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Welsh Terrier

by Bardi McLennan

The handsome black and tan terrier of Wales, the Welsh Terrier is a smart and sensible member of the terrier family who offers owners charm and personality in abundance. Like their loyal, fearless hunting dogs,...

Tibetan Spaniel

by Juliette Cunliffe

Deriving from “The Roof of the World” where it was once prized in the monasteries of Buddhist monks, the Tibetan Spaniel today is adored throughout the Western world as a beautiful companion and pet. This...

Flat-Coated Retriever

by John Wakefield & Carol Ann Johnson

Friendly, optimistic, and good-natured, the Flat-Coated Retriever may be one of the dog world’s best kept secrets. Elegant as a show dog, easygoing as a family companion, and enthusiastic as a hunting dog,...

Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type

by Richard G. Beauchamp

Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type is one of the leading titles in the Kennel Club Pro™ series, targeted at experienced and avid dog fanciers who demand the absolute best.

This book is the “standard” against...

Livebearers: Understanding Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails and Others

by David Alderton

Livebearers focuses on four families of fish which contain many of the most attractive and popular species in the tropical fish hobby today, including guppies, mollies, swordtails, and platies. The families...

Garden Ponds: Basic Pond Setup And Maintenance

by Dennis Kelsey-Wood & Tom Barthel

In this colorful Garden Ponds Made Easy title, authors Dennis Kelsey-Wood and Tom Barthell have provided an essential guide for first-time pond enthusiasts. The authors outline all of the considerations for...

Freshwater Aquariums: Basic Aquarium Setup and Maintenance

by David Alderton

For beginning aquatic fancier looking to start out right with fish, Freshwater Aquariums by David Alderton is the ideal primer. A vertebrate that breathe primarily by means of gills and swim by means of fins...

Cichlids: Understanding Angelfish, Oscars, Discus, and Others

by David Alderton

One of the most popular choices for home aquariums, CICHLIDS come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. From the Fish Keeping Made Easy series, this book covers diet and nutrition, recognizing and treating...

Bettas and Gouramis: Understanding Siamese Fighting Fish, Paradisefish, Kissing Gouramis, and Other Anabantoids

by David Alderton

David Alderton’s investigation of anabantoids, the Asiatic gouramis—the bettas and gouramis, including Siamese fighting fish, paradisefish, kissing gouramis, begins with a look at the origins of these adaptable...

Angelfish: Understanding and Keeping Angelfish

by David A. Lass

David A Lass’s introduction to angelfish fulfills its subtitle, “Understanding and Keeping Angelfish,” and more. This colorful guide in the Fish Keeping Made Easy series discusses angelfish in their natural...

Street Strategies: A Survival Guide for Motorcyclists

by David L. Hough

Street Strategies is a unique collection of street riding savvy gleaned from years of real-life motorcycling. Each page serves as a reminder about a specific hazard and a short lesson designed to help readers...

The Natural Soap Chef: Making Luxurious Delights from Cucumber Melon and Almond Cookie to Chai Tea and Espresso Forte

by Heidi Barto


Pamper yourself with natural moisturizing lather. Indulge your senses with aromatic fragrances. Beautify your bath with stunning soap that you’ve created. This book shows...

Hunting with Spaniels: Training Your Flushing Dog

by Paul Morrison

One of Kennel Club Books' Country Dog titles, Hunting with Spaniels covers everything you need to know about selecting, training, and caring for flushing spaniels, including basic first aid. Lessons include...

The Straight Lead: The Core of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

by Teri Tom & Ted Wong

A key element in the Jeet Kune Do arsenal, the straight punch is a deceptively simple technique that Bruce Lee described as the most difficult move in Jeet Kune Do- "Only one in 10,000 can handle it."

The Straight...

Musashi's Book of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpertation of Miyomoto Musashi's Classic Book of Strategy

by Stephen Kaufman

This classic work interprets Miyamoto Musashi's famous Book of Five Rings specifically for the martial artist—as Miyamoto Musashi originally intended. It explains the underlying truths necessary for a full...

The Art of War: The Definitive Interpertation of Sun Tzu's Classic Book of Strategy

by Stephen F. F. Kaufman

Sun Tzu's Art of War is perhaps the best known and highly regarded treatise on strategy ever written. Although its wisdom is over two thousand years old, its principles are timeless for today's boardroom battlefields....

Japanese Garden Design

by Marc Keane & Haruzo Ohashi

The creation of a Japanese garden combines respect for nature with adherence to simple principles of aesthetics and structure. In Japanese Garden Design, landscape architect Marc Peter Keane presents the history...

The Land Grabbers: The New Fight over Who Owns the Earth

by Fred Pearce

How Wall Street, Chinese billionaires, oil sheiks, and agribusiness are buying up huge tracts of land in a hungry, crowded world.

An unprecedented land grab is taking place around the world. Fearing future food...

Poker Face: Mastering Body Language to Bluff, Read Tells and Win

by Judi James

An overlooked but absolutely essential skill for winning at poker

Loving The Game

by Peter Hines

Pete Hines is an insurance agent in Fremont, Nebraska where he resides. Pete is originally from Loveland, Colorado. He graduated from Midland Lutheran College in Fremont with a B.S. degree in education. Loving...