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Chiang Kai Shek: China's Generalissimo and the Nation He Lost

by Jonathan Fenby

With a narrative as briskly paced and vividly detailed as an international thriller, this definitive biography of Chiang Kai-shek masterfully maps the tumultuous political career of Nationalist China’s generalissimo...

Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling

by John Holt & Pat Farenga

The classic work on teaching children at home, updated for today's new laws, new lifestyles, and a new generation of home-schooling parents

Just a Little Too Thin: How to Pull Your Child Back from the Brink of an Eating Disorder

by Michael Strober & Meg Schneider

This is a book that could save your child's life. (Craig Johnson, Ph.D., Director of the Eating Disorders Program at Laureate Psychiatric Hospital)

Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy and the Punic Wars

by John Prevas

First time in paperback: A lively reconstruction of one of the most daring maneuvers in military history.

Poor Eaters: Helping Children Who Refuse to Eat

by Ph.d., Joel Macht

"<>An accessible overview of anxiety, anxiety disorders, and the effectiveness of various behavioral and drug treatments..<>"

A Holistic Guide to Embracing Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood

by Karen Salt

A nurturing and empowering guide for the mother-to-be interested in a holistic pregnancy and birth experience.

Da Capo Best Music Writing 2006: The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Country, & More

by Mary Gaitskill & Daphne Carr

The seventh edition of the year's best writing on music by today's most compelling writers, selected by the acclaimed author of Veronica and Because They Wanted To

Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence

by Keli Goff

One of the biggest young talents in Democratic politics takes on a subject she knows from the inside: why the new generation of black voters is leaving the Democratic Party

Dangerous Relationships: How To Identify And Respond To The Seven Warning Signs Of A Troubled Relationship

by Noelle C., Ph.D. Nelson

How to Identify and Respond to the Seven Warning Signs of a Troubled Relationship

Joshua Chamberlain: The Solider and the Man

by Edward G. Longacre

The definitive and complete biography of General Joshua Chamberlain-hero of Gettysburg-by one of America's top Civil War historians

One Heart: Universal Wisdom from the World's Scriptures

by Bonnie Louise Kuchler, Andrew Harvey & Sylvia Boorstein

The purpose of One Heart is to illuminate the common sacred ground at the heart of seven faiths: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Taoism. Its method is to identify 65 essential...

The Hourglass Solution: A Boomer's Guide to the Rest of Your Life

by Jeff Johnson & Paula Forman

A groundbreaking book of information and inspiration that says baby boomers can reclaim the wide range of choices they knew in their 20s and 30s.

Thread of the Silkworm

by Iris Chang

"The definitive biography of Tsien Hsue-Shen, the pioneer of the American space age who was mysteriously accused of being a communist, deported, and became—to America’s continuing chagrin—the father of"

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant Symbiosis and Individuation

by Margaret S. Mahler, Fred Pine & Anni Bergman

The pioneering contribution to infant psychology that gave us separation and individuation documents with standard-setting care the intrapsychic process of a child's emergence from symbiotic fusion wi

Rogue Nation: American Unilateralism and the Failure of Good Intentions

by Clyde V. Prestowitz

It would be hard to imagine a better, or more readable, analysis of United States policy over the last fifty years than Clyde Prestowitz's Rogue Nation. -Brian Urquhart, The New York Review of Books

Patterns In The Mind: Language And Human Nature

University, Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education

by Jennifer Washburn

A sweeping critique of the influence of corporate money in our universities that would encourage “all those concerned with the future of higher education to read it.”(Science)

Dark Genius of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, King of the Robber Barons

by Jr., Edward J., Jr. Renehan

Acclaimed biographer Edward J. Renehan, Jr., combines lively anecdotes with the rich social tapestry of the Gilded Age to paint the portrait of the most talented financial buccaneer of his generation.

Body Count

by Burl Barer

He Seemed So Normal . . .

By day, Robert Lee Yates, Jr., was a respected father of five, a skilled helicopter pilot who served in Desert Storm and the National Guard, and a man no one suspected of a deadly hidden...

The Gloucester Rugby Miscellany

by Rob Harris

No city in England can match Gloucester's passion for the game of rugby. The streets are festooned in cherry and white on match days and that famous cry of 'Glaw…sterrr' can be heard far beyond the club's Kingsholm...