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Family Systems and Life-span Development

by Kurt Kreppner & Richard M. Lerner

This interdisciplinary volume presents international research and theories focusing on the development of the individual across the life span. Centering on "family" as the key context influencing, and being...

International Perspectives on Psychology in the Schools

by Philip A. Saigh & Thomas Oakland

To promote a broader understanding of the increasingly important role of school psychology in educational systems throughout the world, the editors of this volume collected the works of leading international...

Constructivism in the Computer Age

by George Forman & Peter B. Pufall

Discussing the future value of computers as tools for cognitive development, the volume reviews past literature and presents new data from a Piagetian perspective.

Constructivism in the Computer Age includes...

Social Structure and Aging: Psychological Processes

by K. Warner Schaie & Carmi Schooler

This volume presents a systematic examination of the impact of social structures on individual behaviors and on their development in adulthood and old age. These papers and responses attempt to improve the reciprocal...

Panic: Psychological Perspectives

by S. Rachman & Jack D. Maser

The topic of panic has been dominated by biological studies in many areas of anxiety research. This collection of papers, resulting from the National Institute of Mental Health Conferences, presents the viewpoints...

Reasoning, Necessity, and Logic: Developmental Perspectives

by Willis F. Overton

A presentation of current work that systematically explores and articulates the nature, origin and development of reasoning, this volume's primary aim is to describe and examine contemporary theory and research...

Psychosocial Aspects of Depression

by Joseph Becker & Arthur Kleinman

Despite general agreement that psychosocial factors play an important role in various facets of the etiology, onset, treatment response and outcome of depressive disorders, the replicability of research results...

Income and Choice in Biological Control Systems: A Framework for Understanding the Function and Dysfunction of the Brain

by Gershom-Zvi Rosenstein

This volume introduces the concepts of income and optimal choice to the realms of brain activity and behavior regulation. It begins by developing the concept of the Income-Choice approach in the field of biological...

The Structure of Conflict

by Clyde H. Coombs & George S. Avrunin

A theory that attempts to bring order to the chaotic variety of conflict usually begins by distinguishing types of conflict and formulating general explanatory principles that relate and integrate them. In contrast...

Development and Learning: Conflict Or Congruence?

by Lynn S. Liben

This volume juxtaposes two different domains of developmental theory: the Piagetian approach and the information-processing approach.

Articles by experts in both fields discuss how concepts of development and...

Education for Values: Morals, Ethics and Citizenship in Contemporary Teaching

by Jo, Cairns, Roy (all of Institute of Educat Gardner & Denis, Lawton

Values in education, in terms of both how they are taught and of the ethics of teaching itself, are an area of lively debate. This text provides a resource of ideas, issues and practice for all those with an...

Using Games and Simulations in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers

by Henry (Director, Educational Ellington, Joannie, Fowlie & Monica, Gordon

Games and simulations are an effective way of supporting the curriculum. This handbook demonstrates how to develop and use games and simulations in schools. It provides practical advice and guidance on how and...

Teaching and the Law

by Jacqui, Gilliatt

The increased accountability of teachers has meant that actions on negligence are a reality. This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the law for teachers, covering everything from the employment relationship...

A True and Exact History of the Island of Barbadoes

by Richard Ligon

In this eye-witness history of Barbados, Ligon gives perhaps the earliest account of attempts at sugar manufacture. His description of a plantation indicates the size and complexity of the estates acquired in...

Managing the Business of Empire: Essays in Honour of David Fieldhouse

by Peter Burroughs & A.J. Stockwell

This collection of essays honours David Fieldhouse, latterly Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History at Cambridge and a foremost authority on the economics of the modern British Empire. The contributors...

Imperialism, Academe and Nationalism: Britain and University Education for Africans 1860-1960

by Apollos O. Nwauwa

Using British Colonial Office papers, the archives of colonial governments in Africa, and the writings of African nationalists, Dr Nwauwa examines the long history of the demand for the establishment of universities...

Holstun Pamphlet Wars: Prose in the English Revolution

by James Holston

The English Revolution of 1642-60 produced an explosion of stylistically and ideologically diverse pamphlet literature. The essays collected here focus on the prose of this new revolutionary era, and the new...

Socialism and Education in Britain 1883-1902

by Kevin Manton

Examines the British socialist movement in the last two decades of the 19th century through its policies on children's education. The author reassesses the nature of these policies and comments on the validity...

The Debt Threat

by Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz, one of the world's leading experts on economic globalization, looks at the history of third-world debt and its crippling effects on people in developing countries.

Drawing from her impressive debt-relief...

International Review of History Education: International Review of History Education, Volume 3

by Alaric Dickinson, Peter Gordon & Peter Lee

The third volume in this international review takes "raising standards" as its central theme. Raising standards is no simple matter, either conceptually or empirically, whatever politicians might think. If it...