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Narrative-based Practice

by Peter Brophy

In this important book Peter Brophy introduces and explains the concept of story-telling or narrative-based practice in teaching, research, professional practice and organizations. This book will be essential...

The Multitasking Myth: Handling Complexity in Real-World Operations

by Loukia D. Loukopoulos & R. Key Dismukes

Despite growing concern with the effects of concurrent task demands on human performance, and research demonstrating that these demands are associated with vulnerability to error, so far there has been only...

Improving Learning Transfer: A Guide to Getting More Out of What You Put Into Your Training

by Cyril Kirwan

Cyril Kirwan's book addresses this critical issue at a number of levels. Firstly, it explores what learning transfer actually is (it's about application of learning back at work, as well as maintenance of that...

Renewing our Libraries: Case Studies in Re-planning and Refurbishment

by Michael Dewe

The drive to raise the profile, and modernise the image of libraries has begun, but much still remains to be done. The case-studies in this book, drawn from the UK, Europe and the USA, explore the policies,...

Text Editing, Print and the Digital World

by Marilyn Deegan & Kathryn Sutherland

Digital developments have extended the range of text objects we can reproduce and investigate critically. Should all future texts be produced in digital or online form, or does print, developed over five centuries,...

Free Will and Reactive Attitudes: Perspectives on P.F. Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment"

by Michael McKenna & Paul Russell

This volume brings together a focused selection of the major contributions and reactions to the free will and responsibility debate inspired by P.F. Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment". McKenna and Russell also...

Cognitive Work Analysis: Coping with Complexity

by Daniel P. Jenkins & Neville A. Stanton

Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) is a structured framework specifically developed for considering the development and analysis of complex socio-technical systems. Cognitive Work Analysis: Coping with Complexity...

Thomas Kuhn's 'Linguistic Turn' and the Legacy of Logical Empiricism: Incommensurability, Rationality and the Search for Truth

by Stefano Gattei

Presenting a critical history of the philosophy of science in the twentieth century, focusing on the transition from logical positivism in its first half to the "new philosophy of science" in its second, Stefano...

What are Archives?: Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives: a reader

by Louise Craven

In the UK, professional texts on archives concentrate on the how, not the why, of professional archival work. At the same time, studies of the theoretical role of the archive and the text are undertaken in other...

Flying Ahead of the Airplane

by Nawal K. Taneja

Airlines willing to develop insight from foresight relating to the expected 'step phase changes' will eventually improve their margins. In Flying Ahead of the Airplane, Nawal Taneja analyzes global changes and...

Epistemology and Emotions

by Georg Brun & Ulvi Doguoglu

This volume is the first collection focusing on the claim that we cannot but account for emotions if we are to understand the processes and evaluations related to empirical knowledge. All essays are specifically...

Scientific Realism and the Rationality of Science

by Howard Sankey

This book presents a clear formulation and addresse a the major arguments for scientific realism. Sankey appeals to philosophers beyond the community of, typically Anglo-American, analytic philosophers of science...

Identity Politics in Deconstruction: Calculating with the Incalculable

by Carolyn D'Cruz

Identity politics dominates the organisation of liberation movements today. In this book Carolyn D'Cruz investigates the nexus between what David Birch describes as 'the seemingly impossible of high theory and...

Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics

by Stephen Holloway

This third edition of Straight and Level thoroughly updates the previous edition with extensive comments on recent industry developments and emerging business models. The discussion is illustrated by current...

Safety Management Systems in Aviation

by Alan J. Stolzer & Carl D. Halford

This timely and unique book covers the essential points of SMS. The knowledgeable authors go beyond merely defining it; they discuss the quality management underpinnings of SMS, the four pillars, risk management,...

Macrocognition in Teams: Theories and Methodologies

by Michael P. Letsky & Norman W. Warner

Macrocognition in Teams provides readers with a greater understanding of the macrocognitive processes which support collaborative team activity, showcasing current research, theories, methodologies and tools....

The Multisensory Driver: Implications for Ergonomic Car Interface Design

by Cristy Ho & Charles Spence

This book is dedicated to furthering the design of ergonomic multisensory interfaces by highlighting recent evidence in this area emerging from the fast-growing field of cognitive neuroscience. It focuses primarily...

Teaching and Learning at Business Schools: Transforming Business Education

by Pär|Bild, Magnus Mårtensson

For everyone concerned with the development of business schools, the faculty and the students within them, Teaching and Learning at Business Schools provides direction, ideas and techniques for transforming...

Aviation and Tourism: Implications for Leisure Travel

by Anne Graham & Andreas Papatheodorou

This book deals exclusively with issues related to the relationship between aviation and leisure travel. It does this with an analysis of the theoretical concepts relevant to the subject area combined with a...

Vagueness, Logic and Ontology

by Dominic Hyde

Vagueness, Logic and Ontology explores various responses to the philosophical problems generated by vagueness and its associated paradox - the sorites paradox. Hyde argues that the theoretical space in which...