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Regulating Medicines in Europe: Competition, Expertise and Public Health

by John Abraham & Graham Lewis

This Book explains and investigates how medicines are controlled in Europe, especially the EU. Based on penetrating documentary and interview research with the pharmaceutical industry, regulators and consumer...

Growing Up Before Stonewall: Life Stories Of Some Gay Men

by Peter Nardi

This book tells the stories of 11 American gay men who tried to make sense of their identities in the years before the modern gay movement began. In their own words, these men recollect fascinating accounts...

In Garageland: Rock, Youth and Modernity

by Johan Fornäs, Ulf Lindberg & Ove Sernhede

Seeking to understand youth culture through its visual and musical expression, In Garageland presents a pioneering ethnographic study of rock bands and their fans.

Topics include class as well as sexual conflicts;...


by Alex Berson & Larry Dubov

The latest techniques for building a customer-focused enterprise environment "The authors have appreciated that MDM is a complex multidimensional area, and have set out to cover each of these dimensions in sufficient...

To Think: In Language, Learning and Education

by Frank Smith

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Impressionists and Politics: Art and Democracy in the Nineteenth Century

by Philip Nord

Impressionists and Politics is an accessible introduction to the current debates about Impressionism. Was the artistic movement really radical and innovative? Is the term "Impressionism" itself an adequate characterization...

Racialised Barriers: The Black Experience in the United States and England in the 1980's

by Stephen Small

First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Carpentry and Joinery: Work Activities

by Chris Tooke

This highly illustrated textbook is written to meet the needs of candidates studying for the NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Carpentry and Joinery, and other courses at this level. Each chapter covers a specific activity...

A New Diplomacy for Sustainable Development: The Challenge of Global Change

by Bo Kjellén

Accelerating, human-induced changes in global natural systems, with global warming as a prime example, are modifying international relations. Diplomacy has to recognize that new types of threats will require...

Productivity in Natural Resource Industries: Improvement through Innovation

by R. David Simpson

Several senior natural resource analysts study the role played by innovation, particularly technological innovation, in the pursuit of heightened productivity. Increasing the output of a given input improves...

Sustainability of Temperate Forests

by Roger A. Sedjo, Alberto Goetzl & Stevenson O. Moffat

RFF's Roger Sedjo and his colleagues discuss initiatives designed to promote and enhance sustainable forestry in temperate countries. While concerns about tropical deforestation are considerable, temperate forests...

Long-Term Stewardship and the Nuclear Weapons Complex: The Challenge Ahead

by Katherine N. Probst & Michael H. McGovern

Decades of U.S. nuclear weapons production have exacted a heavy environmental toll. The Department of Energy estimates that cleaning up waste and contamination resulting from production activities will cost...

Pollution Control in United States: Evaluating the System

by J. Clarence Davies & Jan Mazurek

Pollution control, a key component of U.S. environmental policy, has made important progress in recent decades. Yet important problems remain and there is need for improvement in the pollution control regulatory...

The Swedish Nuclear Dilemma: Energy and the Environment

by William D. Nordhaus

Renowned economist William Nordhaus has developed many innovative approaches for analyzing complex environmental questions. He applies them to the possible phaseout of nuclear power in Sweden in The Swedish...

Degunking Windows 7

by Joli Ballew

Restore your Windows 7 PC to peak performance! Degunking Windows 7 is the fast, affordable way to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently. Over time, Windows PCs can slow down due to unnecessary programs,...

Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook: Build Rich, Customizable Enterprise 2.0 Applications

by Frederic Desbiens, Peter Moskovits & Philipp Weckerle

Master Oracle WebCenter 11g Transform your organization into a personalized, user-focused workplace using the detailed information in this comprehensive Oracle Press guide. Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook shows...

Economic Analyses at EPA: Assessing Regulatory Impact

by Richard D. Morgenstern

For years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting programmatic 'economic analyses,' also known as Regulatory Impact Analyses (RIAs), to assess the economic effects of its regulatory efforts....

A Shock to the System: Restructuring America's Electricity Industry

by Timothy J. Brennan, Karen L. Palmer & Raymond J. Kopp

A Shock to the System is a guide to the decisions that will be faced by electricity providers, customers, and policymakers. Produced by a team of analysts at Resources for the Future, this concise and balanced...

Comparing Environmental Risks: Tools for Setting Government Priorities

by J. Clarence Davies

The budgetary squeeze of the 1990s has made it obvious that the government cannot address every possible environmental problem. Comparative risk assessment (CRA) is increasingly advanced as the means for setting...

Worst Things First: The Debate over Risk-Based National Environmental Priorities

by Adam M. Finkel & Dominic Golding

For any government agency, the distribution of available resources among problems or programs is crucially important. Agencies, however, typically lack a self-conscious process for examining priorities, much...