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Gundog Training is written by a practising professional who has a long list of Field Trial Champions to his credit. His opinions, often openly controversial, are therefore backed by considerable experience,...

Things Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles

by Ronald G. G. Knapp & Michael Freeman

A source of fascination to the West, China's renowned art objects and traditional manufactured products have long been sought by collectors. Things Chinese presents sixty distinctive items that are typical of...

Complete Tai-Chi: The Definitive Guide to Physical and Emotional Self-Improvement

by Alfred Huang

Today people around the world are discovering the benefits of Tai-chi, an ancient Chinese system of exercise based on calm, graceful movements that condition the body from the inside out. With benefits like...

The Mysterious Montague: A True Tale of Hollywood, Golf, and Armed Robbery

by Leigh Montville

John Montague was a boisterous enigma. In the 1930s, he was called “the world's greatest golfer” by famed sportswriter Grantland Rice. He could drive the ball 300 yards and more, or he could chip it across...

My Losing Season

by Pat Conroy


“I was born to be a point guard, but not a very good one. . . .There was a time in my life when I walked through the world known to myself and...

What's that Snake?

by Johan Marais

What's that Snake? offers an easy introduction to snake identification for the beginner.

Ella in Europe: An American Dog's International Adventures

by Michael Konik

Part travelogue, part valentine to a beloved pet, Ella in Europe chronicles writer Michael Konik’s magical six-week journey through Europe with his dog, Ella. An homage to the friend who has “licked away...

Powerful Peace: A Navy SEAL's Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War

by J Robert DuBois

Powerful Peace is a logical arrangement of brief topics on conflict. Four progressive sections (Body, Mind, Heart and Soul) each contain a dozen, easily-digestible but hard-hitting chapters. Each chapter builds...

Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir

by Marie Porter & Michael Porter

After a morning spent running errands for their new home, Marie and Michael Porter's lives were turned upside down -along with the lives of thousands of others. On the afternoon of May 22, 2011, North Minneapolis...

Jagua, A Journey Into Body Art from the Amazon

by Carine Fabius & Pascal Giacomini and

In search of the jagua fruit, author Carine Fabius takes readers on a journey into the deepest realms of the Amazon jungle, where a prized tattoo ink weaves magical tales into the heart and culture of the region's...

Sierra South: Backcountry Trips in Californias Sierra Nevada

by Kathy Morey, Mike White & Stacey Corless

This completely revised and updated 8th edition of Sierra South now covers an expanded region of the Sierra, from the southern boundary of Yosemite National Park to southern Golden Trout Wilderness. With new...


by Gay L. L. Balliet

One day, while accompanying her husband Edgar on his veterinary rounds through the Pennsylvania countryside, Gay Balliet experiences love at first sight: a pot-bellied piglet. After she adopts Lowell, Gay is...

There's Only One Dixie Deans: The Autobiography

by Ken McNab & Dixie Deans

Dixie Deans is a true Celtic legend. Between 1971 and 1976, he scored 132 goals in 184 games and was part of the great Celtic team that swept to nine consecutive Scottish league titles and dominated a golden...

Office Olympics

by Tom Hay

It’s time to go for gold in the Office Deskathlon! The Olympics are coming—but how can you get into the spirit of things when you’re stuck in the office? Show off your sporting skills and challenge your...

Football Wit: Quips and Quotes for the Football Fanatic

by Aubrey Malone & Kath Walker

"There's only one certainty in football: managers get sacked."  —Brian Kerr When you're done explaining the offside rule, shouting at the ref, and perfecting your ball skills treat yourself to a hearty half-time...

Two Feet, Four Paws: Walking the Coastline of Britain

by Spud Talbot-Ponsonby

The heart-warming tale of one dog and her owner, who face daily physical and mental challenges with a sense of humor and determination as the walk the entire coastline of Britain


Take one headstrong dog and...

Riding the Magic Carpet: A Surfer's Odyssey to Find the Perfect Wave

by Tom Anderson

"The right-hand point at Jeffreys Bay is one of the surfing world's most exciting finds, and from the age of twelve it had been my life's purpose to surf there." J-Bay, South Africa, has the fantasy, the almost...

From the Mull to the Cape: A Gentle Bike Ride on the Edge of Wilderness

by Richard Guise

The tale of a 600-mile biking adventure through Scotland Like many middle-aged baby-boomers, Richard Guise yearned to take on a physical challenge before he reached the age where walking across the kitchen...

Downhill All the Way: Cycling through France from La Manche to the Mediteranean

by Edward Enfield

A bicycling adventure from Le Havre to the Mediterranean Fed up with questions about what he was going to do when he retired, Edward decided to get on his bicycle and ride from the Le Havre region in northwestern...

Chasing Dean: Surfing America's Hurricane States

by Tom Anderson

Exhilarating and funny, this memoir of a quest for the perfect wave includes a fascinating outsiders' view of America, as well as an account of a rich friendship Two childhood friends from small-town Wales...