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Responding to Terrorism: Political, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

by Robert Imre & T. Brian Mooney

Terrorism and political violence as a field is growing and expanding. This volume provides a cross-disciplinary analysis - political, philosophical and legal - in a single text and covers the full spectrum of...

Beyond Regionalism?: Regional Cooperation, Regionalism and Regionalization in the Middle East

by Cilja Harders & Matteo Legrenzi

This volume offers refined theoretical models and approaches which are attuned to the new dynamics and contradictions of a wide range of regionalist projects in the contemporary Middle East. Case studies of...

Civil Society and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: How do States Respond?

by Claudia Kissling

Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has brought new actors to the political arena - one of those actors being civil society or NGOs. Claudia Kissling addresses the topic of civil society participation...

The Legitimate Use of Military Force: The Just War Tradition and the Customary Law of Armed Conflict

by Howard M. Hensel

Throughout human history, scholars, statesmen and military leaders have attempted to define what constitutes the legitimate use of armed force by one community against another. This volume brings together an...

Ethics Education in the Military

by Paul Robinson & Nigel de Lee

With formal ethics education programmes being a rarity in most countries' armed forces, there is a growing importance for servicemen to undergo additional military ethics training. This book advances knowledge...

Patriotism: Philosophical and Political Perspectives

by Igor Primoratz & Aleksandar Pavkovic

This collection of new essays by philosophers and political theorists engages with a wide range of conceptual, moral and political questions raised by the current revival of patriotism. It displays both similarities...

Calculated Risks: Highly Radioactive Waste and Homeland Security

by Kenneth A. Rogers & Marvin G. Kingsley

This well-documented study examines one of the increasingly pressing problems for US homeland security: the storage and management of radioactive waste. It explores nuclear waste problems through the broader...

Terrorism and Societies

by Stephen Vertigans

Considering a range of influential terror groups from the last 40 years, this book explores relationships between people, social processes and activities that result in acts of terrorism. It examines Islamic...

Why Not Preempt?: Security, Law, Norms and Anticipatory Military Activities

by Rachel Bzostek

Anticipatory military activities, both preemptive and preventive, are at the centre of American strategic doctrine. Rachel Bzostek puts forward a full understanding of why states have or have not undertaken...

From Freedom Fighters to Terrorists: Women and Political Violence

by Paige Whaley Eager

The concept of women as active proponents and perpetrators of political violence and terrorism is not widely accepted. Case study rich, this informative book provides an indispensable guide to examining women's...

They Live

by Jonathan Lethem & Sean Howe

Deep Focus is a series of film books with a fresh approach. Take the smartest, liveliest writers in contemporary letters and let them loose on the most vital and popular corners of cinema history: midnight movies,...

Encountering the Transnational: Women, Islam and the Politics of Interpretation

by Meena Sharify-Funk

When Muslim women from diverse national and cultural contexts meet one another through transnational dialogue and networking, what happens to their sense of identity and social agency? This is a compelling account...

AIDS and Governance

by Nana K. Poku & Alan Whiteside

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is showing scant signs of slowing down; its political impact varies greatly and is difficult to map. Providing an incisive study of the global plague that threatens existing social, economic...

From Soldiers to Citizens: Demilitarization of Conflict and Society

by João Gomes Porto & Chris Alden

Offering a systematic reflection and review of existing literature on disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating (DDR) former combatants into society, this volume represents the first in-depth and comprehensive...

The Use of Force in Humanitarian Intervention: Morality and Practicalities

by John Janzekovic

Humanitarian intervention is a many layered and complex concept. This study analyzes the various ethical positions, particularly consequentialism, welfare-utilitarianism and just war theory to unravel this intricate...

The American Challenge: The World Resists US Liberalism

by R. Catley & David Mosler

This indispensable book looks at whether policy failure in Iraq and declining US soft and hard power mark the beginning of the end of US hegemony or whether the resilience of America's military and economic...

France and the New Imperialism: Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Bruno Charbonneau

The role of French security policy and cooperation in Africa has long been recognized as a critically important factor in African politics and international relations. This book investigates whether French involvement...

Cocaine Trafficking in Latin America: EU and US Policy Responses

by Sayaka Fukumi

The European Union and the United States have identified Latin American cocaine trafficking as a security threat, but their policy responses to it have differed. This book examines the ways in which the EU and...

Violent Globalisms: Conflict in Response to Empire

by Cornelia Beyer

Cornelia Beyer provides a structured explanation for terrorism and its links with the 'Global War on Terror' as it relates to the latter's broader context, causes and implications. She offers a comprehensive...

Power and Security in the Information Age: Investigating the Role of the State in Cyberspace

by Myriam Dunn Cavelty & Victor Mauer

Focusing on the role of the state in defending against cyber threats and in securing the information age, this volume intrigues and provokes with a number of 'fresh' hypotheses, observations and suggestions....