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Political Uses of the Past: The Recent Mediterranean Experiences

by Giovanni Levi & Jacques Revel

This work addresses political and historiographical uses of history. A group of leading historians and thinkers discuss questions of collective identity and representation in relation to the fluctuating concept...

Telegraph Messenger Boys: Labor Communication and Technology 1850-1950: Labor, Communication and Technology, 1850-1950

by Gregory J. Downey

In Telegraph Messenger Boys Gregory J. Downey provides an entirely new perspective on the telegraph system: a communications network that revolutionized human perceptions of time and space. The book goes beyond...

Green Crescent Over Nazareth: The Displacement of Christians by Muslims in the Holy Land

by Raphael Israeli

This is the story of the cultural and political struggle between Christians and Muslims, and of the rapid Islamicization of Nazareth - the birthplace of Christianity - ironically, under the rule of the Jewish...

Negotiation in International Conflict: Understanding Persuasion

by Deborah Goodwin

This work explores the application and structure of negotiation within existing international conflicts, and assesses the effectiveness, or otherwise, of such forms of dispute resolution. It examines the role...

Sport in Latin American Society: Past and Present

by Lamartine DaCosta & J A Mangan

This work deals with the infancy, adolescence and maturity of sport in Latin American society. It explores ways in which sport illuminates cultural migration and emigration and indigenous assimilation and adaptation....

The Barcelona Process: Building a Euro-Mediterranean Regional Community

by George Joffe & Alvaro Vasconcelos

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - the Barcelona Process - aims to create integration in the Mediterranean Basin so as to encourage economic development along the Southern rim. This volume takes a critical...

To Speak for the People: Public Opinion and the Problem of Legitimacy in the French Revolution: Public Opinion and the Problem of Legitimacy in the Fr

Amateurs and Professionals in Post-War British Sport

by Dilwyn Porter & Adrian Smith

The pressures and demands of professionalism and commercialization have transformed Britain's sports. At the end of the 20th century sports have been packaged and marketed as mass entertainment for a national...

Social Class Poverty and Education

by Bruce Biddle

Equal access to education is an important American ideal, yet for many years it has been unavailable to a large number of Americans living in impoverished communities. Biddle gives an insightful progress report...

Liberation Imagination and the Black Panther Party: A New Look at the Black Panthers and their Legacy: A New Look at the Black Panthers and their Lega

by Kathleen Cleaver & George Katsiaficas

This fascinating book gathers reflections by scholars and activists who consider the impact of the Black Panther Party, the BBP, the most significant revolutionary organization in the later 20th century.

Repairing the Regime: Preventing the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Preventing the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction

American-British-Canadian Intelligence Relations, 1939-2000

by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones & David Stafford

This work considers, for the first time, the intelligence relationship between three important North Atlantic powers in the Twenty-first century, from WWII to post-Cold War. As demonstrated in the case studies...

In the Anglo-Arab Labyrinth: The McMahon-Husayn Correspondence and Its Interpretations 1914-1939

by Elie Kedouri

The McMahon-Husayn correspondence has been at the heart of Anglo-Arab relations since World War I. It aroused great controversy, particularly over Palestine. Here, it is examined in historical context to determine...

Israel at the Polls, 1996

by Daniel J. Elazar & Shmuel Sandler

The 1996 Israeli elections were the first elections by direct vote for the position of prime minister in which a newcomer - Binyamin Netanyahu - defeated the most veteran Israeli politician, Shimon Peres. The...

Geoproperty: Foreign Affairs, National Security and Property Rights

by Geoff Demarest

Some innovations create new strategic property and new conflicts. Demarest argues that we have not reached the end of history and modern man will continue to fight over property as before, but the property will...

Femme: Feminists Lesbians and Bad Girls: Feminists, Lesbians and Bad Girls

by Laura Harris & Elizabeth Crocker

Femme seeks to redress the ways that femme identities have been elided, idealized, or not fully historicized in a productive reconsideration of lesbian and butch-femme history, of feminism, and of queer thought....

Situated Lives: Gender and Culture in Everyday Life: Gender and Culture in Everyday Life

by Louise Lamphere, Helena Ragone & Patricia Zavella

Situated Lives brings together the most important recent feminist and critical research that situates gender in relationship to the historical and material circumstances where gender, race, class and sexual...

Over the Threshold: Intimate Violence in Early America: Intimate Violence in Early America

by Christine Daniels & Michael V. Kennedy

Over the Threshold is the first in-depth work to explore the topic of intimate violence in the American colonies and the early Republic. The essays examine domestic violence in both urban and frontier environments,...

Real Feature Writing

by Abraham Aamidor

Real Feature Writing emphasizes story shape and structure by illustrating several distinct types of feature and non-fiction stories, all drawn from the real world. Author Abraham Aamidor presents a collection...

Progress, Poverty and Population: Re-reading Condorcet, Godwin and Malthus

by John Avery

This work traces the history of a debate which took place among the economists, political philosophers and writers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, about whether the benefits of scientific progress...