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Shaped by Wind & Wave: Musings of a Boat Designer

by President Dudley Dix

This eBook is a collection of random writings by a boat designer explaining boat design in layman's terms, explanations of various boatbuilding methods, how to loft the lines of a boat, effects of decisions...

The Beach Volleyball Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

Whether you have played the game or not. It is the ultimate team sport and with all the uniqueness therein both coaching and playing the game will fill the rest of your life with the joy and adventures in This...

The Gymnastic Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

Aaron Wisewell reveals the keys to success in the demanding and pressure-packed world of elite gymnastics, explaining how greatest achievements were overcoming the barriers of fear and negativity. The Gymnastic...

The Baseball Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

These Simple, Yet Revolutionary Coaching, Are So Powerful They Will Condition Your Bat Swing For Speed, Quickness, and Power Like Never Before. Here's How This Proven System Works, and How You Can Put It To...

Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature into Your Home

by Ann Marie Holmes

Earth Spirit Living is a revolutionary approach to lifestyle design and personal space. Author Ann Marie Holmes, an expert on earth energy systems, reveals that by picking up subtle cues from the natural world,...

The Surfer Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

This book is a modern guide to sea surfing. The Surfer Coach provides professional coaching for all ages and levels, . Learn to surf in safety with a beginner course, improver lesson or develop your surfing...

If Baseball Integrated Early - If Baseball Had Been Integrated from the Start

by Doug Fowler

The Civil war ends 18 months early, allowing a young man to survive who greatly impacts baseball history. The first part of the book deals with ensuring that baseball remains integrated in the 1870s and 1880s....

Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition

by Edward Breneiser

Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition is for the ham radio operator who is looking to gain more knowledge about operating a pedestrian mobile station as he or she walks in the great outdoors....

Ferrets As Pets:  Ferret Facts on Ferret Care, Types of Ferrets, Baby Ferrets & More Ferret Information for the New Ferret Owner

by Malibu Publishing, Barbara Greenwood

Can ferrets be pets? The answer is yes just like owning a cat or a dog. All you have to do is provide them with the same kind of attention you would with any other animal you choose to have at home so they will...

Embroidery: Secrets of Embroidery for Stitching and Applique to Custom Embroidery Designs, & Starting an Embroidery Business

by Malibu Publishing, Mary Ann Clark

Embroidery is a type of stitching that can be found all over the world. It has long been a tradition for making various types of arts in different cultures. Many hobby shops offer patterns for embroidery. You...

Crocheting: Learn to Crochet for Beginners -Discover Where to Find Free Crochet Patterns for Everything from a Crochet Baby Blanket to Crochet Hat Pat

by Malibu Publishing, Mary Ann Clark

Crocheting: Learn to Crochet for Beginners In today's time, crocheting and knitting is the pleasure of many people. It has recently evolved the interest of many people on handicraft making that made it so popular...

Academy Sports:  What Is an Academy Sport, Joining an Academy of Sports, Academy Sports and Outdoors, United States Sports Academy, Academy Sports Sch

by Malibu Publishing, Richard M. Stoddard

Academy Sports If you're thinking about getting into an academy of sports but you're not convinced of the benefits that you'll get from one, then it's time you really consider what you want in life. Getting...

All About Crochet - A Beginner's Guide

by Campbell Casey

A beginners guide to crochet - teaches about tools, materials and basic techniques.

Sports in America

by James A. Michener

Originally published in 1976, James A. Michener’s explosive, spectacular Sports in America is a prescient examination of the crisis in American sports that is still unfolding to this day. Pro basketball players...

50 Best Short Hikes in Utah's National Parks

by Greg Witt

Utah’s five national parks—Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion—hold some of the most awe-inspiring geology on the planet. Each park offers visitors the dramatic scenery that invites exploration...

The Primal Place

by Robert Finch

From acclaimed author and naturalist Robert Finch, a richly detailed observance of Cape Cod's seemingly vanished natural and human past, as it clings to its present landscape. This is a voyage of discovery,...

A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard (Second Edition)

by John Hanson Mitchell

Here is a book to enhance our appreciation of the small citizens of the world and to introduce us to the neighbors we never knew we had, from spotted salamanders to meadow voles, from snowy tree crickets to...

Danish Dynamite: The Story of Football¿s Greatest Cult Team

by Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen & Mike Gibbons

The Denmark side of the 1980s was one of the last truly iconic international football teams. Although they did not win a trophy, they claimed something much more important and enduring: glory, and in industrial...

All Fishermen Are Liars

by John Gierach

“I have to go fishing; it’s my job.” John Gierach can say that and mean it. But fishing is only part of his job. The other part is writing about his fishing adventures. And that’s the part we readers...

Zero to Sixty: A Dakar Adventure

by David Mills

David Mills first discovered the legendary Dakar Rally during a three-month motorcycle tour of South America. In 2012, he became an embedded member of a Chilean Dakar team with unprecedented access to the rally;...