes their obedience as "straightway" leaving their work behind to follow Him. What if, instead of calling you...

Lilith:The Power of the Woman's Spirit in the Age of Aquarius

by Ed Russo

Embrace the darkness for there you will find the light. We all have been told in this patriarchal system that to look for salvation is to look upward and outward to a god or gods to worship. We are not here...

Prophecies Fulfilled: Joshua to Chronicles

by Dennis Herman

Having gone through a number of studies on the prophecies Jesus fulfilled in the first book, patterns emerged and lessons built one upon another. Simple study processes such as searching New Testament texts...

Captains of the Nether Skies

by Andrew Zakrzewski

After the Viet Nam war and his release from the Marines, Andrew tries to settle down to a new career as an FBI Special Agent, but soon decides to go back to his roots in Aviation. Unfortunately he makes his...

Prophecies Fulfilled: Genesis to Deuteronomy

by Dennis Herman

God's Word is wisdom arranged in a series of lessons linking scripture to show His plan of salvation. Each detail is woven in His Word - like intricate fabric used in His Tabernacle. His Word like fine linen...

Business Management Tips from a Quality Punk

by Paul Naysmith

A collection of works by Quality Punk and Improvement Ninja Paul Naysmith. A series of humorous tales in Quality Business Management, with a few hints and tips to make the journey at work a little more easier...

Faith You Can Touch

by Dennis Herman

Dennis Herman has a unique style of writing rarely seen in the Christian book market. His stories take you back to the places Jesus walked, experiencing love, joy, heartache, and sorrow as details of each story...

No Power Can Stop Faith

by Dennis Herman

This book is a collection of short stories from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark about people who came to Jesus to be healed physically and spiritually. What led them to Jesus? What were their needs? The world...

The Ghost Journal - Memoirs of a Ghost Tour Guide in Williamsburg, Virginia

by Emily Christoff-Flowers

Emily is an ordinary mom and wife living in the colonial city of Williamsburg, Virginia. When she got a job working in a 300 year old southern plantation turned time share, she started witnessing some of the...

Jesus Teaches About Relationships: The Gospel of Mark Chapters 9 - 16

by Dennis Herman

As lessons Jesus taught progressed in the Gospel of Mark, it became evident, God desired a close relationship with Jesus' followers. As the Son of God, Jesus shared this desire. In His human form, Jesus showed...

Treasury Operations In Turkey and Contemporary Sovereign Treasury Management

by Dr. M Coskun Cangöz & Dr. Emre Balibek

This book has an overall approach to cover treasury operations and aims to provide a comprehensive overview on Turkey's transformation after the 2001 crisis. In the last decade, Turkey showed a strong performance...