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Martin Heidegger

by Timothy Clark

Since the publication of Being and Time (1927), Martin Heidegger has remained one of the most influential figures in contemporary thought. Until now, however, there has been no clear introduction to his crucial...

God and Design: The Teleological Argument and Modern Science

by Neil A. Manson

Recent discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biochemistry have captured the public imagination and made the Design Argument - the theory that God created the world according to a specific plan - the object...

The European Dimension of British Planning

by Mark TEWDWR-JONES & Richard H. Williams

The UK government of Tony Blair is committed to fostering a European dimension of planning practice. Significant developments in relation to planning within Europe are occurring. The creation of the European...

Messages: Free Expression, Media and the West from Gutenberg to Google

by Brian Winston

Easy to read, and highly topical, Messages writes a history of mass communication in Europe and its outreaches, as a search for the origins of media forms from print and stage, to photography, film and broadcasting....

Korea After the Crash: The Politics of Economic Recovery

by Brian Bridges

Brian Bridges examines the impact on South Korea of the financial crisis of 1997. Covering events up to and including the recent parliamentary elections in South Korea, the book considers the socio-economic...

Separating, Losing and Excluding Children: Narratives of Difference

by Tom Billington

There has been an outpouring of children from schools over the last few years. The reasons for their exclusion from schools include: learning difficulties, behavioural problems or physical disability. Other...

Structure of Social Theory

by Anthony King

Over the last three decades, social theory has become an increasingly important subdiscipline within sociology. Social theory has attempted to elucidate the philosophical basis of sociology by defining the nature...

Development of Economic Analysis

by Ingrid H. Rima

This textbook introduces students to the history of economic thought. It charts the development of economics from its establishment as an analytical discipline in the 18th century to the late 20th century.

From East to West: Odyssey of a Soul

by Roy Bhaskar

In this radical book, Roy Bhaskar expands his philosophy of critical realism with an audacious re-synthesis of many aspects of Western and Eastern thought. Arguing that the existence of God provides the fundamental...

Exploring Borders: Understanding Culture and Psychology

by Giuseppe Mantovani

In Exploring Borders Giuseppe Mantovani highlights and explores the ways in which culture acts as a framework organising our experience. He emphasises the differences across and between cultures and examines...

Maurice Blanchot

by Ullrich Haase & William Large

Without Maurice Blanchot, literary theory as we know it today would have been unthinkable. Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze: all are key theorists crucially influenced...

The Church of England 1688-1832: Unity and Accord

by Dr William Gibson & William Gibson

A wide ranging new history of a key period in the history of the church in England, from the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688-89 to the Great Reform Act of 1832. This was a tumultuous time for both church and state,...

Social Relations and Social Exclusion: Rethinking Political Economy

by Peter Somerville

Examining the rational individual, this book develops a new approach to the theory of social relations. It explores how far we make sense of society on the assumption that people act as independent and free...

History of the Mind-Body Problem

by Tim Crane & Sarah Patterson

History of the Mind-Body Problem is a collection of new essays by leading contributors on the various concerns that have given rise to and informed the mind-body problem in philosophy.

The essays in this stellar...

Athens, Attica and the Megarid: An Archaeological Guide

by Hans Rupprecht Goette

This exciting new guide is the ideal companion to Greece if you are a traveller with historical and archaeological interests, as it combines practical information with impeccable scholarly research.

Written by...

Reading Architectural History

by Dana Arnold

Architectural history is more than just the study of buildings. Architecture of the past and present remains an essential emblem of a distinctive social system and set of cultural values and as a result it has...

Racial Theories in Fascist Italy

by Aaron Gillette

Racial Theories in Fascist Italy examines the role played by race and racism in the development of Italian identity during the fascist period. The book examines the struggle between Mussolini, the fascist hierarchy,...

Measuring Business Excellence

by Gopal K. Kanji

Business Excellence and Total Quality Management (TQM) models provide a means of measuring the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders simultaneously. A number of such models currently exist, but,...

Marshall's Evolutionary Economics

by Tiziano Raffaelli

Alfred Marshall was one of the most important economists ever to have lived. This excellent new book, from a Marshall expert respected the world over, attempts to show that Marshall anticipated some of the views...

Singapore: Wealth, Power and the Culture of Control

by Carl A. Trocki

This volume examines Singapore's culture of control, exploring the city-state's colonial heritage as well as the forces that have helped to mould its current social landscape. Taking a comparative approach,...