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Corporate Firm in a Changing World Economy: Case Studies in the Geography of Enterprise

by Marc de Smidt & Egbert Wever

This book examines the economic environment and phenomena of multinational business with reference to case studies of major multinational companies, including IBM, Philips, Nissan and Volvo. It assesses how...

The Geography of Multinationals

by Michael Taylor & NIGEL THRIFT

Through a series of international case studies, the nature and the geographical implications of the development of multinational corporations is examined. The volume concentrates on the latter Post-War period...

Research in International Marketing

by Peter W Turnbull & Stanley Paliwoda

This book considers problems which can be serious obstacles in international marketing but which are much less difficult in domestic marketing, such as cultural differences; the establishing and maintaining...

Multinationals, Technology & Competitiveness

by John H Dunning

This book explores some aspects of the interface between technology, competitiveness and the role of multinational enterprises in the world economy. This group of essays stresses the role of asset creation and...

Evil and Moral Psychology

by Peter Brian Barry

This book examines what makes someone an evil person and how evil people are different from merely bad people. Rather than focusing on the "problem of evil" that occupies philosophers of religion, Barry looks...

The Essence of Play: A Practice Companion for Professionals Working with Children and Young People: A Practice Companion for Professionals Working wit

by Justine Howard & Karen McInnes

A unique companion to professional play practice!

All play professionals are united in their belief that play is important for children's development - and there are inherent characteristics of play that underpin...

China's New Urbanization Strategy

by China Development Research Foundation

Urbanization is one of the major challenges facing China. Of China's 1.3 billion people, around half still live in rural areas. There has been huge migration from rural areas to cities in recent years, a trend...

New Agendas in Statebuilding: Hybridity, Contingency and History

by Robert Egnell & Peter Haldén

This volume connects the study of statebuilding to broader aspects of social theory and the historical study of the state, bringing forth new questions and starting-points, both academically and practically,...

Translation in Theatre and Performance

by Silvia Bigliazzi, Paola Ambrosi & Peter Kofler

This volume focuses on the highly debated topic of theatrical translation, one brought on by a renewed interest in the idea of performance and translation as a cooperative effort on the part of the translator,...

Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran: Interior Revolutions of the Modern Era

by Pamela Karimi

Examining Iran's recent history through the double lens of domesticity and consumer culture, Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran demonstrates that a significant component of the modernization process in...

The Promise and Perils of Transnationalisation: Ngo Activism and the Socialisation of Women S Human Rights in Egypt and Iran

by Benjamin Stachursky

To date, most constructivist international relations studies have characterized the influence of transnationalism on domestic forms of activism as uniformly positive. In particular, transnational interactions...

History Education and Post-Conflict Reconciliation: Reconsidering Joint Textbook Projects

by Karina V. Korostelina & Simone Lässig

This book analyses the role of history education in conflict and post-conflict societies, describing common history textbook projects in Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Far East and the Middle East.


Servitization, It-Ization and Innovation Models: Two-Stage Industrial Cluster Theory

by Hitoshi Hirakawa, Kaushalesh Lal & Shinkai Naoko

This book looks at two-stage industrial cluster theory and new innovation models in view of IT-ization and servitization of products. The formation of industrial clusters such as export processing zones and...

Television and Postfeminist Housekeeping: No Time for Mother

by Elizabeth Nathanson

In this book, Nathanson examines how contemporary American television and associated digital media depict women's everyday lives as homemakers, career women, and mothers. Her focus on American popular culture...

Performing Memory in Art and Popular Culture

by Liedeke Plate & Anneke Smelik

This volume pursues a new line of research in cultural memory studies by understanding memory as a performative act in art and popular culture. The authors take their cue from the observation that art and popular...

Tourism: A Community Approach

by Peter E Murphy

Written in 1989 when the modern tourist industry had reached a crucial stage in its development, when increased mobility and affluence had led to more extensive and extravagant travel, and competition within...

Marketing in the Tourism Industry

by Brian Goodall & Gregory Ashworth

This book examines how different sections of the tourism industry attempt to reach their markets. A wide range of distinctive forms of holiday are considered, and the influence their characteristics have on...

Social Psychology and Theories of Consumer Culture: A Political Economy Perspective

by Matthew McDonald & Stephen Wearing

Social Psychology and Theories of Consumer Culture: A Political Economy Perspective presents a critical analysis of the leading positions in social psychology from the perspective of classical and contemporary...

New Dynamics in Cross-Taiwan Straits Relations: How Far Can the Rapprochement Go?

by Weixing Hu

Relations between mainland China and Taiwan have improved markedly in recent years, giving rise to the key question, How far can the current rapprochement go? This book focuses on how mainland China-Taiwan relations...

Film Censorship in the Asia-Pacific Region: Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia Compared

by Saw Tiong Guan

Film censorship has always been a controversial matter, particularly in jurisdictions with restrictive state-based censorship systems. This book reviews the film censorship system in the Asia-Pacific by comparing...