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A Healer of Souls: A Helping Hand on Your Journey Through Life

by Dawn Paul

After twenty fruitless years on a frustrating spiritual search, Dawn Paul was faced with no other option but to give up. Disheartened and exhausted, she went on holiday to Peru and this changed her life forever....

Pagan Portals - Hedge Riding

by Harmonia Saille

The hedge is the symbolic boundary between the two worlds and this book will teach you how to cross that hedge.

Two Hearts in Tuva

by Wendy Taylor

Two Hearts in Tuva shares an extraordinary journey taking you through the distant land that borders Mongolia. It bears witness to the power of shamanism as the writer travels deep into the heart of the country...

Bedtime Stories for Elders: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us about the New Aging

by John C. Robinson

Stories of meaning, magic, healing and transformation for enlightened elders - wisdom tales for a new vision of aging.

No Local: Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won't Change the World

by Greg Sharzer

Can making things smaller make the world a better place? No Local takes a critical look at localism, an ideology that says small businesses, ethical shopping and community initiatives like gardens and farmers’...

Zombies on Kilimanjaro: A Father/Son Journey Above the Clouds

by Tim Ward

A father and son climb Mount Kilimanjaro. On the journey to the roof of Africa they traverse the treacherous terrain of fatherhood, divorce, dark secrets and old grudges, and forge an authentic adult relationship....

Pagan Portals - Hedge Witchcraft

by Harmonia Saille

Learning by experiencing is about trusting your instincts and connecting with your inner spirit.

Moon Surfing: A Lunar Astrology Handbook for Teens

by Nikki Harper

A powerful astrological roadmap for the tumultuous teenage years, unlocking lunar astrology for teens with journaling, case studies and exercises.

Pagan Portals - Pathworking Through Poetry: Pagan Pathworking Through Poetry: Exploring, Knowing, Understanding and Dancing with the Wisdom the Bards

Aesthetics & Alienation

by Gary Tedman

A complete and original theory of aesthetics based on Marx and Althusser in the modernist Marxist anti-humanist tradition (Brecht, Althusser, Benjamin, Adorno). The main concepts that arise from this work are:...

Non-Duality: The Groundless Openness

by Douwe Tiemersma

Simple. Insightful. Relaxing. Recognize the essential non-dual nature of your own experience: Advaita Vedanta for the 21st century.

A Rough Guide to the Dark Side

by Daniel Simpson

Ever dreamed of changing the world? Daniel Simpson shows how not to do it.

The Meaning

by Steve Taylor

The experiential core of Steve Taylor's best-selling books on spirituality and psychology.

In the Shadow of the Cross: The Greatest Conspiracy of All Time

by Billy Roberts

The Shadow of the Cross dispels one of the greatest myths of all time, that Jesus did not die on the cross, and in fact lived on to continue his ministry.. The author makes a detailed analysis of the secret...

What's Still Right with the Church of England: A Future for the Church of England

by Canon David Jennings

Can the Church of England survive the 21st century? What needs to change and what remains?

Good Living in Hard Times

by Stafford Whiteaker

Explains what makes you poor, healthy and rich and how to achieve a contented life.

Small Change, Big Deal: Money as If People Mattered

by Jennifer Kavanagh

As we consider the plight of our consumer-driven economy, it is easy to forget that money is about relationship: between individuals and between communities. In our current financial mess, it is worth reminding...

Only Say the Word: Affirming Gay and Lesbian Love

by Alan McManus

The author invites those good people who, in good faith, still think that homosexuality is unnatural, to think again.

The Death of Judeo-Christianity: Religious Aggression and Systemic Evil in the Modern World

by Lawrence Swaim

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is not mainly about politics, nor religion, nor even geo-politics. It is about pathology. The traumas of the 20th century have driven millions of intelligent, capable people...

We Are Not Alone in the Universe: From the Origins of Civilizations and Religions to Humankind's Final Destiny

by Wojciech Konrad Kulczyk

The book provides a new explanation of the origins of the first civilisations and religions, and is approaching such a perennial question: "What is the purpose of human life?" from a completely new perspectives....