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Washington's Channeled Scablands Guide: Explore and Recreate Along the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail

by John Soennichsen

Explore Washington's canyons of Ice Age wonders -- great trails, stunning scenery, and amazing history

Backpacking Washington: Overnight and Multiday Routes

by Craig Romano

The most comprehensive backpacking guidebook to Washington state!

Taking Shots

by Keith Glass

Bring a family of four to an NBA game today, and it costs around $500 to watch a bunch of seven-footers take bad shots. Perhaps the quote often attributed to P.T. Barnum is true—there really is a sucker born...

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th

by Ron Eng

50th anniversary edition of the "Bible" of climbing and mountaineering

Best Hikes with Dogs Western Washington, 2nd Edition

by Dan A. Nelson

Western Washington trails to delight both you and your dog -- rated dog friendly and dog safe

Sherman Exposed: Slightly Censored Climbing Stories

by John Sherman

  • Both brilliant and funny, John Sherman has a loyal following
  • Features the best of Climbing magazine's Verm's World
  • Insightful and often irreverent profiles of some of North America's best climbers

A Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft, and Ski

by Erin McKittrick

The adventures of a young, idealistic couple who choose to reduce their world down to just two small packs and the next 100 yards in front of them.

Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel Techniques for All Conditions, 3rd Edition

by Paul Parker

CLICK HERE to download the chapter on "Founddation Skills" from Free-Heel Skiing

* Paul Parker is the master of free-heel skiing

* Features a color insert, new illustrations, information on the latest gear,...

100 Classic Hikes in Washington

by Ira Spring & Harvey Manning

This is the "classic" hiking guidebook to Washington's finest trails -- the all-time best-selling guidebook in the state

Extreme Alpinism: Climbing Light, High, and Fast

by Mark F. Twight & James Martin

A full-color master class on extreme alpine climbing by one of the world's elite mountaineers

Pickets and Dead Men: Seasons on Rainier

by Bree Loewen

A funny and sometimes cringe-inducing story of a young woman's experience as a climbing ranger where respect is hard won and on-the-job performance can be the difference between life and death.

Chasing Waves: A Surfer's Tale of Obsessive Wandering

by Amy Waeschle

With a fresh voice and surf-saturated daydreams, this author celebrates the joys of traveling to feed an addiction

Northwest Foraging: The Classic Guide to Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest

by Doug Benoliel

The classic guide to Northwest wild foods is back in print!

Surfing: Mastering Waves from Basic to Intermediate

In the Zone: Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World

by Peter Potterfield

* Colby Coombs on Alaska's Mount Foraker

* Scott Fischer and Ed Viesturs on K2

* Author Peter Potterfield on Chimney Rock in the North Cascades

To climb is to risk, and nowhere is that more evident than in...

Postcards from the Ledge: Collected Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child

by Greg Child

Selections of the best writing from the elite mountaineer Greg Child now in paperback.

Sea Kayaking: Basic Skills, Paddling Techniques, and Expedition Planning

by Dan Henderson

The only guide that applies the efficient techniques of science to recreational paddling

Babes in the Woods: Hiking, Camping & Boating with Babies & Young Children

by Jennifer Aist

A guide to help young families enjoy hiking and camping with their babies, toddlers and older kids

Staying Alive In Avalanche 2E-ebook

by Bruce Tremper

Updated avalanche manual aimed at the nonprofessional outdoor person

Fragile Edge: A Personal Portrait of Loss on Everest

by Maria Coffey

An intimate story of personal cost, risk, and loss in the mountaineering world