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Culture, Bodies and the Sociology of Health

by Ettorre

Culture, Bodies and the Sociology of Health explores the boundaries between bodies and society with special reference to uncovering the cultural components of health and the ways in which bodies are categorized...

Being the Chosen: Exploring a Christian Fundamentalist Worldview

by Scott Jones

Being the Chosen explores Christian fundamentalism in the USA, focusing particularly on the belief system of Protestant fundamentalists. It establishes the key characteristics of these Protestant fundamentalists...

Derrida and the Writing of the Body

by Irwin

Michel Foucault refers to 1965-1970 as, in philosophical terms, 'the five brief, impassioned, jubilant, enigmatic years'. This book reinterprets Jacques Derrida's work from this period, most especially in L'Écriture...

Expatriate Identities in Postcolonial Organizations: Working Whiteness

by Leonard

Expatriate Identities in Postcolonial Organizations offers a timely and contemporary discussion of the role of organizations in maintaining or challenging structures and cultures based on racism and discrimination....

Social Measurement Through Social Surveys: An Applied Approach

by Bulmer & Gibbs

This book is an important resource for students, academic and professional researchers, offering an overview of both new and practiced methods of social measurement for quantitative survey research. It will...

Queer Spiritual Spaces: Sexuality and Sacred Places

by Browne & R. Munt

Drawn from extensive, new and rich empirical research across the UK, Canada and USA, Queer Spiritual Spaces investigates the contemporary socio-cultural practices of belief, by those who have historically been,...

Explaining Inequalities in School Achievement: A Realist Analysis

by Nash & by Hugh Lauder

Inequalities in educational opportunity have been a persistent feature of all school systems for generations, with conventional explanations of differences in educational attainment tending to be reduced to...

The Genome Incorporated: Constructing Biodigital Identity

by O'Riordan

With rich case study material drawn from the UK, USA and Australia, The Genome Incorporated explores the new forms of technological control, new kinds of subjectivity and new sites of resistance and reconfiguration...

Motherhood, Absence and Transition: When Adult Children Leave Home

by Green

The vast majority of academic texts on motherhood have focussed on women's experiences of the early years of mothering, while texts covering the topic of home-leaving have tended to privilege the young person's...

Everyday Life in Asia: Social Perspectives on the Senses

by Kalekin-Fishman & E.Y. Low

Everyday Life in Asia offers a range of detailed case studies presenting social perspectives on sensory experiences in Asia. Thematically organized around the notions of the experience of space and place, tradition...

Counselling Ideologies: Queer Challenges to Heteronormativity

by Moon

Counselling Ideologies draws on both academic experts and practitioners from the UK, USA and Australia, to represent a new approach to counselling and psychotherapy. It will appeal not only to sociologists and...

Classed Intersections: Spaces, Selves, Knowledges

by Taylor

Classed Intersections examines the salience, transformation and tension of class analysis at a crucial juncture when class investigation is returning to and reinventing sociological agendas. The contributors,...

Culture and the Middle Classes

by Stewart

This book is a sociological study of a societal grouping popularly titled as the 'middle class'. It illustrates the extent to which social groups utilize the various assets at their disposal and seek to maintain...

Changing Relations of Welfare: Family, Gender and Migration in Britain and Scandinavia

by Fink & Lundqvist

Changing Relations of Welfare uses rich and varied sources to offer an innovative approach to the analysis of meanings afforded to the family in different policy, legal and welfare contexts in Sweden, Denmark...

The Sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus: Paradox and Inference

by Erickson & Turner

The Sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus explores Baldamus's concern that research should be underpinned by meticulous theoretical and conceptual work. It will be of interest to sociologists, social theorists, intellectual...

Negotiating Political Identities: Multiethnic Schools and Youth in Europe

by Faas

Negotiating Political Identities will appeal to educationists, sociologists and political scientists whose work concerns issues of migration, identity, citizenship and ethnicity. It will also be an invaluable...

Liberalizing, Feminizing and Popularizing Health Communications in Asia

by Kai Khiun

With specific examples drawn from popular media, this volume examines the extent to which developments in the communication and portrayal of biomedical discourses in Asia have given the broader public both greater...

Every Woman, Every Day: 365 Practical and Encouraging Readings for Sexual, Emotional, and Spiritual Purity

by Stephen Arterburn & Shannon Ethridge

Daily Encouragement for Every Woman’s Heart

Each new day brings fresh opportunities for spiritual growth–along with challenges to your commitment to integrity. Subtle temptations to compromise often tiptoe...

Irregular Migration in Europe: Myths and Realities

by Triandafyllidou

Irregular Migration in Europe contributes to our knowledge of the scale and nature of the much discussed but under-researched phenomenon of irregular migration in Europe. Presenting a comparative analysis of...

Low-Income Students and the Perpetuation of Inequality: Higher Education in America

by A. Berg

Drawing upon quantitative data gathered from the U.S. Census and U.S. Department of Education, as well as interviews with students from a variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, Low-Income Students...