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The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking

by Mary Frances Bowley

Sex trafficking. We hear about it on the news and in special interest stories from around the world, but it occurs daily in communities all around us. Thousands of young women are forced into sexual exploitation...

The Good Life

by Trip Lee

Nicer car, bigger house, whatever your heart desires. Everybody wants to live The Good Life. But what happens when dreams become nightmares and the promise of freedom leads to a life of imprisonment? What...

The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution, Change Your World

by Diane Lynn Elliot

God's call to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world is not easy or comfortable. It requires willingness, commitment and sacrifice. Exploring the global orphan crisis will break your heart...

The New Orleans Sniper: A Phenomenological Case Study of Constituting the Other

by Frances Chaput Waksler

On January 7, 1973, shots were fired from Howard Johnson's Motel in New Orleans, LA. Six were killed, ten wounded, and the debate began about the number of snipers. Waksler traces the course of this event and...

Starting Over: A Political Biography of George Allen

by Edward A. Lynch

This book traces the remarkable political career of former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen, which has featured multiple returns from seeming oblivion. The author provides a balanced look at Allen's...

Child Labor and the Urban Third World: Toward a New Understanding of the Problem

by Subrata Sankar Bagchi

This book, based on a decade of fieldwork among the poor and marginalized population in the city of Kolkata, will give readers an idea of how this problem has become inextricably bound with various other local...

The Iraqi Revolution of 1958: A Revolutionary Quest for Unity and Security

by Juan Romero

This book advances the argument that the events of July 14, 1958, when Iraqi military officers overthrew the British-installed Iraqi monarchy, constituted simultaneously as a coup and a revolution for a number...

Media and Technology in Emerging African Democracies

by Cosmas U. Nwokeafor & Kehbuma Langmia

This collection of essays will give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the best literature in media technology impact in emerging African democracies with relevant concentration on...

The Supraconscience of Humanity

by Edward H. Strauch

Humankind evolved through three psychological stages - subconscience, conscience and supraconscience. Ritual and myth, cosmology and theism marked phases of psychic integration, initiating our supraconscience...

After Aesop: Improvisations on Aesop's Fables

by Steven Carter

This book adds parodies Aesop, perhaps the world's best-known author, produced hundreds of fables that have been re-told countless times, on a one-to-one basis. By turns hilarious, poignant, and profound, the...

The Economic Theory of Developing Countries' Rise: Explaining the Myth of Rapid Economic Growth in China

by Yangsheng Zhong, Xiaohui Wang & Guangmin He

This book is about the economics of developing countries' rise, based on the case of China and focuses on economic growth theory. It features traditional political economics and Chinese characteristics of socialism...

Clinical Social Work Practice and Regulation: An Overview

by Laura W. Groshong

This book describes the mental health treatment being provided by over 200,000 licensed clinical social workers in the United States and a summary of the fifty-one licensure laws and regulations which govern...

Turning Adversity to Advantage: A History of the Lipan Apaches of Texas and Northern Mexico, 1700-1900

by Nancy McGown Minor

This book tells the story of the Lipan Apaches, once one of the largest and most aggressive tribes of the Rio Grande region. The story of the history of the Lipan Apaches is a tale of survival and preservation...

Social Justice and Increasing Global Destitution

by T. Y. Okosun

In this book, Okosun claims that there has been a diminution of the pursuit and practice of social justice. Okosun explores of impediments to the pursuit of distributive justice to show how social arrangements,...

The Making of an African King: Patrilineal and Matrilineal Struggle Among the Effutu of Ghana

by Anthony Ephirim-Donkor

This book is a study examining the causes of the kingship internecine struggle among the Effutu by exploring the two traditional systems of succession, the patrilineal and the matrilineal among the Effutu (Awutu-abe),...

Lessons in Lingerie: Finding Your Perfect Shade of Seduction

by Rebecca Apsan

It's the essential guide to dressing to undress, from the basics of bras, panties, slips, and shapewear to the sexy extremes of corsets, sheer chemises, balconets, and bustiers-perfect for the tens of millions...

Gender in Archaeology: Analyzing Power and Prestige

by Sarah Milledge Nelson

This new edition of the first comprehensive feminist, theoretical synthesis of the archaeological work on gender reflects the extensive changes in the study of gender and archaeology over the past 8 years. New...

Playing Ourselves: Interpreting Native Histories at Historic Reconstructions

by Laura Peers

Across North America, hundreds of reconstructed Oliving historyO sites, which traditionally presented history from a primarily European perspective, have hired Native staff in an attempt to communicate a broader...

Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums

by Edward P. Alexander & Mary Alexander

In 1979, Edward P. Alexander's Museums in Motion was hailed as a much-needed addition to the museum literature. In combining the history of museums since the eighteenth century with a detailed examination of...

Re-riting Woman: Dianic Wicca and the Feminine Divine

by Kristy S. Coleman

Re-riting Woman is an ethnographic study of Dianic Wicca, a modern Pagan religion in which the divine is solely feminine. Kristy S. Coleman explores Dianic Witchcraft, what it really means to practice Wicca...