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Fuck Yeah Menswear: Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman

by The Editors of Fuck Yeah Menswear

The men’s fashion magnum opus for the ages, “Fuck Yeah Menswear is a hilarious new tome for the sartorially obsessed” (San Francisco Chronicle).

In your hands is an Amazonian blowgun full of deadly knowledge...

Driving the Saudis: A Chauffeur's Tale of the World's Richest Princesses (plus their servants, nannies, and one royal hairdresser)

by Jayne Amelia Larson

The true-to-life account of a female chauffeur hired to drive the Saudi royal family in Los Angeles.

After more than a decade of working in Hollywood, actress Jayne Amelia Larson found herself out of luck, out...

This Indian Country: American Indian Activists and the Place They Made

by Frederick Hoxie

Frederick E. Hoxie, one of our most prominent and celebrated academic historians of Native American history, has for years asked his undergraduate students at the beginning of each semester to write down the...

I Want to Kill the Dog

by Richard M. Cohen

A hilarious book by Richard M. Cohen, the New York Times bestselling author of Blindsided and Strong at the Broken Places, about living with his wife, Meredith Vieira, and her band of difficult dogs.

“Has a...

What Are You Looking At?: The Surprising, Shocking, and Sometimes Strange Story of 150 Years of Modern Art

by Will Gompertz

For skeptics, art lovers, and the millions of us who visit art galleries every year—and are confused—What Are You Looking At? by former director of London’s Tate Gallery Will Gompertz is a wonderfully...

There is no leadership: only effective management

by Jorge Vasconcellos e Sá

In this book we go through his masterfully researched description of the battle of Chancellorsville, one of the most critical battles during the American Civil War, while in his past recently launched book “Shakespeare,...

Beyond the Mayan Prophecy

by Paul Shavelson, Paul Shavleson & John Edward

***Featuring contributors such as: John Edward, Char Margolis, Sandy Anastasia,  Rick Levine, Glynis McCants, Mark Van Stone, Mary Jo McCabe,  Gahl Sasson, Dr. Alicia Tisdale, Maggie Kerr, Kala Ambrose, Mirabai...

Sound the Trumpet: The United States and Human Rights Promotion

by Lawrence J. Haas

In Sound the Trumpet, Lawrence J. Haas examines the effort by advance freedom and democracy around the world. Haas argues forcefully that, for all of our missed opportunities and tragic errors, the world is...

Right Through The Pack

by Robert Darvis & Norman de V. Hart

This brilliant fantasy features each card in the deck telling its own fascinating story.

What If Everyone Lived Next Door to Jesus: And Other Meditations from a Missionary's Heart

by Gary Stone

The sad fate of a Guatemalan beggar who rejects free medical treatment. A large glass beaker that brims with blood as a Mayan priest sacrifices animal after animal. Nothing beats a riveting missionary story....

God's Wake-up Call

by Rick Metrick

When Jesus returns, this age will end suddenly and without warning. God's Wake-Up Call is a loving but firm attempt to sound the alarm before the prophetic clock strikes midnight. In this eleventh hour, we must...

Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2

by George Mellinger & Jim Laurier

By the end of 1941 the Soviet Union was near collapse and its air force almost annihilated, leaving large numbers of surviving pilots with no aircraft to fly. At this juncture the United Kingdom put aside its...

Yakovlev Aces of World War 2

by George Mellinger & Jim Laurier

The Yak-1 entered Soviet service in 1941, one of three modern types of aircraft accepted for production just prior to the German invasion of the USSR. Despite initial shortcomings, it soon proved to be the thoroughbred...

LaGG & Lavochkin Aces of World War 2

by George Mellinger & Jim Laurier

This book examines the LaGG family of fighters, that were amongst the first modern piston-engined interceptors made available to the Red Air Forces in early 1941and proved far better fighters than their radial-engined...

Fortifications in Wessex c. 800-1066

by Ryan Lavelle & Donato Spedaliere

The defence of the 9th-century kingdom of Wessex under King Alfred against the 'Great Viking Army' is one of the major military achievements of Early Medieval history. While the guerrilla warfare in the Somerset...

B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO

by Steve Pace & Jim Laurier

Osprey's study of the role played by the B-25 Mitchell bombers in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations during World War II (1939-1945). From November 1942 through to May 1945, the backbone of the USAAF’s...

P-40 Warhawk Aces of the CBI

by Carl Molesworth & Jim Laurier

This book details the colourful experiences of the elite pilots of the AAF's Tenth and Fourteenth Air Forces in the 'forgotten' China-Burma-India theatre during WW2. Inheriting the legacy of the American Volunteer...

Very Long Range P-51 Mustang Units of the Pacific War

by Carl Molesworth & Jim Laurier

The pilots called themselves the 'Tokyo Club'. It was a simple task to become a member. All you had to do was strap yourself into a heavily loaded P-51 Mustang, take off from Iwo Jima (a postage-stamp sized...

Jagdgeschwader 51 'M?lders'

by John Weal

JG 51 were one of the Luftwaffe’s top wartime fighter units, yet their story has never been told in English. The unit’s history encapsulates the fortunes of the Luftwaffe’s fighter arm as a whole - the...

Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten

by John Weal

Jagdgeschwader 52 (JG 52) was the most successful and highest-scoring fighter unit, not just in Germany’s World War 2 Luftwaffe, but in the entire annals of aviation history. No other fighter group has ever...