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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into New Jersey

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

From Jersey tomatoes and blueberries, the Tigers of Princeton and the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, the songs of the Boss and the Chairman of the Board, New Jersey has long provided a treasure trove of exceptional...

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Extraordinary Book of Facts: And Bizarre Information

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

Our readers asked for it, and here it is: Uncle John's first collection of his greatest short facts and quick reading material. Open up to any page of Extraordinary Book of Facts and you might find a list of,...

Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business: Small-Farm Success Stories * Financial Assistance Sources * Marketing & Selling Ideas * Business Plan

by Sarah B. Aubrey

To help farmers position themselves well for the opportunities of today's market, Sarah Aubrey, a successful farm-based business owner, shares her years of research and first-hand experience in Starting & Running...

Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me

by Geert Wilders

Marked for Death

Fanatics, terrorists, and appeasers have tried everything to silence Geert Wilders, Europe’s most controversial Member of Parliament—from putting him on trial to putting a price on his head....

A Time for Governing: Policy Solutions from the Pages of National Affairs

by Yuval Levin & Meghan Clyne

America finds itself in a moment of profound and complex governing challenges. A crushing recession followed by a feeble recovery have shaken the foundations of our financial and economic system. We are struggling...

Hunting with Spaniels: Training Your Flushing Dog

by Paul Morrison

One of Kennel Club Books' Country Dog titles, Hunting with Spaniels covers everything you need to know about selecting, training, and caring for flushing spaniels, including basic first aid. Lessons include...

The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life from Dangerous Toxins

by Sharyn Wynters

The human race has invented nearly every toxin imaginable. In our food, there are chemicals that kill pests, make foods ripen faster and grow bigger, and lengthen shelf life. In our clothing, chemicals make...

Stage Writers Handbook: A Complete Business Guide for Playwrights, Composers, Lyricists and Librettists

by Dana Singer

The first comprehensive guide to the business of writing for today's stage.

Breaking the Rules: The Wooster Group

by David Savran & Peter Sellars

Through interviews and descriptions of methodology, Breaking the Rules captures the essence of major works by the internationally acclaimed avant-garde company.

Spellbound: The Surprising Origins and Astonishing Secrets of English Spelling

by James Essinger

Welcome to the illogical, idiosyncratic, outrageous linguistic phenomenon known as the English language. The story of how this ragtag collection of words evolved is a winding tale replete with intriguing accidents...

Culture Clash in Americca

by Culture Clash

Who needs CNN when we have Culture Clash? --Steve Winn, S. F. Chronicle

The Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition

by Anne Bogart & Tina Landau

First major exploration of a ground-breaking new technique for actors and theatre artists.

The Director's Voice: Twenty-One Interviews

by Arthur Bartow

Foremost stage directors describe their working process: JoAnne Akalaitis, Arvin Brown, René Buch, Martha Clarke, Gordon Davidson, Robert Falls, Zelda Fichandler, Richard Foreman, Adrian Hall, John Hirsch,...

Two Whole Cakes: How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body

by Lesley Kinzel

Finally, the book that gives you permission to be fat, fashionable, and fabulous.

Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis

by Malcolm Harris & Neal Gorenflo

A collection of messages from the front lines of the new “Lost Generation”


by Mark Buchanan

Why do catastrophes happen? What sets off earthquakes, for example? What about mass extinctions of species? The outbreak of major wars? Massive traffic jams that seem to appear out of nowhere? Why does the stock...

The Straight Lead: The Core of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

by Teri Tom & Ted Wong

A key element in the Jeet Kune Do arsenal, the straight punch is a deceptively simple technique that Bruce Lee described as the most difficult move in Jeet Kune Do- "Only one in 10,000 can handle it."

The Straight...

Tai Chi for Kids

by Jose Figueroa

This book will take you through your first few weeks as a student of Tai Chi from how to greet your teacher to exercises you can do to warm up for your class.

As you make progress, the colorful illustrations...

An Artist's Journey to Bali: The Island of Art, Magic and Mystery

by Betty Reynolds

Written and illustrated by renowned artist Betty Reynolds, An Artist's Journey to Bali is a cultural exploration into the mysterious Indonesian island of Bali. In this beautifully illustrated artist's sketchbook,...

Bali Houses: New Wave Asian Architecture and Design

by Gianni Francione & Luca Tettoni

Bali Houses is a beautiful introduction to the contemporary Asian design movement known as "Bali Style." With visually stunning photographs, architect Gianni Francione shows how Balinese designers are updating...