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Texas, My Texas: Musings of the Rambling Boy

by Lonn Taylor

In this collection of essays about Texas gathered from his West Texas newspaper column, Lonn Taylor traverses the very best of Texas geography, Texas history, and Texas personalities. In a state so famous for...

Weighty Words, Too

by Paul Levitt, Elissa Guralnick & Katherine Karcz

Young readers will build their vocabularies with this new, amusing collection of weighty words.

Acequia Culture: Water, Land, and Community in the Southwest

by José A. Rivera

Lays out the contemporary legal and administrative status of these ancient irrigation institutions, suggesting public policy measures to keep the system alive.

Edge of Taos Desert: An Escape to Reality

by Mabel Luhan, Lois Palken Rudnick & John Collier

Autobiographical account describing Luhan's first months in New Mexico.

Diné Bahane': The Navajo Creation Story

by Paul Zolbrod

This is the most complete version of the Navajo creation story to appear in English since Washington Matthews' Navajo Legends of 1847. Zolbrod's new translation renders the power and delicacy of the oral storytelling...

Tennis Training: Enhancing On-court Performance

by Mark Kovacs, W. Britt Chandler & T. Jeff Chandler

Filled with action photographs to illustrate the exercises and techniques, this book distills contemporary scientific research into easily accessible principles for designing and implementing tennis training...

The Master Cleanse Coach: Expert Coaching for You and Your Friends

by Peter Glickman

Weight loss has become a national problem that continues to grow. Detoxification is also getting more attention every day as people realize just how many toxins, pesticides and food allergies are part of everyday...

The Sons of Adam

by Alan Mackie

A diary kept by journalist Alan Mackie in Cairo in 1973 during the 7 Day War with Israel and the effect it has had on present Egyptian politics and attitudes to the West

The Highland Clearances

by Eric Richards

Description: A documented study of Scotland's most emotive subjects. It traces the origins of the Clearances from the eighteenth century to their culmination in the crofting legislation of the 1880s, showing...

Britain's Last Frontier: A Journey Along the Highland Line

by Alistair Moffat

The Highland Line is Britain’s last meaningful frontier. First recognised by Agricola in the first century AD (parts of its most northerly section mark the furthest north the Romans advanced), it divides the...

Cities on the Rebound: A Vision for Urban America

by William H. Hudnut

Author Bill Hudnut draws on his past experience as mayor of Indianapolis to describe his vision for dealing with diversity, encouraging sustainable development, finding alternatives to sprawl, managing technological...

The Quality of Numbers 1-31

by Wolfgang Held & Matthew Barton

One sun, two parents, three meals a day, four seasons, five fingers … every child soon discovers that lots of things in life have an inherent number attached to them. Just as five individual fingers become...

Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke: At the Roots of the Racial Divide

by Bryan Crable

Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke focuses on the little-known but important friendship between two canonical American writers. The story of this fifty-year friendship, however, is more than literary biography;...

Raising a Responsible Child

by Elizabeth Ellis

It has often been said: Give a man a fish, and he has food for a day. Teach him to fish, and he can provide for himself over a lifetime.

Raising a Responsible Child explains the phenomenon of the "overindulgent...

The Late Victorian Folksong Revival: The Persistence of English Melody, 1878-1903

by E. David Gregory

This book traces the early history of the first English folksong revival during the late Victorian era, focusing on the work of three prominent song collectors, Sabine Baring-Gould, Frank Kidson and Lucy Broadwood....

Beyond the Annual Budget: Global Experience with Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks

by World Bank

What conditions determine the success of Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MDTFs)? How should the implementation of MTEFs be sequenced and coordinated with other budget reforms? What role should organizations...

Right from Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Your Child

by Michael Riera & Joseph Di Prisco

A wise and reassuring guide to fostering integrity in young children, making them people whom we admire as well as people who are proud of themselves.

The Back Of Beyond: A Search For The Soul Of Ireland

by James Charles Roy

James Charles Roy leads a group of jaded American tourists on a historical tour of the Emerald Isle they only thought they knew

What's Your Dosha, Baby?: Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love

by Lisa Marie Coffey & Vasant, Dr., Dr. Lao

Thousands of years ago, philosophers and scientists in ancient India devised a system called Ayurveda, or “the science of life,” which explains the nature of everything in the universe. Now, in What’s Your...

Understanding Sibling Rivalry - The Brazelton Way

by T. Berry Brazelton & Joshua D. Sparrow

Insightful new guides from Drs. Brazelton and Sparrow on two of childhood’s greatest challenges