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Spiritual Purification in Islam: The Life and Works of Al-Muhasibi

by Gavin Picken

Purification of the soul is a principle that is central to understanding Islamic spirituality but despite this, relatively little has been written explicitly in the Islamic tradition regarding this discrete...

Communicating Social Change: Structure, Culture, and Agency

by Mohan J. Dutta

Communicating Social Change: Structure, Culture, and Agency explores the use of communication to transform global, national, and local structures of power that create and sustain oppressive conditions. Author...

Sacred and Secular Tensions in Higher Education: Connecting Parallel Universities

by Michael D. Waggoner

Both sacred and secular worldviews have long held a place in U.S. higher education, although non-religious perspectives have been privileged in most institutions in the modern era. Sacred and Secular Tensions...

Cluttering: A Handbook of Research, Intervention and Education

by David Ward & Kathleen Scaler Scott

Very few people are aware of the significant negative impact that cluttering -- a communication disorder that affects a person's ability to speak in a clear, concise and fluent manner --  can have on one's...

Q&A Employment Law 2011-2012

by Deborah Lockton

You've planned your revision and you know your subject inside out! But how do you apply what you have learned to get the best marks in the examination room?

Routledge Q&As give you the ideal opportunity to practice...

The Heritage of Soviet Oriental Studies

by Michael Kemper & Stephan Conermann

This book examines the Russian/Soviet intellectual tradition of Oriental and Islamic studies, which comprised a rich body of knowledge especially on Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Soviet Oriental tradition...

Change in Psychoanalysis: An Analyst's Reflections on the Therapeutic Relationship

by Chris Jaenicke

In this clinically rich and deeply personal book, Chris Jaenicke demonstrates that the therapeutic process involves change in both the patient and the analyst, and that therapy will not have a lasting effect...

Handbook of Clinical Issues in Couple Therapy

by Joseph L. Wetchler

Now updated in its second edition, Handbook of Clinical Issues in Couple Therapy provides a comprehensive overview of emerging issues that impact couple therapy. Unlike other guides that concentrate more on...

Modern German Grammar: A Practical Guide

by Ruth Whittle, John Klapper & Katharina Glöckel

Modern German Grammar: A Practical Guide, Third Edition is an innovative reference guide to German, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume.

The Grammar is divided into two parts....

Terrorism Versus Democracy

by Paul Wilkinson

This book examines the terrorist networks that operate globally and analyses the long-term future of terrorism and terrorist-backed insurgencies.

Terrorism remains a serious problem for the international community....

Sufism and Saint Veneration in Contemporary Bangladesh: The Maijbhandaris of Chittagong

by Hans Harder

Focusing on the Maijbhandari movement in Chittagong, south-eastern Bangladesh, which claims the status of the only Sufi order originated in Bengal and which has gained immense popularity in recent years, this...

Understanding Research in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

by Jay C Thomas & Michel Hersen

Understanding Research in Clinical and Counseling Psychology is a unique text because it is designed and written for the graduate students aspiring to careers in practice rather than in psychological science...

Towards Sustainable Rural Regions in Europe: Exploring Inter-Relationships Between Rural Policies, Farming, Environment, Demographics, Regional Econom

by John M. Bryden, Sophia Efstratoglou & Tibor Ferenczi

This book presents the methodology and results of a three-year, eleven-country science-to-policy research project - Toward a Policy Model of Multifunctional Agriculture and Rural Development - undertaken between...

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers

by Martha Bremser & Lorna Sanders

A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of prominent living contemporary choreographers, this fully updated new edition includes many new names in the field of choreography, alongside those considered...

Xinjiang and China's Rise in Central Asia - A History

by Michael E. Clarke

The recent conflict between indigenous Uyghurs and Han Chinese demonstrates that Xinjiang is a major trouble spot for China, with Uyghur demands for increased autonomy, and where Beijing's policy is to more...

Designing History in East Asian Textbooks: Identity Politics and Transnational Aspirations

by Gotelind Müller-Saini

This book analyses the efforts throughout East Asia to deploy education for purposes of political socialization, and in particular in order to shape notions of identity. The chapters also examine the trend of...

Language and Learning in the Digital Age

by James Paul Gee & Elisabeth R. Hayes

In Language and Learning in the Digital Age, linguist James Paul Gee and educator Elisabeth Hayes deal with the forces unleashed by today's digital media, forces that are transforming language and learning for...

Internet Linguistics: A Student Guide

by David Crystal

The Internet is now an integral part of contemporary life, and linguists are increasingly studying its influence on language. In this student-friendly guidebook, leading language authority Professor David Crystal...

Political Liberalism in Muslim Societies

by Fevzi Bilgin

Having survived the process of modernization and reasserted themselves in public life, religious traditions play an increasingly important public role in shaping and defining social institutions and interactions....

Making Policy Work

by Peter John

Many tools are on offer to politicians and other policy-makers when they seek to change policy outcomes. Often they choose to concentrate on one set of tools, but fail to see the costs as well as the benefits...