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Engineering Biosensors: Kinetics and Design Applications

by Ajit Sadana

Biosensors are becoming increasingly important bioanalytical tools in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, and other consumer oriented industries. The technology, though well developed in Europe, is slowly...


by Eleftherios P. Diamandis & Theodore K. Christopoulos

Immunoassays are among the most powerful and sensitive technologies now available for patient diagnosis and monitoring. This book is an indispensable guide to information on the theory and practice of immunoassays....

CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams): A Comprehensive Guide: A Comprehensive Guide

by N. Saunders & A.P. Miodownik

This monograph acts as a benchmark to current achievements in the field of Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry, often called CALPHAD which is an acronym for Computer CALculation of PHAse...

The Italian City Republics

by Daniel Waley & Trevor Dean

Daniel Waley and Trevor Dean illustrate how, from the eleventh century onwards, many dozens of Italian towns achieved independence as political entities, unhindered by any centralising power. Until the fourteenth...

Literacy for QTLS: Achieving the Minimum Core

by Julia Hickey

Literacy for QTLS is written specifically with the needs of all those training to teach or currently working in the lifelong learning sector in mind. This highly practical and easy-to-use text will help you...

The Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age

by Paul Bradshaw & Liisa Rohumaa

How do we practice journalism in a digital world, in which the old 'rules' no longer apply?

This text offers comprehensive, instructive coverage of the techniques and secrets of being a successful online journalist,...

Clutch: Excel Under Pressure

by Paul Sullivan

"Anyone who feels that they tend to lose their confidence when the stakes are high can glean something from this analysis."

-The Associated Press

Sooner or later everyone encounters a situation in which the...

Origins of the Cold War 1941-49: Revised 3rd Edition

by Martin McCauley

Origins of the Cold War covers the formative years of the extraordinary struggle between the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States. In a clear and concise manner, Martin McCauley explains how...

The Civil Rights Movement: Revised Edition

by Bruce Dierenfield

The civil rights movement was arguably the most important reform in American history. This book recounts the extraordinary and often bloody story of how tens of thousands of ordinary African-Americans overcame...

Stalin and Stalinism: Revised 3rd Edition

by Martin McCauley

One of the most successful dictators of the twentieth century, Stalin believed that fashioning a better tomorrow was worth sacrificing the lives of millions today. He built a modern Russia on the corpses of...

World Politics since 1945

by Peter Calvocoressi

“The most lucid, comprehensive, intelligent and reliable account of post-war modern history on the market.”                                    Teaching Politics


An Introduction to International Relations Theory: Perspectives and Themes

by , Jill Steans, , Lloyd Pettiford & Thomas Diez

This long-awaited new edition has been fully updated and revised by the original authors as well as two new members of the author team. Based on many years of active research and teaching it takes the discipline's...

Bismarck and Germany: 1862-1890

by David G. Williamson

Bismarck’s role in the unification and consolidation of Germany is central to any understanding of Germany's development as a nation and its consequent role as aggressor in two world wars.

This study provides...

The Italian Risorgimento

by Martin Clark

The Unification of Italy in the nineteenth century was the unlikely result of a lengthy and complex process of Italian ‘revival’ (‘Risorgimento’). Few Italians supported Unification and the new rulers of...

An Introduction to Political Theory

by John Hoffman & Paul Graham

Introduction to Political Theory is a text for the 21st century.  It shows students why an understanding of theory is crucial to an understanding of issues and events in a rapidly shifting global political...

Matters of Sport: Essays in Honour of Eric Dunning

by Dominic Malcolm & Ivan Waddington

Matters of Sport is a tribute to Eric Dunning, the leading sports sociologist in the English-speaking world. This book addresses Dunning's contributions to the sociological and historical study of sport, covering...

The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars

by Patrick Hennessey

Hailed as a classic of war writing in the U.K., The Junior Officers' Reading Club is a revelatory first-hand account of a young enlistee's profound coming of age. Attempting to stave off the tedium and pressures...

The Gold Coast Nation and National Consciousness

by Rev. S.R.B. Attoh Ahuma

Attoh founded "The Gold Coast Leader" in 1896 and was considered to be the most influential newspaper of its day. Many Gold Coast Nationalists used it as a platform and these selections, first published in 1911,...

Islam in Ethiopia

by J. Spencer Trimingham

First published in 2004

Exposition of 1851: Or Views of the Industry, The Science and the Government of England

by Charles Babbage

First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.