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In the Company of Rivers: An Angler's Stories and Recollections

by Ed Quigley

In this charming collection of fly-fishing short stories, readers will discover that fly fishing can lead to many places. Experience the various journeys taken by the author to places like remote Labrador, Alaska,...

Tool School: The Complete Guide to Using Your Tools from Tape Measures to Table Saws

by Monte Burch

Learn the tools and the techniques with this invaluable resource for every woodworker.

With any project, having the right tools is only half the battle. It’s knowing how to use them that can make or break a...

Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout: A Collection of the Greatest Blue Jays Stories Ever Told

by Jim Prime

From the club’s inception in the late ’70s; to winning the division for the first time in the ’80s; Joe Carter’s epic home run; the two World Series titles in the early ’90s; the reign of Roy Halliday;...

The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle

by Abby Smith


Whether you’re running errands, going out on the town, or walking down the aisle, the fashionable braids in this...

Julian Onderdonk in New York: The Lost Years, the Lost Paintings

by James Graham Baker & J. P. Bryan

Famed for his bluebonnet landscapes, San Antonio native Julian Onderdonk may be the most well-known artist Texas has ever produced. Onderdonk spent several years outside the state, though, seeking to make a...

Completed Game: Alternate History of Baseball with No Strike Fiascos

by Doug Fowler

Imagine no 1994/5 baseball strike/lockout, and steroids being fought in baseball a decade early. The rest of the 1994 season unfolds week by week. Highlights showcase the game's excitement, the coming storm,...

A Contemporary History of Women's Sport, Part One: Sporting Women, 1850-1960

by Jean Williams

This book is an historical survey of women's sport from 1850-1960. It looks at some of the more recent methodological approaches to writing sports history and raises questions about how the history of women's...

EZ Cheats Guide Iphone Games Exposed

by The Cheat Mistress

iPhone Games Exposed: A Beginner's Guide is a collection of 50 classic reviews compiled from the website,, featuring games of many different styles and levels of quality. Several of...

The Politics of Knowledge and Global Biodiversity

by Alice B.M. Vadrot

The establishment of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) points to the crucial role attributed to science and knowledge for the successful implementation of biodiversity...

Sport, Time and Society (RLE Sports Studies): The British at Play

by Dennis Brailsford

This volume traces the rise and transformation of organized sport and its impact on social patterns and gender roles. Stressing the essential continuity of the sporting experience, the author shows the changing...

Sport, Culture and Ideology (RLE Sports Studies)

by Jennifer Hargreaves

Sport celebrates basic human values of freedom, justice and courage. This collection of essays probes beneath those assumptions in order to illuminate how sport is intimately related to power and domination....

The Government and Politics of Sport (RLE Sports Studies)

by Barrie Houlihan

When originally published in 1991 this was the first book to tackle the UK policy process of sport and to provide a political science analysis of some of the key issues facing sports administrators today. The...

Greyhound Racing And Breeding (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by A. Croxton-Smith

GREYHOUND RACING AND BREEDING By A. Croxton Smith A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT This scarce early work on greyhound racing and breeding was originally published in 1927. It is now very hard to find in...

Class, Race and Sport in South Africa's Political Economy (RLE Sports Studies)

by Grant Jarvie

In recent years the interest in the patterns and policies of South African sport has grown. This book examines the increasingly complex issue of race, class and sport in the context of South African social relations....

Fair Game (RLE Sports Studies): Myth and Reality in Sport

by Eric Midwinter

This volume examines modern sport in its social context and concludes that it is beset with over-commercialised motives, damaged by dangerous political alignments and marred by wrongheaded social values. The...

Cricket and Empire (RLE Sports Studies): The 1932-33 Bodyline Tour of Australia

by Ric Sissons & Brian Stoddart

A great depression, worsening Anglo-Australian relations, the declining British Empire and the challenge from an Australia striving to find a national identity are the context which explain bodyline and its...

The Roots of Football Hooliganism (RLE Sports Studies): An Historical and Sociological Study

by Eric Dunning, Patrick J. Murphy & John Williams

This systematic historical and sociological study of the phenomenon of football hooliganism examines the history of crowd disorderliness at association football matches in Britain and assesses both popular and...

Hooligans Abroad (RLE Sports Studies): The Behaviour and Control of English Fans in Continental Europe

by John M. Williams, Eric Dunning & Patrick J. Murphy

This book traces international developments in the hooligan phenomenon since the Heysel tragedy of 1985. The authors make special reference to the troubled European championships in West Germany in 1988 and...

Sport and the Physical Emancipation of English Women (RLE Sports Studies): 1870-1914

by Kathleen McCrone

The nineteenth century was a golden age in British sports. Not only were sports immensely popular, but they began to assume the forms and qualities that still characterise them today. Moreover, the latter part...

Sport, Leisure and Social Relations (RLE Sports Studies)

by John Horne, David Jary & Alan Tomlinson

When this book was first published the study of sport had been largely neglected by sociologists. The contributions to this volume bring the sports field, the leisure centre and everyday leisure activities to...