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An Introduction to Yacht Design

by A. A. Symonds

This book is a comprehensive guide to building yachts for beginners. While there is plenty written for the experienced boat-builder this little book sets out the features of yacht design for those whose interest...

The Practical Angler

by W. C. Stewart

Angling has been a popular pastime for centuries, whether for food or for fun with this helpful companion you will find helpful tips to increase you chance of a record breaking catch.

Grouse Feathers

by Burton L. Spiller

A wonderful almost autobiography detailing the life of a keen grouse hunter from boyhood to fully fledged hunter.

Exercises In Wood-Working; With A Short Treatise On Wood; Written For Manual Training Classes In Schools And Colleges

by Ivin Sickels

This book deals with carpentry and joinery. The first part being about structure, properties and kinds of wood; its manufactures and economic relations to other substances, parasitic plant and insects; and means...

Shackleton's Yorkshire Canary - Its Breeding and Management

by Shackleton

This comprehensive guide, complete with several illustrations, is full of information and tips for those wishing to take up the fascinating hobby of canary breeding. The author imparts the benefits of his 35...

Sailing - A Guide for Everyman

by Aubrey De Selincourt

Aubrey De Selincourt's 'Sailing - A Guide for Everyman' is addressed primarily to those who may from time to time have felt some stirrings of a wish to sail, but have as yet no practical experience in the handling...

A Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees for a Productive Orchard

by Fred Coleman Sears

This early work on orchard pruning is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains information on the techniques and tools used in maintaining a productive orchard. This is a fascinating...

Draughts and Dominoes and How to Play Them

by B. Scriven

The pages of this book provide, in the simplest language, hints and advice, and moves to practice to enable you to beat your friends or be able to stand up to the expert. Not only will you surprise your friends,...


by Chris Moneymaker

In 2004 the number of entrants -- and the winning pool -- at the World Series of Poker tripled, thanks in large part to Chris Moneymaker, an amateur player who came out of nowhere to win the 2003 Series, and...

The Whole Art Of Setter Training

by R. L. Russell

A helpful historic guide for anybody wishing to train their Irish setter.

The Boston Terrier (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by E.J. Rousuck

The Boston Terrier is fondly known as "The American Dog." It is supposedly the only dog originally bred in America and, like everything else truly American, they came from Boston Town. The author's aim in this...

Copper Work

by Augustus Foster Rose

In this book, the subject of Copper Work as it may be introduced into the public school, is treated to the extent of specifying an equipment and suggesting some of the possibilities of a course. Not only will...

Leavers Lace - A Hand Book Of The American Leaver Lace Industry

by Vittoria Rosatto

A Hand Book of the American Leavers Lace Industry. This practical book is believed to be competent and enlightening. It contains the history of the industry and the technical side if the subject. It has been...

The Wilderness Hunter - An Account of the Big Game of the United States and Its Chase with Horse, Hound, and Rifle

by Theodore Roosevelt

This books pages contain the adventures and experiences of hunting among the mountains and on the plains for both pastime and to procure hides and meat for the ranch. Contains a wealth of information on hunting,...

American Big-Game Hunting

by Theodore Roosevelt

Originally published in 1893, this absorbing collection of American Big game Hunting is a fascinating read for any hunting enthusiast. Extensively illustrated and with tales from various authors this work is...

Poodles In Particular - History, Care And Management Of The Standard, Miniature And Toy Varieties For Home And Show Ring

by Alice Lang Rogers

This book will be avidly devoured by all literature-starved Poodle lovers, for the author is recognised everywhere as an authority who has also seeked knowledge of the subject of Poodles from across the world....

Robert Louis Stevenson's Thoughts on Walking - Walking Tours - A Night Among the Pines - Forest Notes

by Robert Louis Stevenson

It must not be imagined that a walking tour, as some would have us fancy, is merely a better or worse way of seeing the country. There are many ways of seeing landscape quite as good; and none more vivid, in...

Retrievers - Some Hints On Breaking And Handling For Amateurs

by B. B. Riviere

This book contains everything you need to know about breaking and handling retrievers for work and field sports. This is an early book written by an expert in the field of dog training in the field.

Reese on Play - An Introduction to Good Bridge

by Terence Reese

This book provides a comprehensive introduction on playing bridge. Chapter I stands on it's own - a sentinel whose watch-word is that all good play depends on forming a picture of the unseen hands. The rest...

Wildfowling Past & Present - An Anthology

by Tony Read

Wildfowling is the most romantic, exciting and challenging of all the field sports. All wildfowlers have a little poetry in their souls. The majority of fowlers are thoroughgoing individualists. A typical wildfowler...