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The Game of Dominoes - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Rules and Strategies of Dominoes

by Various

This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from...

A Guide to Exhibiting and Showing Your Budgerigars - With Tips on Exhibition Cages. Breeding Winners, Preparing and Washing Your Budgerigar, a Guide t

by Various

Tips on exhibition cages. Breeding winners, preparing and washing your budgerigar, a guide to judging and the points system used, with pictures of undesirable features.

Special Shoeing: Polo Horses, Hunters, Jumpers and Draft Animals - A Historical Article on the Art of the Farrier

by Various

This article is dedicated to the special shoeing of horses involved in sports such a polo, jumping and hunting. It is imperative that the correct care is provided to the shoe and foot to preserve the health...

A Guide to Perfume Production - A Selection of Vintage Articles on the Methods and Ingredients of Perfumery

by Various

This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from...

A History of the Horse Drawn Carriage - A Collection of Historical Articles on Varieties of Coach and Their Evolution

by Various

A wonderful collection of early articles on horse drawn carriages and coaches. Articles include: Carriages and Coaches - Their History and Evolution, Coach Driving - The Coach Driving Revival, Coach Driving...

Selected Articles on Materials Used to Make Hats - A Milliner's Guide

by Various

Any milliner will know how important selecting material is when it comes to making hats. This will enable you to select the perfect material for the hat you're making. Whether it be stiffened materials for the...

How to Make Berets - A Milliner's Guide to Sewing French Hats

by Various

Beret-like headwear has been worn across Europe since pre-Roman times. Mass production began in 19th century France, Spain and Italy, countries with which it remains associated. This classic work contains all...

The Anatomy of the Horse's Foot and Hoof - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Physiology and Function of the Foot and Hoof

by Various

This books contains a collections of articles providing a wealth of information on the anatomy and physiology of the horse's hoof and foot including notes on preserving its health and treatment of diseases....

Making Hats Out of Felt - Selected Articles on Millinery

by Various

This little book contains a concise but comprehensive guide to making hats from felt. Includes notes on the nature of felt and how to work with it, and what can be made. Step by step instructions on how to make...

A Camper's Guide to Knives and Axes - A Collection of Historical Camping Articles on the on the Use of Tools

by Various

As all keen campers, walkers, hikers, mountaineers and anyone who spends time in the great outdoors will tell you having a knife on you at all times is not only useful but at times essential and even life saving....

Rambling in Monmouthshire - A Historical Walking Guide to the Trails and Paths of Wales

by Various

The boundary of the county that lies near Gloucestershire shares some of its neighbour's popularity-and a little of its speech; Chepstow, with its castle and magnificently wooded banks of the Wye, is justly...

The Geology of Snowdonia - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Physical Features of the Peaks of Snowdonia

by Various

Snowdonia is one of the most fascinating areas in the United Kingdom for its stunning peaks, stark beauty and ancient rock. Here are collected some of the articles that helped us understand how and when these...

Climbing Hekla - A Historical Mountaineering Account of Expeditions to Iceland

by Various

Climbing Hekla contains historical accounts of mountaineering expeditions to Iceland.

The Origin and History of Patchwork Quilt Making in America with Photographic Reproductions

by Various

This great little book contains a wealth of knowledge on the history and origins of the patchwork quilt in America. The first half of the book contains written chapters on The Romance of Patchwork, Quilt Names,...

A Selection of Articles on Making Hats from Straw - A Milliner's Guide

by Various

This little book contains a selection of articles on how to make hats from straw. Contains information on different types of braiding and plaiting, different types of hat and their origins, methods of working...

The Maltese Dog - A Complete Anthology of the Dog

by Various

The Maltese Dog - A Complete Anthology of the Dog gathers together all the best early writing on the breed from our library of scarce, out-of-print antiquarian books and documents and reprints it in a quality,...

Practical Rabbit Keeping - Rabbits for Pets and Profit

by G Townsend

Originally published in the 1920s. A detailed and informative book for anyone interested in keeping rabbits for either pleasure or profit. Contents Include: Housing and Selection of Stock Management and Feeding...

Companion Dog Training - A Practical Manual On Systematic Obedience; Dog Training In World And Picture

by Hans Tossutti

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the vast approved methods in the training of dogs. If the contents of this book are studied, word by word, lesson by lesson, in a gradual and successive progression...

Badminton for Beginners

by R. C. Tragett

Badminton is a great way to stay in shape and can be played socially or in amateur competition, this helpful guide will help any new players learn the rules that govern the game and the shots and tactics that...

Weaving Patterns of Yesterday and Today

by Violetta Thurstan

A helpful and handy guide for anybody with a passion for weaving. Full of great patterns and great hints and tips to really help your weaving come on leaps and bounds.