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Her Own Life: Autobiographical Writings by Seventeenth-Century Englishwomen

by Helen Wilcox, Elaine Hobby & Hilary Hind

During a period when writing was often the only form of self-expression for women, Her Own Life contains extracts from the autobiographical texts of twelve seventeenth-century women addressing a wide range of...

God and Greater Britain: Religion and National Life in Britain and Ireland, 1843-1945

by John Wolffe

Concern and debate over the role of religion in the make up of the United Kingdom is a contemporaneously relevant as it was in the nineteenth century. God and Greater Britain is a survey of the contribution...

The Forest Frontier: Settlement and Change in Brazilian Roraima

by Peter A. Furley

Destructive patterns of Amazonian evolution are now infecting relatively untouched Northern Brazil - driven by the gold rush and demographic and economic forces from the South.

The Forest Frontier assesses whether...

Ideology and Practice in Modern Japan

by Roger Goodman & Kirsten Refsing

The issue of how Japanese society operates, and in particular why it has `succeeded', has generated a wide variety of explanatory models, including the Confucian ethic, classlessness, group consciousness, and...

Commonsense Bidding: The Most Complete Guide to Modern Methods of Standard Bidding

by William S. Root

The most complete guide to the modern methods of standard bidding for bridge, from one of America's leading players, teachers, and authorities. With a logical, easy-to-follow style, William Root covers all the...

Industrializing Malaysia: Policy, Performance, Prospects

by K. S. Jomo

Despite growing concern over environmental issues and the sustainability of economic growth, industrialization is still generally associated with progress and development. This is particularly true of developing...

The Fabric of Affect in the Psychoanalytic Discourse

by Andre Green

A seminal work on one of the most neglected topics in psychoanalysis, that of affect. Originally published in French as Le Discours Vivant, it is considered a classic in the psychoanalytic world.

The Financial System Under Stress: An Architecture for the New World Economy

by Marc Uzan

The collapse of Barings bank and the currency crisis in Mexico are just two instances of stress in an international financial system still largely governed by the institutions established by the Bretton Woods...

Politics in the Republic of Ireland

by John Coakley & Michael Gallagher

Politics in the Republic of Ireland is now available in a fully revised fourth edition. Building on the success of the previous three editions, this text continues to provide an authoritative introduction to...

Imperial Germany 1871-1918

by Stephen J. Lee

Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 explores the rise of Germany as a nation state and a European power centre, through to the humiliation of the state in the First World War. Covering both domestic and foreign policy,...

Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

by Brian Doherty

The 'Western' green movement has grown rapidly in the last three decades: green ministers are in government in several European countries, Greenpeace has millions of paying supporters, and green direct action...

Retail Impact Assessment: A Guide to Best Practice

by John England

This book reviews the methodology and emphasises a recommended best practice approach to the application of retail impact assessment. It is a valuable guide for planners and surveyors, new and experienced professionals,...

Find Your Way Around Jct 98

by Richard Woolley

Standard contracts published for use in the construction industry are complex documents and contain many inter-related clauses. This book will enable the user to find easily not just the main references dealing...

The Freedom to Do God's Will: Religious Fundamentalism and Social Change

by James Busuttil & Gerrie ter Haar

Under the auspices of top international commentators, The Freedom to do God's Will considers the global impact of fundamentalism on religious traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Christianity,...

Information Society and the Workplace: Spaces, Boundaries and Agency

by Prof Jeff Hearn & Tuula Heiskanen

Much has been written on the grand prospects for "Information Society"; much less on what this might mean in everyday terms. So what do we find when we look at what is happening in a society, Finland, that is...

Global Governance, Economy and Law: Waiting for Justice

by Errol Mendes & Ozay Mehmet

This book provides a critical examination of the most important institutions of global governance in the world today. Drawing on history, political science, law and economics, the authors examine institutions...

Hominid Individual in Context: Archaeological Investigations of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Landscapes, Locales and Artefacts

by Clive Gamble & Martin Porr

This book explores new approaches to the remarkably detailed information that archaeologists now have for the study of our early ancestors. Rather than explaining the archaeology of stones and bones as the product...

Family Time: The Social Organization of Care

by Michael Bittman & Nancy Folbre

The time we have to care for one another, especially for our children and our elderly, is more precious to us than anything else in the world. Yet we have more experience accounting for money than we do for...

German Political Philosophy: The Metaphysics of Law

by Chris Thornhill

This book combines philosophical, intellectual-historical and political-theoretical methodologies to provide a new synoptic reading of the history of German political philosophy. Incorporating chapters on the...

Cognitive Processes and

by Marcello Basili, Nicola Dimitri & ITZHAK GILBOA

In recent years the understanding of the cognitive foundations of economic behavior has become increasingly important. This volume contains contributions from such leading scholars as Adam Brandenburger, Michael...