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My Mother's Restaurant

by Sylvia Perkins

"My Mother's Restaurant" is a moving portrait of an Italian immigrant family's struggles in the first half of 20th century America. The author, Sylvia Perkins, has written a beautiful memoir of her childhood...

Bass In Your Face: Car Subwoofer Info from a Fanatic

by Michael Cimicata

I am a car subwoofer fanatic! I love subwoofers, and the bass that they produce. With that being said, I wanted to share my opinion and knowledge with everyone else that wants to learn about subs. That's the...

Mountain High Pharms Hemp and Cannabis Cooking

by Anne Ott & Angel O'Grady

~ Mother and Daughter~ have come together to create a collection of delicious cannabis and hemp recipes for your enjoyment. Both having a life time of cooking experience and an abundance of training from various...

An American in Paris Beginner Piano Sheet Music

by George Gershwin

From George Gershwin's Symphonic Poem for Beginner Piano A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

Shoe Lovin': Tips, Information, Tricks, and Resources for Shoe Lovers

by Michael Cimicata

About 3% of the population has a love for shoes that is greater than anything else. They would rather have a new pair of shoes than a new car, or even a new house. This ebook is geared towards those specific...

Landscaping Your Home: Get Professional Results Without Paying Anyone

by Michael Cimicata

Paying a professional to landscape your home can get quite expensive. A simple weekly visit to mow you lawn and water your flowers can easily cost you over $400 per month, depending on the size of your lot and...

Backyard Adventures - A Family Book for All Ages

by Joseph Gonzáles

ID# 14246476. An ePub for the entire family to use as a guide for enjoying and discovering what is in your backyard. Color photographs, easy reading and big letters. At first you don't see much, a fence, a tree...

The Wages of Sin

by Pastor James Langston

Problems in US Society at Pandemic Levels. Don't Expect them to Dry up and Blow Away "The Wages of Sin," not only outlines the top nine problems plaguing the US, but gives a brief history of their evolution....

26 Fun Car Ride Games: The Top Activities for Road Trips

by Michael Cimicata

We all know that car rides and road trips can be boring at times; however, there are literally hundreds of different fun games that you can play in the car. As a child, I ended up being in a car with my parents...

Getting Started With Sharepoint Online 2013 for Enterprises

by Mr Robert Crane

This book helps novice users understand the basic usage and operation of SharePoint Online 2013 that is available via the Office 365 Enterprise and Mid-Sized plans. It examines the following basic components...

Improve Your Computer Career 10 Step Employment Guide

by Eric Kay

Thousands of readers used this employment guide to learn how to improve their computer careers and: How to effectively and efficiently use Monster and Dice to save hours everyday and have more time to spend...

The Foolproof Way to Grow Marijuana Indoors : The Organic Medical Cannabis Growing Guide

by Dain Kohler

There are a lot of books out there on how to grow cannabis, but this book may very well be the best book for someone who wants to grow cannabis indoors for the first time. The vast majority of cannabis growing...

Spiritual Musings II: Sermons, Musings & Exegesis

by Jerome Strong

Spiritual Musings II: Sermons, Musings & Exegesis, 2nd Edition, (Volume 2) is the second book in the Spiritual Musings series. This volume is a collection of sermons preached over several years, both as a seminarian...

47 of the Most Popular Myths That You Probably Thought Were True

by Michael Cimicata

There are literally thousands of myths that have surfaced about anything from our health to our history. Some of these myths have the slight backing of bias to them, and others were simply invented out of thin...

Owning a Pool 101: Essential Information for Swimming Pool Owners

by Michael Cimicata

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility, and new swimming pool owners can truly be overwhelmed with information. Rather than providing you with every piece of information in the book, I chose to fill this ebook...

A Signal from Mars Beginner Piano Sheet Music

by ET Paull

From American Composer, ET Paull, for Beginner Piano A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

Teaching Resources for Elementary Teachers: Everything That You Need for Your Classroom

by Michael Cimicata

This collection of teaching resources for elementary teachers has literally saved me throughout the first few year of my teaching career. I believe that it is essential for elementary teachers to have a substantial...

Spiritual Musings: A Theological Interpretation of Life

by Jerome Strong

A collection of thoughts on matters of religion, race, ethics, society and theology.

Raising Your Children Safely and Effectively: A Guide for New Parents

by Michael Cimicata

Becoming a new parent is definitely not an easy thing to do, and no amount of reading can fully prepare you for what you are about to face; however, a decent amount of educational reading can prepare you for...

Saltwater Aquarium Fish: The Best Ones to Buy for Your Tank

by Michael Cimicata

Buying fish for a saltwater aquarium can actually be a huge decision. Their prices range from $4 to well over $400. However, with the right information, someone can easily buy the best saltwater aquarium fish...