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The Voice of the People

by C. J. Storella & A.K. Sokolov

This book presents the first comprehensive collection in English of peasant writings during the early years of the Bolshevik regime. Drawn entirely from Russian archival sources, it presents more than 150...

Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept

by Brent Nongbri

For much of the past two centuries, religion has been understood as a universal phenomenon, a part of the “natural” human experience that is essentially the same across cultures and throughout history. Individual...

Soul Trap

by Wayne Stewart

Soul Trap took over seven years to research and write. And, it promises to change everything you think you know about God, the Bible, and religion. Then it will change you: epiphanies can be weird like that....

The Ancient Southwest: Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Mesa Verde. Revised edition.

by David E. Stuart

Stuart's accessible stories of the ancient peoples and sites of the American Southwest have been updated with recent discoveries on Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Mesa Verde.

A Poetics of Trauma: The Work of Dahlia Ravikovitch

by Ilana Szobel

Astute analysis of the work of a great Israeli poet through the lens of psychoanalysis, gender, nationalism, and trauma theory

Picasso and the Chess Player: Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, and the Battle for the Soul of Modern Art

Brazil at the Dawn of the Eighteenth Century

by Andre Joao Antonil, Timothy Coates & Stuart B. Schwartz

Antonil’s great work, recognized as fundamental for understanding the colonial Brazilian economy, now available in its first English translation

Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation

by Daniel Terris

A fascinating assessment of the ethics program at Lockheed Martin, one of the world's largest defense contractors.

Holocaust Literature: A History and Guide

by David G. Roskies & Naomi Diamant

A comprehensive assessment of Holocaust literature, from World War II to the present day

The Language of Fiction: A Writer's Stylebook

by Brian Shawver

This is not your grandfather’s style guide

From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: Rekindling My Love for Catholicism

by Chris Haw & Shane Claiborne

In From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: Rekindling My Love for Catholicism the bestselling coauthor of Jesus for President, Chris Haw, chronicles his spiritual journey through evangelical Christianity and his...

Telling Each Other the Truth

by W. Backus

A guide to the art of true communication-knowing what to say, how to say it, and when the time is right.

Searching for Home: Spirituality for Restless Souls

by M. Craig Barnes

For those with an unrelieved longing for community and family, Barnes has good news: Discover the God who is with you on the road.

Eve's Revenge: Women and a Spirituality of the Body

by Lilian Calles Barger

Explores the tension women experience between their bodies and their desire for a spiritual life.

Healing a Father's Heart: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men

by Linda J. Cochrane & Kathy Jones

Practical information to help hurting men work through the stages of post-abortion syndrome and find comfort in the reassurance of God's love and acceptance.

Values-Driven Leadership: Discovering and Developing Your Core Values for Ministry

by Aubrey Malphurs

Understanding your ministry's core values is key to high performance. This pioneering work helps church and parachurch leaders understand the cutting-edge concept of organizational core values.

Les Miserables (Songbook): Selections from the Movie

All The Emperor's Men: Kurosawa's Pearl Harbor

by Hiroshi Tasogawa

(Applause Books). When 20th Century Fox planned its blockbuster portrayal of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, it looked to Akira Kurosawa a man whose mastery of the cinema led to his nickname "the Emperor" to...

The Next Step: Successfully Graduating to Life Insurance Advanced Markets

by Louis

Finally, a single, easily readable source from soup to nuts telling you why and how to get into advanced markets. Learn in one reading what it would take you years to figure out on your own.There is definitely...

Not Bad for a Sergeant: The Memoirs of Barney Danson

by Barney Danson & Curtis Fahey

Barney Danson, former Minister of National Defence, tells his story of living through the Depression and the reality of war.