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Psychoanalysis: The Science of Mental Conflict

by Arnold D. Richards & Martin S. Willick

Over the course of three decades, in works spanning questions of theory, technique, and clinical practice, Charles Brenner has emerged as one of the preeminent analysts of his generation, a thinker whose probing...

The Anatomy of Psychotherapy

by Lawrence Friedman

Over the past decades, Lawrence Friedman has emerged as one of the most erudite and provocative theoriss in contemporary psychotherapy. The Anatomy of Psychotherapy interweaves Friedman's major contributions...

New Ideas in Psychoanalysis: The Process of Change in Humanistic Science

by Calvin F. Settlage & Reed Brockbank

New Ideas addresses the problem and process of change in psychoanalysis from historical, theoretical, and clinical perspectives. Each section of the book is enriched by inclusion of a seminal historical paper...

Conceptual Issues in Psychoanalysis: Essays in History and Method

by John E. Gedo

In Conceptual Issues in Psychoanalysis, John Gedo's mastery of Freudian theory and broad historical consciousness subserve a new goal: an understanding of "dissidence" in psychoanalysis.  Gedo launches his...

Freud and the Imaginative World

by Harry Trosman

The current resurgence of interest in the scientific origins of psychoanalysis has overshadowed the artistic and literary models to which Freud had recourse time and again in the development and presentation...

The Psychology of Today's Woman: New Psychoanalytic Visions

by Toni Bernay & Dorothy Cantor

The sexual revolution, oft discussed in the journalistic literature of recent years, has brought in its wake a host of questions that are only beginning to be addressed.  How are women coping with "real world"...

Evolving Possibilities: Selected Works of Bill O'Hanlon

by Stephanie O'Hanlon & Bob Bertolino

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Historiography and Causation in Psychoanalysis

by IV, Edwin R. Wallace

What do the psychoanalyst and the historian have in common? This important question has stimulated a lively debate within the psychoanalytic profession in recent years, bearing as it does on the very nature...

Sharing Care: The Integration of Family Approaches with Child Treatment

by Robert Ziegler & Andrew Bush

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Red Limit

by Timothy Ferris

For centuries, it was assumed that our universe was static. In the late 1920s, astronomers defeated this assumption with a startling new discovery. From Earth, the light of distant galaxies appeared to be red,...

Alcohol And Emerging Markets: Patterns, Problems, And Responses

by Marcus Grant

Divided into two parts, Alcohol and Emerging Markets begins with a series of case studies that assess alcohol issues in four regions - Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa...

Relationship Management of the Borderline Patient: From Understanding to Treatment

by David L. Dawson & Harriet L. MacMillan

Published in 1993, Relationship Management of The Borderline Patient is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Finishing Well: Aging and Reparation in the Intergenerational Family

by Terry D. Hargrave & William T. Anderson

Published in 1992, Finishing Well: Aging and Reparation in the Intergenerational Family is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Can You Believe Your Eyes?

by J. Richard Block & Harold Yuker

Published in 1989, Can You Believe Your Eyes? is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychotherapy.

Solving Problems In Couples And Family Therapy: Techniques And Tactics

by Robert Sherman, Paul Oresky & Yvonne Rountree

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions: Strategies for Change

by Michael D. Yapko

In this book, Yapko not only demonstrates hypnosis is a viable and powerful approach to the treatment of depression but also confronts traditional criticism of its use head on. He first lays the groundwork for...

Cognitive-Behavioral Marital Therapy

by Donald H. Baucom & Norman Epstein

A guide for practicing marital therapists in using the cognitive-behavioral approach, concerned with how the subjects think, experience emotions, and behave, and with providing skills for them to address future...

Adult Art Psychotherapy: Issues and Applications

by Helen B. Landgarten & Darcy Lubbers

Published in 1991, Adult Art Psychotherapy is a valuable contribution to the field of Psycotherapy.

In Quest of the Mythical Mate: A Developmental Approach To Diagnosis And Treatment In Couples Therapy

by Ellyn Bader & Peter Pearson

In Quest of the Mythical Mate presents a valuable and fertile developmental model for diagnosing and treating couples that is flexible enough to incorporate a wide variety of intervention strategies, yet purposeful...

Psychotherapy of the Disorders of the Self

by M.D., James F. Masterson & M.D., Ralph Klein

Published in the year 1988, Psychotherapy of the Disorders of the Self is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychiatry.