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Cultures of Mass Tourism: Doing the Mediterranean in the Age of Banal Mobilities

by Pau Obrador Pons & Mike Crang

Cultures of Mass Tourism discusses how mass tourism has brought about new social and cultural formations that mix global, national and local influences and offers a series of insights into some of the key sites....

Place Reinvention: Northern Perspectives

by Torill Nyseth & Arvid Viken

Through an interdisciplinary range of case studies from across the Northern rim of Europe, this volume shows how place reinvention as a concept affects not only global cities but also marginal regions. Divided...

Car Troubles: Critical Studies of Automobility and Auto-Mobility

by Jim Conley & Arlene Tigar McLaren

Car Troubles examines a wide range of issues that are central to automobility by situating it within social, economic, and political contexts, and by combining social theory, specific case studies and policy-oriented...

Railways, Urban Development and Town Planning in Britain: 1948-2008

by Russell Haywood

This book provides a critical overview of the relationships between planning and railway management and development during the key period in the 20th Century when the railway was in public ownership: 1948-94....

Ethics and Planning Research

by Francesco Lo Piccolo & Huw Thomas

This important and unique book provides a thorough examination of the issues relating to research ethics in planning for an international audience. The authors examine alternative frameworks within which ethical...

A Living Countryside?: The Politics of Sustainable Development in Rural Ireland

by John McDonagh & Tony Varley

By examining a range of experiences from both the north and south of Ireland, this book asks what the ideal of sustainable development might mean to specific rural groups and how sustainable development goals...

Brand New Ireland?: Tourism, Development and National Identity in the Irish Republic

by Michael Clancy

By examining tourism in the Republic of Ireland over the past 20 years, Michael Clancy provides a detailed understanding of the political economy of tourism and development. He explores tourism's role in the...

Transit Oriented Development: Making it Happen

by Carey Curtis & John L. Renne

Transit Oriented Development: Making it Happen brings together the different stakeholders and disciplines that are involved in the conception and implementation of TOD to provide a comprehensive overview of...

Travel, Space, Architecture

by Jilly Traganou & Miodrag Mitrasinovic

Travel, Space, Architecture defines a new theoretical territory in architectural and urban scholarship that frames the processes of spatial production through the notion of travel. The book presents seventeen...

Ecotourism and Environmental Sustainability: Principles and Practice

by Jennifer Hill & Tim Gale

Drawing on a diverse series of international case studies this book offers conceptual and practical insights into the complex interactions between ecotourism and the natural environment. The result is a critical...

Transition and Development in China: Towards Shared Growth

by Yun Chen

China's transition from a planned economy to a market economy has succeeded in producing more than a decade of phenomenal growth. How the difficult task of balancing the diverse array of often competing concerns...

The Manager's Tale: Stories of Managerial Identity

by Patrick Reedy

What does being a manager mean to those who do managerial work and why has becoming a manager become so attractive for so many people? Using the ideas of Heidegger, Sartre and Ricoeur this illuminating and thoughtful...

Mobility in Daily Life: Between Freedom and Unfreedom

by Malene Freudendal-Pedersen

This book is an important conceptual and empirical contribution to critical mobility research. It focuses on the tension between freedom and unfreedom, articulated through the dichotomy between individuality...

Social Innovation and Territorial Development

by Diana MacCallum & Frank Moulaert

This volume presents a broad-ranging and insightful exploration of social innovation and how it can affect life, society and economy, especially within local communities. It addresses key questions about the...

Valuing Historic Environments

by Lisanne Gibson & John Pendlebury

This volume brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading scholars to discuss frameworks of value in relation to the preservation of historic environments. It critically analyses the various conceptions...

Travel Demand Management and Road User Pricing: Success, Failure and Feasibility

by Wafaa Saleh & Gerd Sammer

This book examines the full range of 'push and pull' Travel Demand Management measures, including regulatory, pricing, planning and persuasive policies to encourage individuals to make their trips in off-peak...

Mobilities and Inequality

by Timo Ohnmacht & Hanja Maksim

Based on the premise that the dynamics caused by modernization, globalization, migration and social change affect the structuring of social fabric and space, this book examines the interrelations between social...

Sustainable Land Management in the Tropics: Explaining the Miracle

by Kees Burger & Fred Zaal

Bringing together case studies from Kenya, Benin, Cameroon and the Philippines, this volume provides a multidisciplinary overview of the economics of natural resource management in Tropical regions, at household...

Spaces of Security and Insecurity: Geographies of the War on Terror

by Alan Ingram & Klaus Dodds

This timely book explores the diverse geographies of the war on terror. Drawing on recent advances in social theory, it offers original case studies and theoretical reflections on one of the central issues in...

The Awkward Spaces of Fathering

by Stuart C. Aitken

Weaving together theories of space, sexuality and political identity with the stories of fathers from a range of sources, including popular culture, this book seeks to explore the spaces and movements of men-as-fathers...