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Comparison in English and German

by Markus Schneider & Denis Wippler

In language we often use comparison in order to express similarity ('He looks like you') and

difference ('He doesn't look like you') or equality ('He is as good as you') and inequality

('He is better than you')....

Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You KNitting from Twilight to Dawn

by Genevieve Miller

Surrender to the allure of knits inspired by the immortals we all love to fear. If you adore Twilight, True Blood, or The Vampire Diaries, this collection of 28 imaginative and beautiful projects is sure to...

E-Commerce: Development, E-Marketing and Trends

by Steffen Wittenauer

In the early 90th, the development of the Internet rapidly grew up with an enormous speed. Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) must be seen as a part of the economical process of the Internet-area. It's the first...

The Danish Referendum on the Euro

by Volker Hollenstein

Essay aus dem Jahr 2002 im Fachbereich Politik - Int. Politik - Thema: Europäische Union, Note: Good, Loughborough University (Department of European Studies), Veranstaltung: Politics of the EU, Sprache: Englisch....

Love Is the Answer: Creating Postive Relationships

by Diane V. Cirincione & Gerald Jampolsky

Fifteen daily lessons show how to apply the "Seven Stepping Stones" to overcoming obstacles in this practical and intimate guide to developing inner growth and healing. Love is the Answer provides simple, yet...

A Brief Explanation of American and German Legal Education

by Sebnem-Isil Keskin

The US-American and the German legal education systems stand almost at the opposite ends of a continuum: The US- legal education system is based on the Anglo-Saxon model; whereas the German legal education system...

The MAGNET Method of Investing: Find, Trade, and Profit from Exceptional Stocks

by Jordan L. Kimmel

Praise for The Magnet® Method of Investing

"Rather than encouraging the scatter shot approach of broad diversification, Jordan focuses on the rifle-shot Magnet® method of identifying a limited number of quality...

Cathy's Impact on Hareton and Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights'

by Wolfgang Bürkle

Wuthering Heights from Emily Bront? is one of the most popular English novels. It is about an orphan named Heathcliff, who wants to take revenge for being mistreated. Two of the most fascinating characters in...

How can a financial reporting system, that has evolved to serve the needs of investors in a capitalist economy, hope to or indeed need to adress the w

by Isabell Keil

This essay will give a short overview of the discussion about corporate social reporting (CSR), its implementation and the contradiction with traditional financial reports. First iIt will explain the role of...

Max Weber's Methodological Essay on Roscher and Knies

by Helmut Strauss

I. Introduction

In 1902, a new phase in the scientific production of Max Weber began. Still suffering from his breakdown in 1898 which forced him to refrain from any intellectual work for several years, Weber...

The Discovery of Jeanne Baret: A Story of Science, the High Seas, and the First Woman to Circumnavigate the Globe

by Glynis Ridley

The year was 1765. Eminent botanist Philibert Commerson had just been appointed to a grand new expedition: the first French circumnavigation of the world. As the ships’ official naturalist, Commerson would...

The Influence of Language Contact on the English Personal Pronouns

by Gesa Giesing

When the banana was first introduced to the British Isles nobody knew what to call this new long, yellow object. The easiest way to make up for the want of a concise expression was to borrow the word from the...

Love Food and Live Well: Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Taste Life at Its Very Best

by Chantel Hobbs

Go ahead. Get passionate about the food you eat.


You don’t have to hide it. You can love food and lose weight at the same time! The secret, which you’ll learn about in Love Food and Live Well, is to know...

The 60-Minute Money Workout: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Finances into Shape

by Ellie Kay

Financial transformation in just one hour a week!

You can revolutionize your finances in only sixty minutes! Looking for long-term economic stability and not common quick-fix schemes? Discover the secrets that...

Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999

The Development of the Progressive in English

by Sebastian Goetzke

In order to present a comprehensive and all-embracing picture of a linguistic phenomenon like the 'progressive' it is important to provide an analysis of the problem from both a synchronic and a diachronic point...

The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing: How to Find Funds and Write Foolproof Proposals for the Visual, Literary, and Performance Artist

by Gigi Rosenberg

The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing is designed to transform readers from starving artists fumbling to get by into working artists who confidently tap into all the resources at their disposal. Written in an...

A view on reasons for Swedish SMEs to change or not to change export modes in the internationalisation process

by Tobias/ Lassek, S./ Gence & C. Brüggemann

Nowadays, the internationalisation process of companies is moved more and more in the core of daily business life. This process is eased by reduced costs facilitated by less tariff barriers among Europe, faster...

Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom

by William Ayers

In Teaching toward Freedom, William Ayers illuminates the hope as well as the conflict that characterizes the craft of education: how it can be used in authoritarian ways at the service of the state, the church,...

Fair Value Accounting Fraud: New Global Risks and Detection Techniques

by Gerard M. Zack

Essential guidance on the new fair value rules for accounting managers, auditors, and fraud investigators

Fair Value accounting is emerging as the next prime opportunity for financial statement fraud. Explaining...