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The Origin and History of Patchwork Quilt Making in America with Photographic Reproductions

by Various

This great little book contains a wealth of knowledge on the history and origins of the patchwork quilt in America. The first half of the book contains written chapters on The Romance of Patchwork, Quilt Names,...

A Selection of Articles on Making Hats from Straw - A Milliner's Guide

by Various

This little book contains a selection of articles on how to make hats from straw. Contains information on different types of braiding and plaiting, different types of hat and their origins, methods of working...

The Maltese Dog - A Complete Anthology of the Dog

by Various

The Maltese Dog - A Complete Anthology of the Dog gathers together all the best early writing on the breed from our library of scarce, out-of-print antiquarian books and documents and reprints it in a quality,...

Practical Rabbit Keeping - Rabbits for Pets and Profit

by G Townsend

Originally published in the 1920s. A detailed and informative book for anyone interested in keeping rabbits for either pleasure or profit. Contents Include: Housing and Selection of Stock Management and Feeding...

Companion Dog Training - A Practical Manual On Systematic Obedience; Dog Training In World And Picture

by Hans Tossutti

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the vast approved methods in the training of dogs. If the contents of this book are studied, word by word, lesson by lesson, in a gradual and successive progression...

Badminton for Beginners

by R. C. Tragett

Badminton is a great way to stay in shape and can be played socially or in amateur competition, this helpful guide will help any new players learn the rules that govern the game and the shots and tactics that...

Weaving Patterns of Yesterday and Today

by Violetta Thurstan

A helpful and handy guide for anybody with a passion for weaving. Full of great patterns and great hints and tips to really help your weaving come on leaps and bounds.

Growing Fruit under Glass - The Peach and the Nectarine

by David Thomson

All aspects of the cultivation of peaches and nectarines are dealt with in this handy volume written by an expert on the subject. Thoroughly recommended reading for the budding home gardener, it contains a wealth...

The Nicklaus Way

by John Andrisani

Jack Nicklaus set a record for most career victories in major championships, capturing a total of eighteen between 1962 and 1986, including six Masters wins. In 1988 Golf Magazine named the "Golden Bear" Golfer...

Golf and the Spirit: Lessons for the Journey

by M. Scott Peck

Golf. It's the ultimate head game. And when nothing but the best advice will do, along comes M. Scott Peck, M.D., the celebrated psychiatrist and author of the best-selling self-help book of all time, The Road...

Narrow Fabric Weaving

by A. Thompson

One of the first books to cover specifically the production of narrow woven materials. This book serves as a textbook for students as a general introduction to smallwares technology. A comprehensive look at...

Dahlias, Gladioli and Begonias - The Amateur Gardener's Guide to Their Cultivation

by H. H. Thomas

This little volume provides everything you need to know about growing Dahlia's, Gladioli and Begonias in your garden. With Comprehensive knowledge on all the different varieties and how to feed, water and care...

Pruning Made Easy - How To Prune Rose Trees, Fruit Trees And Ornamental Trees And Shrubs

by H. H. Thomas

For anyone who has rose trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees or shrubs in their garden. This book will provide a guide to how to prune, whether is be cutting back or thinning out, what time of year to start...

The Art of Bobbin Lace - A Practical Text Book of Workmanship - Including Bobbin Lace Supplement

by Louisa A. Tebbs

This book provides a complete and comprehensive guide to the fine art of bobbin lace. Its contents include information on how to prepare bobbins and other advice for lace-making, directions for making all kinds...

Felt Dolls - To Make And Dress

by Peggy Tearle

A guide perfect for any keen amateur sewer wishing to make small dolls. A wonderful starting guide for small children.

Walking in the Lake District

by H. H. Symonds

The accounts in this book are sure to stir, or maintain, the readers interest in the greatest of our National Parks. Our roots are in the country, it separates one town from the next, and we learn it by walking...

An Introduction to Yacht Design

by A. A. Symonds

This book is a comprehensive guide to building yachts for beginners. While there is plenty written for the experienced boat-builder this little book sets out the features of yacht design for those whose interest...

The Practical Angler

by W. C. Stewart

Angling has been a popular pastime for centuries, whether for food or for fun with this helpful companion you will find helpful tips to increase you chance of a record breaking catch.

Grouse Feathers

by Burton L. Spiller

A wonderful almost autobiography detailing the life of a keen grouse hunter from boyhood to fully fledged hunter.

Exercises In Wood-Working; With A Short Treatise On Wood; Written For Manual Training Classes In Schools And Colleges

by Ivin Sickels

This book deals with carpentry and joinery. The first part being about structure, properties and kinds of wood; its manufactures and economic relations to other substances, parasitic plant and insects; and means...