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Regionalism, Globalisation and International Order: Europe and Southeast Asia

by Jens-Uwe Wunderlich

Offering a comparative historical perspective of European and Southeast Asian regionalism, this illuminating study presents new and imaginative insights into the theory and practice of regionalism and the links...

Literature and International Relations: Stories in the Art of Diplomacy

by Paul Sheeran

Making a strong case for the relevance of literary production to understanding international relations, this persuasive volume highlights the potential rewards of developing a methodology to bring literature...

The First Islamist Republic: Development and Disintegration of Islamism in the Sudan

by Abdullahi A. Gallab

This book is the story of the social world of Islamism. Based on extensive field work inside and outside the Islamists' regime in the Sudan, it provides an entry point into the regime's local and global worlds...

The EU-Russian Energy Dialogue: Europe's Future Energy Security

by Pami Aalto

EU-Russian energy dialogue represents a policy issue that forces us to take a serious look at several crucial questions related to the present and future of Europe. This book not only outlines the overall characteristics...

Financing Development: The G8 and UN Contribution

by Michele Fratianni & John J. Kirton

The critical challenge of financing development and sustainability is now a key focus of the G8. This volume assesses the current practice and perspectives of the major developed world regions represented in...

Media, Wars and Politics: Comparing the Incomparable in Western and Eastern Europe

by Ekaterina Balabanova

This topical book examines the interaction between media and foreign policy, extending its focus beyond US media and policy making by considering the case of Western and Eastern European media and policy processes....

North Korea's Second Nuclear Crisis and Northeast Asian Security

by Seung-Ho Joo & Tae-Hwan Kwak

This key volume provides in-depth analysis of the inter-Korean and international dynamics of North Korea's nuclear crisis. It offers new insights into the six-party talks designed to resolve the crisis, suggests...

Democratic Control of Intelligence Services: Containing Rogue Elephants

by Hans Born & Marina Caparini

This comprehensive volume discusses the various challenges of establishing and maintaining accountable and democratically controlled intelligence services, drawing both from states with well-established democratic...

Denationalisation of Defence: Convergence and Diversity

by Janne Haaland Matlary & Øyvind Østerud

Presenting the developmental trends in privatization and internationalization of armed force, this volume analyzes the impact of these trends on the Nordic countries' defence and security sectors.

The Essential Swami Ramdas

by Swami Ramdas

In simple and eloquent language, Ramdas writes directly and from the heart and his message of certain deliverance through the unswerving remembrance of God is meant for all serious seekers of all religions.

Europe for the Europeans: The Foreign and Security Policy of the Populist Radical Right

by Christina Schori Liang

For the last two decades the number of political organizations on the far right, neo-populist right and neo-conservative right has been growing in number. This book measures the effects of neo-populist groups...

(En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camouflaged Politics

by Krista Hunt & Kim Rygiel

As the war on terror spreads and deepens, it is more important than ever to examine how diverse international actors are using the war on terror as an opportunity to reinforce existing gendered, raced, classed...

Culture and Politics: A Comparative Approach

by Jan-Erik Lane & Svante Ersson

This second edition of a well-established text has been expanded and fully updated in line with new events. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the enduring phenomenon of culture and its impact on contemporary...

Managing Defense Transformation: Agency, Culture and Service Change

by Adam N. Stulberg & Michael D. Salomone

This book explicates the conditions under which military organizations have both succeeded and failed at institutionalizing new ideas and forms of warfare. Through comparative analysis of some classic cases,...

Comparative Legal Approaches to Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism

by James Beckman

The spectre and fear of another terrorist attack looms large for most of the world's citizenry and for the domestic law agencies charged with protecting these citizens and countries. This book explores how various...

Approaching the EUropean Federation?

by Søren Dosenrode

The European project has, within only 52 years, achieved a surprising momentum, and the European Union is now approaching full statehood. This book presents a timely examination of what appears to be the emerging...

Presidential Policies and the Road to the Second Iraq War: From Forty One to Forty Three

by John Davis

Examining the continuity and divergent strategies of Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr and their efforts to respond to the Iraqi threat, this essential volume provides policy makers with guidelines and prescriptions...

Multinationals on Trial: Foreign Investment Matters

by James Petras & Henry Veltmeyer

This key volume offers an entirely fresh perspective of the role of multinationals and the development impact of FDI. It provides a much needed analysis of global capitalism and its impact around the world,...

The State and Terrorism: National Security and the Mobilization of Power

by Joseph H. Campos II

Adopting an innovative approach to the ongoing debate over homeland security and state response to terrorism, Joseph Campos investigates the contextualizing of national security discourse and its management...

AIDS, South Africa, and the Politics of Knowledge

by Jeremy R. Youde

Through an in-depth examination of the interactions between the South African government and the international AIDS control regime, Jeremy Youde examines both the epistemic and counter-epistemic communities...