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From Wives to Widows in Early Modern Paris: Gender, Economy, and Law

by Janine M. Lanza

Looking especially at widows of master craftsmen in early modern Paris, this study provides analysis of the social and cultural structures that shaped widows' lives as well as the experiences these women had...

The Religious Culture of the Huguenots, 1660-1750

by Anne Dunan-Page

Whilst much has been written about the Huguenots during the sixteenth-century wars of religion, much less is known about their history in the following centuries. The ten essays in this collection provide the...

The Anglo-Dutch Favourite: The Career of Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709)

by David Onnekink

Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709) was the closest confidant of William III and arguably the most important politician in Williamite Britain. This book not only provides a biographical account...

The Making of Addiction: The 'Use and Abuse' of Opium in Nineteenth-Century Britain

by Louise Foxcroft

This book uncovers the original influences that shaped the creation and the various interpretations of addiction as a disease, and of addiction to opiates in particular. It delves into the treatments, regimes,...

Women's Work and Identity in Eighteenth-Century Brittany

by Nancy Locklin

Based on a solid foundation of archival research that ranges from tax rolls to notarial records, this study adds an important chapter to our understanding of women in pre-industrial Europe. Through a rigorous...

The Cosmographia of Sebastian Münster: Describing the World in the Reformation

by Matthew McLean

Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia was an immensely influential book that attempted to describe the entire world across all of human history and analyse its constituent elements of geography, history, ethnography,...

Catholic Resistance in Elizabethan England: Robert Persons's Jesuit Polemic, 1580-1610

by Victor Houliston

This book provides a study of the writing career of Robert Persons, leader of the Elizabethan Jesuits, and seen as an apostolate as well as a polemical contestation. It relates Persons's interventions in various...

Aspects of Independent Romania's Economic History with Particular Reference to Transition for EU Accession

by David Turnock

This book provides a history of Romania's economic development from the nineteenth to the early twenty-first century. From the first steps towards large scale industrialisation taken prior to the First World...

Modoc: True Story of the Greatest Elephant That

by Ralph Helfer

Spanning several decades and three continents, Modoc is one of the most amazing true animal stories ever told. Raised together in a small German circus town, a boy and an elephant formed a bond that would last...

Adaptations of Calvinism in Reformation Europe: Essays in Honour of Brian G. Armstrong

by Mack P. Holt

The essays in this volume highlight the different paths Calvinism followed as it took root in Western Europe, and how it developed, within fifty years, into the dominant Protestant confession. Each chapter reinforces...

Science, Politics and Business in the Work of Sir John Lubbock: A Man of Universal Mind

by Mark Patton

Sir John Lubbock (1834-1913), first Lord Avebury, was a leading figure in the scientific, political and economic world of Victorian Britain and it is the inter-relations between these worlds that forms the core...

Public Health and Municipal Policy Making: Britain and Sweden, 1900-1940

by Marjaana Niemi

Public health policies had a profound impact on urban life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, yet relatively few people took an active interest in the formulation of these policies. In this...

George Goring (1608-1657): Caroline Courtier and Royalist General

by Florene S. Memegalos

This first modern biography of George Goring, traces his life from its comfortable Sussex beginnings to the intrigues of court life, where he developed a reputation for drinking, gambling and fighting. It also...

Redefining William III: The Impact of the King-Stadholder in International Context

by Esther Mijers & David Onnekink

William III's (1650-1702) reign as Stadholder in the United Provinces and King of England, Scotland and Ireland has always intrigued historians. This volume contains a number of innovative essays from specialists...

Jewish Identity in Early Modern Germany: Memory, Power and Community

by Dean Phillip Bell

Drawing on a wide range of sources, including chronicles, liturgical works, books of customs, memorybooks, biblical commentaries, rabbinic responsa and community ledgers, this study offers a timely reassessment...

Hospital Politics in Seventeenth-Century France: The Crown, Urban Elites and the Poor

by Tim McHugh

This book explores poor relief and charitable health care in French cities during the seventeenth century, a period that witnessed much reform and change in the way these services were administered. By reintegrating...

Restoring Christ's Church: John a Lasco and the Forma ac ratio

by Michael S. Springer

This book examines the struggle for Protestant consensus through the work of John a Lasco (1499-1560), particularly his book Forma ac ratio. Published in 1555, it records the rites and practices of the London...

Testimonies of the City: Identity, Community and Change in a Contemporary Urban World

by Richard Rodger & Joanna Herbert

Oral testimony is one of the most valuable but challenging sources for the study of modern history, providing access to knowledge and experience unavailable to historians of earlier periods. In this groundbreaking...

Money for Nothing

by Edward Ugel

For the better part of a decade, Edward Ugel spent his time closing deals with lottery winners, making a lucrative and legitimate—if sometimes not-so-nice—living by taking advantage of their weaknesses ....

James Ussher and John Bramhall: The Theology and Politics of Two Irish Ecclesiastics of the Seventeenth Century

by Jack Cunningham

This book provides a comparative study of the theologies and politics of two leading seventeenth century ecclesiastics, James Ussher (1581-1656) and John Bramhall (1594-1663). The works, thoughts and careers...