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Women and Punishment

by Pat Carlen

In the last decade there has been growing international concern about the increasing numbers of women in prison, the effects that imprisonment has on their children, the realisation that gaoled women have different...

What Works with Women Offenders

by Rosemary Sheehan, Gill McIvor & Chris Trotter

The number of women prisoners has been growing rapidly during recent years and in many places has more than doubled in the past decade, significantly outstripping increases in the number of male prisoners and...

Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong

by Wing Hong Chui & T. Wing Lo

Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong provides a much-needed overview of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong. It is designed to be used as a text for students studying this subject as part of a wider...

Be of Good Cheer

by J. Terry Johnson

Be of Good Cheer is a devotional book featuring thoughtful essays, stunning color photographs of the Texas Hill Country in full bloom, and a devotional for each day of the year. A unique feature of Be of Good...

Globalisation, Global Justice and Social Work

by Iain Ferguson, Michael Lavalette & Elisabeth Whitmore

Globalization has become a seemingly unstoppable force over recent decades and, in its wake, global notions of social justice have developed in response to its negative aspects. Neo-liberal economic policies...

Politics of Buddhist Organizations in Taiwan, 1989-2003

by André|| Laliberté

Laliberté looks at a relatively unexplored aspect of modern Taiwan: the influence of religion on politics. This book offers a detailed survey of three of the most important Buddhist organizations in Taiwan:...

India - From Regional to World Power

by Ashok Kapur

This book provides an in-depth account of India's role in world politics at the beginning of the twenty-first century. 

The author shows how the approach laid down by Nehru and followed by his successors...

Trials of Irish History: Genesis and Evolution of a Reappraisal

by Evi Gkotzaridis

Bringing her original insights into theory and philosophy to bear upon the controversial question of revision in Irish history, Evi Gkotzaridis presents the first historical and theoretical examination of the...

Citizenship in a Global World: European Questions and Turkish Experiences

by Fuat Keyman & Ahmet Icduygu

A keen analysis of the social, political and economic determinants of Turkish politics with an exploration of the different dimensions of the republican model of Turkish citizenship, providing the reader with...

Chinese Intellectuals Between State and Market

by Merle Goldman & Edward Gu

This edited volume describes the intellectual world that developed in China in the last decade of the twentieth century. How, as China's economy changed from a centrally planned to a market one, and as China...

Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception

by Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita's Good and Evil is one of the most important, original and provocative books on the nature of morality to have been published in recent years. It is essential reading for anyone interested in...

The Research Project: How to Write It

by Ralph Berry

Now in its fifth edition, this guide to project work continues to be an indispensable resource for all students undertaking research.

Guiding the reader right through from preliminary stages to completion, The...

Homoerotic Sensibilities in Late Imperial China

by Cuncun Wu

Homoerotic Sensibilities in Late Imperial China is the richest exploration to date of late imperial Chinese literati interest in male love. Employing primary sources such as miscellanies, poetry, fiction and...

International Human Resource Management

by Dennis Briscoe & Randall Schuler

This is an ideal foundation text for anyone studying or working in the International Human Resource Management (IHRM) arena. This text utilizes and incorporates most of what is currently known, researched or...

New Economy and Macroeconomics: A Neo-Modern Perspective Drawing on the Complexity Approach and Keynesian Economics

by Dario Togati

The past decade has seen many leading economies, especially the US, undergo profound structural transformations. Departing from the standard theories employed to explain this phenomenon, here author Togati provides...

Managing to Collaborate: The Theory and Practice of Collaborative Advantage

by Chris Huxham & Siv Vangen

Collaboration between organizations on different continents can raise issues of economic development, health, the environment, risk sharing, supply chain efficiency and human resource management. It is an activity...

Perspectives on EU-Russia Relations

by Debra Johnson & Paul Robinson

This book explains how the internal dynamics of transition have influenced the relationship between Russia and the EU. Taking an holistic approach, the authors present a balanced analysis exploring EU, Russian...

Late Ottoman Society: The Intellectual Legacy

by Elisabeth Özdalga

When the Ottomans commenced their modernizing reforms in the 1830s, they still ruled over a vast empire. In addition to today's Turkey, including Anatolia and Thrace, their power reached over Mesopotamia, North...

Speech Sounds

by Patricia Ashby

Speech Sounds:

* helps develop the fundamental skills of the phonetician

* investigates the various aspects involved in the production of speech sounds

* uses data-based material to reinforce each new concept...

Urban Geography: A Global Perspective

by Michael Pacione

For the first time in the history of humankind, urban dwellers outnumber rural residents and this trend is destined to continue. Urban places, towns and cities are of fundamental importance: even those living...