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Residential Change and Demographic Challenge: The Inner City of East Central Europe in the 21st Century

by Annegret Haase & Annett Steinführer

Using selected second-order cities in Poland (Gdansk and Lódz) and the Czech Republic (Brno and Ostrava) by way of illustration, this book examines the nexus between urban development and demographic change...

Selling EthniCity: Urban Cultural Politics in the Americas

by Olaf Kaltmeier

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of scholars, this book explores the importance of ethnicity and cultural economy in the post-Fordist city in the Americas. The work argues that cultural, political...

Material Geographies of Household Sustainability

by Ruth Lane & Andrew Gorman-Murray

Charting new research directions, this book constructs a series of imperatives for linking culturally informed research around household sustainability with policy and planning. The household, or 'home', is...

Reconstructing Conflict: Integrating War and Post-War Geographies

by Scott Kirsch & Colin Flint

This volume brings together an internationally diverse range of studies by leading scholars to examine the relationship between conflict and reconstruction. They look at how periods of war and other forms of...

Stories of Practice: Tourism Policy and Planning

by Dianne Dredge & John Jenkins

Challenging traditional notions of tourism planning and policy processes, this book also provides critical insights into how theoretical concepts and frameworks are applied in tourism planning and policy making...

Growth Management and Public Land Acquisition: Balancing Conservation and Development

by Timothy S. Chapin & Christopher Coutts

Bringing together a team of national experts, this volume offers a detailed look at the links between public land acquisition programs and efforts to yield smart growth outcomes in the USA. Various aspects of...

Gendered Experiences of Genocide: Anfal Survivors in Kurdistan-Iraq

by Choman Hardi

This book examines Kurdish women's experience of violence, destruction, the disappearance of loved ones, and incarceration during the Anfal campaign. It explores the survival strategies of these women in the...

Rural Revival?: Place Marketing, Tree Change and Regional Migration in Australia

by John Connell & Phil McManus

How, if possible, do we re-populate declining rural and regional areas? This book examines this crucial and complex issue in relation to Australia, and the manner in which a particular organization, Country...

Embodied Food Politics

by Michael S. Carolan

Drawing on a variety of case studies, this book explores the interrelationship between physical connections to and knowledge of food. This book inserts into the food literature living, feeling, sensing bodies...

Demography at the Edge: Remote Human Populations in Developed Nations

by dean Carson & Rasmus Ole Rasmussen

Addressing the methodological and topical challenges facing remote demographers, this book compares and contrasts the research, methods and models, and policy applications from remote regions in developed nations....

The Colossus of New York

by Colson Whitehead

In a dazzlingly original work of nonfiction, the award-winning novelist Colson Whitehead re-creates the exuberance, the chaos, the promise, and the heartbreak of New York. Here is a literary love song that will...

The Territorial Organization of Variety: Cooperation and competition in Bordeaux, Napa and Chianti Classico

by Jerry Patchell

Within the modern global economy, the wine industry seems to be an anomaly: thousands of small companies provide a vast variety of highly differentiated products, competing successfully with multinational corporations....

The Politics of Proximity: Mobility and Immobility in Practice

by Giuseppina Pellegrino

This book analyses patterns of mobility in relation to new possibilities of organizing space, time, and proximity to others. Different phenomena - from memorial sites to migration, from urban mobility to mobile...

Cities and Fascination: Beyond the Surplus of Meaning

by Heiko Schmid & Wolf-Dietrich Sahr

In the course of economic and cultural globalization, most large cities have been transformed via increasing commercialisation of urban space, and consequent intense processes of theming. Bringing together leading...

Civic Discipline: Geography in America, 1860-1890

by Karen M. Morin

The American Geographical Society (AGS) is the oldest professional geographical organization in the United States (established in 1851), and was the pre-eminent such society in the 19th century. This project...

Translocal Geographies: Spaces, Places, Connections

by Katherine Brickell & Ayona Datta

Bringing together a wide range of original empirical research from locations and interconnected geographical contexts across the world, Translocal Geographies sets out a new agenda for mobility, which emphasizes...

Clumsy Floodplains: Responsive Land Policy for Extreme Floods

by Thomas Hartmann

Extreme floods cause enormous damage in floodplains, which levees cannot prevent. It is hence vital for spatial planning to provide space for water retention in these areas. However, attempts to make the space...

Inventive City-Regions: Path Dependence and Creative Knowledge Strategies

by Marco Bontje & Sako Musterd

Virtually every city and region in West and Central Europe has developed policies and strategies to attract, retain and encourage creative industries and knowledge-intensive services. This book explores the...

Alcohol, Drinking, Drunkenness: (Dis)Orderly Spaces

by Mark Jayne & Gill Valentine

Designed as a reference text, this book represents the first systematic overview of geographies of alcohol, drinking and drunkenness. Each chapter blends conceptual material with empirical case studies to analyse...

Towards Healthy Cities: Comparing Conditions for Change

by Alexander Otgaar & Jeroen Klijs

This book explores the conditions needed to make public and private investments in healthy cities effective. It argues that three conditions are essential: citizen empowerment, corporate responsibility and a...