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by Martin Blumenson & Kevin M Hymel

A new volume in the Military Profiles series

Skills I Wish I Learned in School: Building a Research Paper

by Nicole Lusiani

Most college professors assume students entering higher education come with research and writing skills; because of the current educational focus on content acquisition over skill development, however, that...

Into the Light: The Photo League Years

by Sonia Handelman Meyer

Into the Light: The Photo League Years is a collection of black-and-white photographs by Sonia Handelman Meyer. This collection is based on the catalogue for an exhibit by the same title sponsored by the Hodges...

Digital Evidence and Computer Crime: Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet

by Eoghan Casey

Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, Third Edition provides the knowledge necessary to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any kind of investigation. The widely-adopted first and second editions...

Ruminations of a Catholic School Girl (Who Thinks in Latin But Lives Near Hackensack)

by Vicki Lindgren Rimasse

Ruminations of a Catholic School Girl is a compendium of random thoughts on food, love, sex, shopping, marriage, divorce, death, rebirth, the existential vacuum and music through essays, notes passed in class,...

A Heart Blown Open: The Life & Practice of Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

by Keith Martin-Smith

Denis Kelly's life is part Hunter S. Thompson, part Timothy Leary, and part Eckhart Tolle. From his beginnings in an abusive and alcoholic home in Wisconsin to becoming a major force in the counterculture movement,...

Kitchener's War

by George H Cassar

A new study of one of Britain's most famous soldiers

Tactical Nuclear Weapons

by Alistair Millar & Brian Alexander

A danger more menacing than ever, tactical nuclear weapons and all the pertinent issues

The World Series' Most Wanted™

by John Snyder

Fun facts and trivia from the fall classic

Tennis's Most Wanted™

by Floyd Conner

Delves into amusing moments in tennis history, both high and low

NASCAR's Most Wanted™

by Jim McLaurin

Spans the fifty-year history of America's love affair with stock car racing

Golf's Most Wanted™

by Floyd Conner

An irreverent look at one of the fastest-growing sports, played by more than 25 million Americans

Broadway's Most Wanted™

by Tom Shea

There is no business like show business!

Boxing's Most Wanted™

by Mike Fitzgerald & Jr David L Hudson

The Most Wanted™ series puts on the gloves and steps inside the squared circle to chronicle the best and worst of the pugilistic world plus everything in between. Authors David L. Hudson, Jr., and Mike Fitzgerald,...

Latin America's Wars Volume II

by Robert L Scheina

Covers every type of military activity, including internal and external conflicts, terrorism, coups, and conflicts born of ideological, economic, racial, and religious strife

Military History's Most Wanted™

by M Evan Brooks

Delivers little-known facts and clever commentary on the people, the battles, and the wars, the literature and the media, and miscellaneous facts from ancient times to the present

The Olympic's Most Wanted™

by Floyd Conner

Dive into amusing Olympic moments both high and low

Peace Be Still.

by David McDermott

This book, "Peace Be Still," is a book of inspired prayers written through turmoil, soul searching and pain to deepening faith, healing and calm.

There are homely resumes of the Psalms, reflections of the Holy...

Museographs: The Old City of Jerusalem a Cultural Crossroad

by Caron Lazar

Just uttering the word Jerusalem results in an automatic change in the state of mind for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Their individual and collective history in this city—a holy place for all three of the...

Not By Chance!

by Ranko Skoric

The Hubble telescope captures stunning new images of our universe....Rovers comb the surface of Mars....NASA discovers an approaching asteroid threatening the Earth....As never before in history, today's society...