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Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines

by Linda Kemp

Harness the power of negative space!

Breathe new life into your art through negative painting. Linda Kemp shares her techniques for using the strength of negative space - the areas not occupied by subject matter...

Peaceful Places: Washington, D.C.: 114 Tranquil Sites in the Nation's Capital and Beyond

by Judy Colbert & Denis Collins

Native Washingtonians Judy Colbert and Denis Collins have grown up and lived amid some of the most exciting sightseeing in the country--in their own grand urban backyard. They share this knowledge in Peaceful...

Knitting the Perfect Fit: Essential Fully Fashioned Shaping Techniques for Designer Results

by Melissa Leapman

This is the first book that delves deeply into easily mastered techniques that can be used to adapt and customise any project. Knitting the Perfect Fit is an invaluable guide for anyone interested in learning...

A Grand Tour of Gardens: Traveling in Beauty through Western Europe and the United States

Container Gardening for All Seasons: Enjoy Year-Round Color with 101 Designs

by Barbara Wise

More than a collection of inspiring container gardening photographs, Container Gardening for All Seasons provides a shopping list of materials and a helpful planting diagram for each of the more than 100 container...

Life with Sir Alex: A Fan's Story of Ferguson's 25 Years at Manchester United

by Will Tidey

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 25 years in charge of Manchester United in November 2011. Life with Sir Alex tells the story of his managerial reign from the point of view of a supporter - through the ups and downs...

The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins, Professional Edition

by R.S. Yeoman & Kenneth Bressett

Since 1946 the Guide Book of United States Coins has served collectors as the preeminent annual reference for coin specifications, mintages, values, and photographs. With more than 22 million copies in print,...

United States Currency: Large Size • Small Size • Fractional

by Kenneth Bressett & Q. David Bowers

No subject is more important to the rare-coin collector or investor than grading. Learning to grade the right way can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. In this second edition of his award-winning book,...

Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins

by J.T. Stanton, Bill Fivaz & Q. David Bowers

The Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins tells you how to "cherrypick"-that is, how to examine a coin that looks normal at first glance, but has unusual characteristics that reveal...

Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

by Bill Lee & Richard Lally

It was 1982 when Bill Lee was famously booted from the Montreal Expos after he went AWOL in protest of another player’s mistreatment by management. His reputation for antics both on and off the field guaranteed...

Bareknuckle: Memoirs of the Undefeated Champion

by Bartley Gormon

Born into a community of Irish travelers, Bartley Gorman is known as one of the greatest bare-knuckle fighters of all time. Through Gorman¹s memoirs the reader gets a front row view of the punches exchanged...

A Friend Like Henry: The Remarkable True Story of an Autistic Boy and the Dog That Unlocked His World

by Nuala Gardner

Now a New York Times Bestseller!

"The incredible story of a family with an autistic son, Dale, who conquers his disability thanks to the special bond he forms with Henry, a golden retriever puppy ... This is...

Fairways and Greens

by Dan Jenkins

"Tell me about plumbing, fine. Tell me about  carpentry, terrace gardening, the timer on VCRs. Go  ahead and explain cellophane. Tell me about all of  these things, but don't try to tell me about golf,  okay?...

Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance, 2nd Edition: 1,001 Time-Saving Tips

by Sandy Lindsey


Save money and time with these 1,001 tested tips from Sandy Lindsey, a boat-maintenance contributor to Boating magazine for many years. In Quick and Easy Boat...

Godforsaken Sea: Racing the World's Most Dangerous Waters

by Derek Lundy

Godforsaken Sea is the hair-raising account of the world's most demanding, dangerous, and deadly sailing race. Around the world, one sailor, one boat, no stops, no assistance.

Author Derek Lundy's vivid book...

The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd

by Joe Camp

A surprise birthday gift plunged Joe Camp and his wife, Kathleen, into the world of horses as complete neophytes without a clue as to what horses needed or wanted. The Camps went searching for logic and sense...

From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France

by David Walsh

For eight years, the Tour de France, arguably the world’s most demanding athletic competition, was ruled by two men: Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. On the surface, they were feature players in one of the...

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm: An Adventure with Sixten Sheep, Three Dogs, Two Donkeys, and Me

by Jon Katz

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Jon Katz's Going Home.

“Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can’t really be held responsible for what...

The Downhill Lie

by Carl Hiaasen

Originally drawn to the game by his father, Carl Hiaasen wisely quit golfing in 1973. But some ambitions refuse to die, and as the years–and memories of shanked 7-irons faded, it dawned on Carl that there...

Grading Coins by Photographs: An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor

by Q. David Bowers

No subject is more important to the rare-coin collector or investor than grading. Learning to grade the right way can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. In this second edition of his award-winning book,...