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The ABCs of Program or Project Planning

by Sunny O'Flynn


The health of populations within communities is challenged daily, almost at an alarming rate.

The ABCs of Program or Project Planning will help students of health care understand organizational development...

The Antiquities of the Jews (Start Classics)

by Flavius Josephus Tranlsated by Whiston

Collected here in one unabridged edition are all 20 books of Flavius Josephus' The Antiquities of the Jews. Antiquities of the Jews was first published in 94 AD, it is history of the Jewish people, written in...

Answers to Prayer from George Muller's Narratives (Start Classics)

by George Müller

"Answers to Prayer From George Müller's Narratives" is a piece of religious text written by Christian evanglist George Müller.

The Annals of the Parish; Or The Chronicle of Dalmailing during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder  (Start Classics)

by Micah, Rev. Balwhidder

Annals of the Parish is a novel written in 1821 about the Scottish Country life by John Galt. The novel portrays a the life of a typical parish minister in the late 1700's and early 1800's and the effects of...

The Angels' Song (Start Classics)

by Thomas Guthrie

"The Angels' Song" is a piece of religious text written in 1866 by Scottish philanthropist and Minister of Fere st. John's Chapel Edinburgh, Thomas Guthrie.

The Angel of Thought and Other Poems Impressions from Old Masters: Impressions from Old Masters

by Ethel Allen Murphy

"The Angel of Thought and Other Poems Impressions from Old Masters" is a religious text written by Ethel Allen Murphy.

The Annals of the Poor (Start Classics)

by Legh Richmond

Religious text written by a Legh Richmond

Andreas: The Legend of St. Andrew (Start Classics)

by Unknown

"Andreas: The Legend of St. Andrew" is a piece of religious text written by an unknown author.

Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

by Garry Wills

A groundbreaking examination of how the atomic bomb profoundly altered the nature of American democracy.

In Bomb Power, bestselling author Garry Wills presents a blistering critique of excessive executive...

An Analects of Confucius (Start Classics)

by James Legge

With a translation, critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, and copious indexes by James Legge.

An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant (Start Classics)

by Edward Moore

"An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant " is a piece of religious text written by American theologian, Edward Caldwell Moore.

Angel Adjutant of "Twice Born Men" (Start Classics)

by Minnie L. Carpenter

"The Salvation Army has been happy in its Women Officers. The lessons of experience undoubtedly teach us that they are fully qualified for all the work of the ministry of Christ."

An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Religion (Start Classics)

by Frank Byron Jevons

The Hartford-Lamson Lectures on The Religions of the World are delivered at Hartford Theological Seminary in connection with the Lamson Fund, which was established by a group of friends in honor of the late...

An Interpretation of Friends Worship (Start Classics)

by N. Jean Toomer

Religious text written by American novelist and poet, Jean Toomer

An Exposition of the Last Psalme (Start Classics)

by John Boys

"An Exposition of the Last Psalme", published in 1613, was delievered as a sermon by John Boys.

An Obscure Apostle (Start Classics)

by Eliza Orzeszko

A fantastic 'dramatic story' from Polish novelist Eliza Orzeszkowa, one of several works she wrote about the social conditions of Poland in the late 19th century.

An Essay on the Scriptural Doctrine of Immortality (Start Classics)

by James Challis

By immortality is ordinarily understood the doctrine that the human soul will survive death, continuing in the possession of an endless conscious existence. Together with the question of the existence of God,...

An Essay on the Development Christian Doctrine (Start Classics)

by John Henry Cardinal Newman

Still considered essential reading for serious thinkers on religion more than a century and a half after it was written, this seminal work of modern theology, first published in 1845, presents a history of Catholic...

An Easter Disciple (Start Classics)

by Arthur Benton Sanford

"An Easter Disciple: The Chronicle of Quintus, the Roman Knight" is a piece of religious text written in 1922 by Arthur Benton Sanford. This is a concise retelling of the ministry and passion from the perspective...

An Exhortation to Peace and Unity (Start Classics)

by Attributed (incorrectly) to John Bunyan

Beloved, religion is the great bond of human society; and it were well if itself were kept within the bond of unity; and that it may so be, let us, according to the text, use our utmost endeavours "to keep the...