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Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer

by Matthew Gavin Frank

Memory, mythology, and obsession collide in this strikingly original and enigmatic account of the first man to photograph a giant squid. Moses Harvey was the eccentric Newfoundland reverend and amateur naturalist...

Style at Large: Knitting Designs for Real Women

by Carol Rasmussen Noble

Wear bold, beautiful colors! Find styles to flatter your figure! Feel comfortable in your clothes! These gorgeous wearables for medium to plus-size women are designed to make you look great--and guarantee a...

Easy Cable Knits for All Seasons

by Andra Knight-Bowman

This is no ordinary cable book! Let Andra show you how easy it is to accent your work with cables. These 16 classic designs include something for each season--several patterns are presented with variations for...

From Seed to Skillet: A Guide to Growing, Tending, Harvesting, and Cooking Up Fresh, Healthy Food to Share with People You Love

by Susan Heeger, Jimmy Williams & Eric Staudenmaier

Jimmy Williams learned all about vegetable gardening at the knee of his grandmother, a South Carolina native from a traditional Gullah community whose members were descendents of Caribbean slaves. He pays homage...

Jumble(r) Circus: A Three-Ring Puzzle Extravaganza!

by Tribune Media Services

This collection of Jumble® puzzles—which have been enjoyed by millions of newspaper readers for more than 40 years—features hundreds of mixed-up words coupled with cartoon clues, where one letter from each...

The German Shepherd Dog In Word And Picture

by V. Stephanitz

Originally published in Germany in 1923. This is the English edition translated by J. Schwabacher. Probably the most important book ever published on this popular breed. The illustrated contents include: The...

Raising Your Own Chickens

by Leonard Cordell

How Do You Capture Eggs That Fresh? There's only one way to get them that fresh. Yep, grow your own! Think it sounds far-fetched? Not at all. It seems that a trend of self-sufficiency is penetrating the population...

Your Ezy Guide to Tarot - What the Cards Tell You

by Vaughan Midson

Tarot is not about foretelling the future, although it may give you evidence of potential. How Do You Learn To Read The Cards? a tarot reading Since Tarot has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years,...

How to Understand Your Dog - Top Tips for Dog Owners

by Murray Haven

Don't we all wish that we had the perfect pet? When we selected that cute little puppy how could we know that it would grow into this large, hairy, slobbering goliath! Like that character in the Peanut cartoon...

How to Be a Top Dog Owner

by Karl Matthews

There's a brand new guide out that will teach you everything your dog wants you to know about raising and training him to be a "Top Dog." You do that by reading this terrific manual for dog owners. • Purebred...

Guide to Keeping Goats

by Wendy Hargreaves

Are You a Shepherd? Seriously, have you ever herded sheep or for our purposes goats? If you haven't and are up to learning something new, you might want to give it some consideration. Raising goats for pets...

Easy Juggling for Everyone - Fun and Better Health for All!

by Darren Walch

The ebook can help almost anyone to overcome any doubts about their ability to juggle. No matter what your level of experience you can start today! It's easy, fast, simple to learn and a heck of a lot of fun!...

Successful Pet Sitting - Pet Minding for Profit

by Shelley Smith

Are you an animal lover? Have you ever spent a small fortune by taking your pet to be boarded? That happens a lot and many people come home to a sorely traumatized pet. If you are looking for something to subsidize...

Your Pet Ferret Guide - Fun With Your Fuzzy Pet

by Alyson Baxter

Adopting a ferret can be a very rewarding experience. They are friendly and most have distinct personalities. However, when it comes to "all things being equal," owning an exotic pet like a ferret is substantially...

Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking - Low Cost and Lots of Fun!

by Ellen Wardle

"Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking." Learn how to scan pictures Discover where to find the best printers, supplies and paper Find free computer programs Choose your image editing program How to edit pages...

Your Pet Rabbit Guide - Keeping Your Bunny and Your Family Happy!

by Mary Barnes

Your first pet rabbit, you must read "Your Pet Rabbit Guide." All the basic information is here, from where to buy, to what to feed and how to find the RIGHT one for you. . . • Why do you want a rabbit? No,...

Your Pet Parrot

by Maureen Pace

Thinking About a Pet Parrot? Before you make the expensive leap, you should ensure that you have all the information about having a pet parrot in your possession. It may seem like any other pet purchase but...

White Beech: The Rainforest Years

by Germaine Greer

For years I had wandered Australia with an aching heart. Everywhere I had ever travelled across the vast expanse of the fabulous country where I was born I had seen devastation, denuded hills, eroded slopes,...

Beginners Tips for Horse Training: What Every Horse Trainer Should Know

by Author Stacey Chillemi

This book brings together comprehensive information about horse training and unlike other books on horse training. Inside this book, you'll discover... • Valuable information about horses • How to approach...

The American Boy's Handybook Of Camp Lore And Woodcraft

by Dan Beard

FOREWORD TO THE SECOND EDITION BOYS, this foreword is too highbrow for your taste, skip it, but the author dont believe you will, and even if he has used some dictionary words he feels that you will forgive...