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Ellis' Handbook of Mental Deficiency Psychological Theory and Research

by William E. MacLean Jr.

In the 16 years since the publication of the second edition of this volume, psychological theory and research in mental retardation has continued to expand and extend scientific, theoretical, and clinical understanding...

Motivation: Theory and Research

by Harold F. O'Neil & Michael Drillings

Designed for professionals and graduate students in the personality/social, military, and educational psychology, and assessment/evaluation communities, this volume explores the state of the art in motivational...

Computers as Cognitive Tools

by Susanne P. Lajoie & Sharon J. Derry

Highlighting and illustrating several important and interesting theoretical trends that have emerged in the continuing development of instructional technology, this book's organizational framework is based on...

Structural Knowledge: Techniques for Representing, Conveying, and Acquiring Structural Knowledge

by David H. Jonassen, Katherine Beissner & Michael Yacci

This book introduces the concept of a hypothetical type of knowledge construction -- referred to as structural knowledge -- that goes beyond traditional forms of information recall to provide the bases for knowledge...

Visual Processes in Reading and Reading Disabilities

by Dale M. Willows & Richard Kruk

Over the last 25 years, reading processes have been the focus of an enormous amount of research in experimental psychology as well as in other disciplines. The theories and models emerging from this research...

Why Johnny Can't Write: How to Improve Writing Skills

by Myra J. Linden & Arthur Whimbey

The authors of this book, both experienced teachers, examine the controversy surrounding two popular methods for teaching writing -- the "process" approach and its offspring, Writing Across the Curriculum. Both...

Using National Data Bases in Educational Research

by Thomas L. Hilton

This book's purpose is to enable educational researchers to make better use of the huge longitudinal and cross-sectional data files that are now readily available. Of value to experienced researchers and undergraduates...

Can We Teach Intelligence?: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Programme

by Nigel Blagg

This compelling book provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed evaluations of a very popular cognitive skills course -- Reuven Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Programme. Feuerstein claims that...

Persuasive Communication and Drug Abuse Prevention

by Lewis Donohew, Howard E. Sypher & William J. Bukoski

The history of drug abuse prevention campaigns suggests limitations in producing measurable changes in behavior. In the past, there was concern over the possibility of such publicity actually encouraging interest...

Toward the Practice of Theory-Based Instruction: Current Cognitive Theories and Their Educational Promise

by Anne McKeough & Judy Lee Lupart

This unique contribution to the field of education offers a comparative look at the application of cognitive theory to instruction. Six leading researchers, representing the three theoretical positions which...

Administered Protection in America (Routledge Revivals)

by Alan Rugman & Andrew D. M. Anderson

First published in 1987, Administered Protection in America follows calls in the United States, at that time, for the protection of American industries and the preservation of jobs threatened by foreign competition....

God and Mammon (Routledge Revivals): The Relations of Religion and Economics

by J. A. Hobson

First published in 1931, this is an attempt by the great economist J. A. Hobson to analyse the relations between economics and religion. After considering the origins of the conflicts and compromises between...

Principles of Social Work Practice: A Generic Practice Approach

by Molly R Hancock

Principles of Social Work Practice is the first textbook to deal exclusively and thoroughly with the significant principles of social work practice and methods that integrate these principles into the common...

Social Work Health and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice

by Serge Dumont & Myreille St-Onge

Sharpen your social work in health care knowledge and skills

Social Work, Health, and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice presents leading international experts from a range of...

Open Government (Routledge Revivals): A Study of the Prospects of Open Government Within the Limitations of the British Political System

by Richard A. Chapman & Michael Hunt

First published in 1987 this book considers the practical implications of increasing public access to official information in Britain, both from the perspective of increasing Freedom of Information and reforming...

Aligning Human Resources and Business Strategy

by Linda Holbeche

What difference can the aspiring HR strategist really make to business value?

In the new edition of her ground-breaking book, Linda Holbeche answers this question and provides the tools and insights to help HR...

Leadership in the British Civil Service (Routledge Revivals): A Study of Sir Percival Waterfield and the Creation of the Civil Service Selection Board

by Richard A. Chapman

First published in 1984, this book examines the style of leadership amongst senior civil servants and its impact on administrative reform by investigating the work of Sir Percival Waterfield who was First Civil...

Can Russia Change? (Routledge Revivals): The USSR Confronts Global Interdependence

by Walter Clemens

First published in 1990, this ground-breaking book sought to determine whether contemporary Russia had the capacity to change and if, in so doing, it could alter the complex web of East-West relations from a...

The Spirituality of Community Life: When We Come 'Round Right

by Ron Mcdonald & Andrew J Weaver

Find out how communities can help people transcend their individual needs to live richer, fuller lives

The Spirituality of Community Life is a deeply personal analysis of community life and its importance in...

Domestic Abuse and the Jewish Community: Perspectives from the First International Conference

by Diane Gardsbane

Learn ways to address domestic and sexual abuse in your community

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence and abuse poses unique problems for the Jewish community, owing to the internal divisions of politics,...