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Shepherds of the Sea: Destroyer Escorts in World War II

by Robert F. Cross

This compelling tale of courage, heroism, and terror is told in the words of ninety-one sailors and officers interviewed by the author about their World War II service aboard fifty-six destroyer escorts. They...

The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II

by Viktor Suvorov

“A remarkable book. A delayed bombshell that includes very pertinent new research and discoveries Suvorov has made since 1990. He makes savvy readers of contemporary and World War II history, of a mind to reexamine...

Storm Landings: Epic Amphibious Battles in the Central Pacific

by Joseph H. Alexander

The Pacific War changed abruptly in November 1943 when Admiral Chester Nimitz unleashed a new offensive across the Central Pacific, spearheaded by fast carrier task forces and U.S. Marines. The sudden American...

Thach Weave

by Steve Ewing

This biography completes a trilogy on the three Navy fighter pilots-Jimmie Thach, Butch O'Hare, and Jimmy Flatley-who developed sweeping changes in aerial combat tactics during World War II. While O'Hare and...

Quarterdeck and Bridge: Two Centuries of American Naval Leaders

by James C. Bradford

This superb collection of biographical essays tells the story of the U.S. Navy through the lives of the officers who forged its traditions. The essayists are leading naval historians who assess the careers of...

Black Shoe Carrier Admiral: Frank Jack Fletcher at Coral Sea, Midway & Guadalcanal

by John B. Lundstrom

An abundance of new evidence demanded this reevaluation of Frank Jack Fletcher, the ?black shoe? admiral who won his battles at sea but lost the war of public opinion. A surface warrior?in contrast to a ?brown...

We Will Stand by You: Serving in the Pawnee, 1942-45

by Theodore C. Mason

An enlisted radioman recalls his years of action in the Pacific with candor and humor.

Overdue and Presumed Lost: The Story of the USS Bullhead

by Martin Sheridan

The USS Bullhead was the last American naval vessel lost in World War II. This is the submarine's history - from launch to disappearance - as told by the only war correspondent allowed on a wartime submarine...

Yangtze Patrol: The U.S. Navy in China

by Kemp Tolley

In this entertaining history of the Yangtze Patrol, Tolley gives a lively presentation of the Chinese political situation over the past century and describes the bombing of the Panay, the siege of Shanghai,...

The Battle for Leyte: Allied and Japanese Plans, Preparations, and Execution

by Milan Vego

One of the largest and most complex military efforts ever undertaken, the Leyte Operation was the Allies' first and most important major combined operation to liberate the Philippine archipelago. The stakes...

The Citizen's Guide to the U. S. Navy

by Thomas J. Cutler

Most Americans know little about their Navy and learning about it can be daunting. But this informative yet highly accessible guide explains the sometimes strange ways of the U.S. Navy in terms civilians can...

No Higher Honor: Saving the USS Samuel Roberts in the Persian Gulf

by Bradley Peniston

Like its World War II namesake of Leyte Gulf fame, USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) was a small combatant built for escort duty. But its skipper imbued his brand-new crew with a fighting spirit to match their...

The Galloping Ghost: The Extraordinary Life of Submarine Legend Eugene

by Carl P. LaVO

Eugene Fluckey was one of the great naval heroes of World War II. His exploits as captain of the submarine USS Barb revolutionized undersea warfare and laid the groundwork for a nuclear-powered ballistic missile...

Sex Play: Tantalizing Thrills, Passionate Positions and Mind-Blowing Moves for Crazy, Sexy Fun in Bed

by Jo Hemmings


Do you want better sex? Then you need more sex—more ideas, more variety, more of everything.

•Tantalizing new positions

•Outrageously orgasmic oral

•Amazing anal adventures...

Cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet: Over 100 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes that are Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and Grain-Free

by Erica Kerwien


Do Crohn’s disease, IBS, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis or other digestive issues keep you from enjoying your favorite foods? Then pick up this book and leave the pain...

Rick Steves' Snapshot Naples and the Amalfi Coast

by Rick Steves

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

In this compact guide, Rick Steves covers the essentials of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, including...

A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors: From the Silent Era to the Present Day

by Alexander Jacoby & Donald Richie

For film lovers and scholars, an essential resource and reference guide.

The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years

by Greil Marcus

A fan from the moment the Doors’ first album took over KMPX, the revolutionary FM rock & roll station in San Francisco, Greil Marcus saw the band many times at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium and the Avalon...

How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick

by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Everyone knows someone who’s sick or suffering. Yet when a friend or relative is under duress many of us feel uncertain about how to cope.

Throughout her recent bout with breast cancer, Letty Cottin Pogrebin...

The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed

by David Stockman

The controversial bestseller on the failure of the Reagan Revolution, now back in print