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by Jan Tinbergen

Originally published in 1951, this volume reprints the classic work written by one of the leading global econometricians.

Econometrics is structured as followed:

Part 1 explains the relationship of Econometrics...

Security and Climate Change: International Relations and the Limits of Realism

by Mark Lacy

This new book explains why the international community has responded with a sense of fatalistic passivity to climate change.

It presents a distinct critique of realism through the study of this topic, commonly...

Performance Pay for Teachers

by C. M. Wragg & G. S. Haynes

The first widespread incentive pay scheme was initiated in UK schools in 2000. This book is the result of monitoring the whole process from its inception.

The authors visited schools, observed lessons, and solicited...

The Roman Book of Gardening

by John Henderson

The first book to look at this particular subject, The Roman Book of Gardening brings together an extraordinarily varied selection of texts on Roman horticulture, celebrating herb and vegetable gardening in...

Building Desire: On the Barcelona Pavilion

by George Dodds

In 1986 on the centenary of Mies van der Rohe's birth, a new Barcelona Pavilion was built on the site of the original 1929 German Pavilion. That same decade marked the 150th anniversary of photography. Since...

Health Action Zones: Partnerships for Health Equity

by Marian Barnes, Linda Bauld & Michaela Benzeval

Written by the team undertaking the national evaluation of Health Action Zones, this multidisciplinary book analyses the initiative's development and impact from a variety of perspectives.

Advanced Econometric Theory

by John Chipman

When learning econometrics, what better way than to be taught by one of its masters.  In this significant new volume, John Chipman, the eminence grise of econometrics, presents his classic lectures in econometric...

Schaum's Outline of Russian Grammar, Second Edition

by James S. Levine

The guide that helps students study faster, learn better, and get top grades

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them study faster, learn better, and get top grades. Now Schaum's is better...

European Union Law

by Alina Kaczorowska

Now in its second edition, EU Law has been fully revised and updated following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009. Specifically written to give law students detailed and up-to-date knowledge...

The Political Economy of Bureaucracy

by Steven O. Richardson

The Political Economy of Bureaucracy applies Public Choice theory and a complex systems view of government institutions to analyze policy implementation as an economic process. It addresses the common and vexing...

Political Science Research in Practice

by Akan Malici & Elizabeth Smith

Turn the standard research methods teaching model on its head with Political Science Research in Practice. Malici and Smith engage students first with pressing political questions and then demonstrate how a...

Bilingualism in Schools and Society: Language, Identity, and Policy

by Sarah Shin

This book is an introduction to the social and educational aspects of bilingualism. It presents an overview of a broad range of sociolinguistic and political issues surrounding the use of two languages, including...

A New Paradigm for Global School Systems: Education for a Long and Happy Life

by Joel Spring

This volume—a major new contribution to Joel Spring’s reportage and analysis of the intersection of global forces and education—offers a new paradigm for global school systems. Education for global economic...

Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics

by Patricia Duff

Case studies of individual language learners are a valuable means of illustrating issues connected with learning, using, and in some cases, losing another language. Yet, even though increasing numbers of graduate...

Cross-Cultural Studies in Curriculum: Eastern Thought, Educational Insights

by Claudia Eppert & Hongyu Wang

This volume broadens the horizon of educational research in North America by introducing a comprehensive dialogue between Eastern and Western philosophies and perspectives on the subject of curriculum theory...

Data Elicitation for Second and Foreign Language Research

by Susan M. Gass & Alison Mackey

This timely reference guide is specifically directed toward the needs of second language researchers, who can expect to gain a clearer understanding of which techniques may be most appropriate and fruitful in...

Democracy for All: Restoring Immigrant Voting Rights in the U.S.

by Ron Hayduk

Voting is for citizens only, right? Not exactly. It is not widely known that immigrants, or noncitizens, currently vote in local elections in over a half dozen cities and towns in the U.S.; nor that campaigns...

Digital Encounters

by Aylish Wood

Digital Encounters reconceptualizes the way we think about technology and the moving image, exploring a network of images and technological objects such as animations, digital effects films, computer games and...

Do Not Leave Your Language Alone: The Hidden Status Agendas Within Corpus Planning in Language Policy

by Joshua Fishman

This book, focused on corpus planning in language policy, provides a broad, integrative framework and also discusses multiple languages in detail. It provides readers with great familiarity with a wide range...


by Simon Unwin

Illustrated with numerous drawings and photographs, Doorway is a stimulus to thinking about what can be done with architecture. The notebook style offers an example to student architects of how they might keep...