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The Truth Advantage: The 7 Keys to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

by Lis Wiehl & Bruce Littlefield

A New York Times bestselling author and television personality shows you how to use the truth to your advantage in every aspect of your life

From "I have a headache" to "I don't remember that," studies show that...

Size Matters Not: The Extraordinary Life and Career of Warwick Davis

by Warwick Davis

The life and times of Warwick Davis, star of Ricky Gervais's forthcoming sitcom, Life's Too Short

Actors work their entire careers hoping to achieve the kind of cult movie hero status that Davis achieved at the...

Bacon Nation: 125 Irresistible Recipes

by Peter Kaminsky & Marie Rama

Everything tastes better with bacon. One of those flavor-packed, umami-rich, secret-weapon ingredients, it has the power to elevate just about any dish, from soups to souffle´s, braises to bread pudding.


My Story to Yours: A Guided Memoir for Writing Your Recovery Journey

by Karen Casey

Reflecting on and telling our stories is a time-honored tradition in recovery circles--whether in silent meditation, speaking out at meetings, or between sponsors and their sponsees. Recounting our experience...

Living the Significant Life: 12 Principles for Making a Difference

by Peter L. Hirsch & Robert Shemin

Learn the secrets and steps to living a more meaningful life

Success is what happens to you; significance is what happens through you. Do busy schedules at home and at work sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed...

That Should Still Be Us: How Thomas Friedman's Flat World Myths Are Keeping Us Flat on Our Backs

by Martin Sieff

Chronicles the damage Thomas Friedman's flat wrong, "Flat Earth" ideas have caused to the American economy

As Martin Sieff convincingly argues, Thomas Friedman's prescriptions have played a major role in causing...

The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn't Always the Smart One

by Satoshi Kanazawa

A book that challenges common misconceptions about the nature of intelligence

Satoshi Kanazawa's Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters (written with Alan S. Miller) was hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "a...

Build the Swing of a Lifetime: The Four-Step Approach to a More Efficient Swing

by Mike Bender & Zach Johnson

From one of Golf Digest's Top 5 teachers-a simple, scientific program to build a great swing

Most golf instruction is based on helping students emulate the best players, but for top golf teacher Mike Bender,...

Classical Spies: American Archaeologists with the OSS in World War II Greece

by Susan Heuck Allen

"Classical Spies will be a lasting contribution to the discipline and will stimulate further research. Susan Heuck Allen presents to a wide readership a topic of interest that is important and has been neglected."...

The Next Front: Southeast Asia and the Road to Global Peace with Islam

by Christopher S. Bond & Lewis M. Simons

A U.S. senator and Pulitzer Prizewinner, both experts on Southeast Asia, offer a bold new approach to address radical Islam and fight global terror

The next front in the war on terror is in Southeast Asia, warn...

Joint Ventures: Inside America's Almost Legal Marijuana Industry

by Trish Regan

CNBC anchor Trish Regan takes you behind the scenes of America's thriving pot industry, to show readers things only drug dealers know about this secret world. Forget amber waves of grain. Today, it's marijuana...

You and Your Baby Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-By-Week Pregnancy Guide

by Laura Riley

The most up-to-date, comprehensive week-by-week pregnancy guide

As a mom-to-be, you have lots of questions. When will I start to show? How much weight will I gain? What are all those blood tests for? How long...

The 9 Intense Experiences: An Action Plan to Change Your Life Forever

by Brian Vaszily

What are the 9 most intense experiences—the transformative steps that can improve your life starting now? How do these experiences generate happiness, health, and success in every aspect of your life? Why...

The Inner Pulse: Unlocking the Secret Code of Sickness and Health

by Marc Siegel

Understanding the secret code of illness and health

Many doctors overlook the seemingly inexplicable tragedies and recoveries that happen in hospitals every day, opting to view them simply as aberrations from...

Epic: John McEnroe, Bjrn Borg, and the Greatest Tennis Season Ever

by Matthew Cronin

A top tennis writer tells the story of the greatest Wimbledon, the greatest U.S. Open, and the greatest rivalry in the history of the game

The epic 1980 Wimbledon final that ended with John McEnroe's defeat by...

Ancient-Future Disciples: Meeting Jesus in Mission-shaped Ministries

by Becky Garrison

Fresh expressions of church may offer a fresh take on ancient Anglican tradition and worship. But what difference are they making for the people who call them their church home? Journalist and religion commentator...

Click & Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs

by Miriam Fields-Babineau & Evan Cohen

Your reward is a well-behaved dog!

Young and old, large and small, pedigreed and mixed-breed, dogs respond to clicker training. Preferred by many professionals, clicker training is a positive, precise, and effective...

Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer's Secrets for Building a Better Relationship

by Victoria Schade

The human-canine bond: a relationship steeped in love with equal parts mutual respect, trust, and regard

In this groundbreaking book, professional dog trainer Victoria Schade reveals that a successful relationship...

Invisible Women of Prehistory: Three Million Years of Peace, Six Thousand Years of War

by Marlene Derlet & Judy Foster

Based on many years of research into ancient history and prehistory, this insightful tome argues that three million years of peace—a period when women’s status in society was much higher than it is now—preceded...

Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving Designs

by Lisa Kan

Inspired by art history, this step-by-step guidebook features 17 designs influenced by the Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras reinterpreted in the artist’s distinctive, contemporary...