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The European Union and the Culture Industries: Regulation and the Public Interest

by David Ward

Bringing together leading academics in their respective fields, this edited collection examines the European Union's impact on media and public policy. It provides an analysis of the broader areas of EU policy...

Just a Number: An International Legal Analysis on Age Discrimination

by Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter

Examining the primary role of legislation and court process in combating age discrimination at both the national and international level, this work provides a detailed examination of the relationship between...

European Fair Trading Law: The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

by Geraint Howells & Hans Micklitz

This volume provides an introduction to the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and relates it to the existing acquis and the traditions within the member states as well as looking at the impact of its implementation....

The International Law of Responsibility for Economic Crimes: Holding State Officials Individually Liable for Acts of Fraudulent Enrichment

by Ndiva Kofele-Kale

The problem of indigenous spoliation in developing countries is thoroughly explored in this second edition of The International Law of Responsibility for Economic Crimes. Substantially revised and updated to...

Re-envisioning Sovereignty: The End of Westphalia?

by Trudy Jacobsen & Charles Sampford

This volume explores a wide range of issues that have altered the theory and practice of state sovereignty. Interdisciplinary in its analysis, the book discusses the contemporary meaning and relevance of sovereignty...

Internet Child Pornography and the Law: National and International Responses

by Yaman Akdeniz

Critically assessing the problem of internet child pornography and its governance, this book investigates how effective implementation, enforcement and harmonization of laws could substantially help to reduce...

Private Property, Community Development, and Eminent Domain

by Robin Paul Malloy

Focusing on the relationship between private property, individual rights and community, this volume covers a variety of points of view with respect to the legal, economic and socio-legal aspects of property...

International Insolvency Law: Themes and Perspectives

by Paul Omar

International insolvency is a newly-established branch of the study of insolvency that owes much to the phenomenon of cross-border incorporations and conduct of business in more than one jurisdiction. It is...

Architectures of Justice: Legal Theory and the Idea of Institutional Design

by Henrik Palmer Olsen & Stuart Toddington

Law can be seen to consist not only of rules and decisions, but also of a framework of institutions providing a structure that forms the conditions of its workable existence and acceptance. In this book Olsen...

Ethics, Law and Society: Volume III

by Jennifer Gunning & Soren Holm

This volume brings together selected papers commissioned and published by the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law & Society. It includes contributions from a group of international experts along with a selection...

Ethics and Law of Intellectual Property: Current Problems in Politics, Science and Technology

by Christian Lenk & Nils Hoppe

Divided into three parts, this edited volume gives an overview of current topics in law and ethics in relation to intellectual property. It addresses practical issues encountered in everyday situations in politics,...

Securities Dispute Resolution in China

by Sanzhu Zhu

During an era of growing foreign investment in China's securities market, this comprehensive and detailed study identifies the nature and types of securities disputes in China and the various procedures, including...

Decisions to Imprison: Court Decision-Making Inside and Outside the Law

by Rasmus H. Wandall

This book presents empirical analyses of the normative and ideological structures of courts' decisions to imprison in the daily handling of criminal cases. It explores the ways in which the courtroom decision-making...

Restorative Justice: Ideals and Realities

by Margarita Zernova

This book provides a critical perspective on the aspirations of advocates of restorative justice and the direction in which restorative justice is developing. It examines ways forward for the restorative justice...

The Intersection of Rights and Regulation: New Directions in Sociolegal Scholarship

by Bronwen Morgan

This book demonstrates that a simple division between rights and regulation is no longer tenable. Interdisciplinary with fresh perspectives on socio-legal scholarship, the book shows that different combinations...

Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

by Holly Ross

Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission is a practical resource that will help nonprofit professionals make smart, strategic decisions about technology. The book shows how to effectively manage technology and...

The Jurisdiction of Medical Law

by Kenneth Veitch

Drawing on writings in moral philosophy, legal theory and the history of medicine, this book offers a critical analysis of both academic writing in medical law and the common law practices in this field. In...

Corruption and the Secret of Law: A Legal Anthropological Perspective

by Monique Nuijten & Gerhard Anders

Presenting a critical anthropological perspective on the hidden continuities between corruption and law, this volume draws on studies from different parts of the world and provides a valuable resource for students,...

The Disruption of International Organised Crime: An Analysis of Legal and Non-Legal Strategies

by Angela Veng Mei Leong

This volume examines whether the deviant structures of organized crime, which are capable of operating trans-nationally, can be dealt with through traditional mechanisms working within national jurisdictions....

The Yearbook of Consumer Law 2008

by Christian Twigg-Flesner & Deborah Parry

The Yearbook of Consumer Law provides a valuable outlet for high quality scholarly work which tracks developments in the consumer law field with a domestic, regional and international dimension. Furthermore,...