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Reef Madness: Charles Darwin, Alexander Agassiz, and the Meaning of Coral

by David Dobbs

Explores the century-long controversy over the orgins of coral reefs, a debate that split the world of nineteenth-century science, looking at the diverse roles of Louis Agassiz, his son Alexander, and Charles...

Heft on Wheels: A Field Guide to Doing a 180

by Mike Magnuson

A few years ago, the closest Mike Magnuson thought he would get to participating in a sporting event was sitting in the local bar, slamming pitchers of beer and watching the NFL playoffs on TV. He was thirty-eight...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dachshunds

by Liz Palika

You're no idiot, of course. You're aware that the Dachshund resembles a hot dog with four feet. However, many new owners are caught off-guard when their cute, large-eyed, floppy-eared Dachsie behaves in ways...

Dash: Bitch of the Year

by Andrew Dilger

A heart-warming memoir about the adoption of a champion greyhound and her transformation into ring-bearer at her new owner’s wedding Andrew had always wanted a dog—something you could mould into the perfect...

Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

by Cesar Millan & Melissa Jo Peltier

“I rehabilitate dogs. I train people.” —Cesar Millan

There are at least 68 million dogs in America, and their owners lavish billions of dollars on them every year. So why do so many pampered pets have problems?...

The Tao  of Gardening: A Collection of Reflections Adapted From Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching

by Pamela Metz

Most books on gardening are read for information. Those books provide important details on the "do's" and "don'ts" of growing things. This book, The Tao of Gardening, is to be read for inspiration. Using English...

Dawdling by the Danube: With Journeys in Bavaria and Poland

by Edward Enfield

An exceptional journey through Germany via bicycle I had thought for some time that there must be something funny about Germany because, except for hard-drinking types at the Munich beer festival, I had never...

The Conscious Kitchen: The New Way to Buy and Cook Food - to Protect the Earth, Improve Your Health, and Eat Deliciously

by Alexandra Zissu

Your everyday food choices can change the world—and make meals taste better than ever


For anyone who has read The Omnivore’s Dilemma or seen Food, Inc. and longs to effect easy green changes when it comes...

The Girl's Guide to Winning a NASCAR(R) Driver: Secrets to Grabbing His Attention and Stealing His Heart

by Liz Allison

"How do you marry a NASCAR driver?" In a professional sport where over half its athletes are single men, no one but Liz Allison would, let alone could, dare to answer. Tongue-in-cheek but cunningly insightful,...

Build and Pilot Your Own Walkalong Gliders

by Philip Rossoni

Go way beyond paper airplanes--with gliders you can control!

Paper airplanes are designed to be built and tossed. The walkalong gliders in this book are designed to let you actually pilot them as you push them...

Sasol First Field Guide to Frogs of Southern Africa

by Vincent Carruthers

Sasol First Field Guide to Frogs of Southern Africa is a fascinating guide to the frogs of the region. Full-colour photographs, distribution maps and easy-to-read text will help the beginner and budding naturalist...

A Dip in the Ocean: Rowing Solo Across the Indian

by Sarah Outen & Dame Ellen MacArthur

Four-thousand miles of unpredictable ocean, 500 chocolate bars, 124 days of physical exertion, three Guinness World Records, and one incredible journey

 On April 1, 2009, brave 23-year-old Sarah Outen embarked...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage

by Douglas Puterbaugh & Lance Wills

"Like the classic deadly sins, the seven deadly sins of dressage presented in this innovative guide-ignorance, timidity, pride, fear, gluttony, impatience, and sloth-wreak havoc on both rider and equine development...

Getting in Ttouch with Your Horse: Understand and Influence Personality

by Linda Tellington-Jones & Sybil Taylor

Helping riders develop a deeper understanding of their animals, this newly revised guide reveals how horses’ physical traits—from the muzzle, mouth, lips, and nostrils to the eyes, ears, chin, and facial...

Food Lovers Garden

by Angelo M. Pellegrini

—plucked fresh from the garden—become the soul of cookery.


Using his own experience as a guide, Pellegrini tells you how to plan your own garden, when to plant what, how to determine your needs, how to...

We Love Color: 16 Iconic Quilt Designers Create with Kona Solids

by Susanne Woods

Some of the biggest names in quiltmaking have joined with Robert Kaufman Fabrics to share a gorgeous variety of quilts made with vibrant Kona Cotton Solids, in both modern and traditional styles. Known for their...

A Guide Book of Peace Dollars

by Barry Lovvorn, Roger W. Burdette & Q. David Bowers

A Guide Book of Peace Dollars is the 13th entry in Whitman's Bowers Series of numismatic references. It covers every date and mintmark of America's last 90% silver dollar, which began as a commemorative of peace...

The Only Game That Matters: The Harvard/Yale Rivalry

by Paul Simpson, George E. Pataki & Edward M. Kennedy

As Harvard graduate Roger Angell once said, “The Game picks us up each November and holds us for two hours and...all of us, homeward bound, sense that we are different yet still the same. It is magic.”


The Men of the Last Frontier

by Grey Owl & James Polk

Part memoir, part history of the vanishing wilderness, and part compendium of animal and First Nations tales and lore, Grey Owl's first book was published in 1931. It is a passionate, compelling appeal for the...

Malaysian Batik: Reinventing a Tradition

by Noor Azlina Azlina Yunus

Batik is more than wax and dye applied to a length of cloth. It is an art form practiced by people around Asia. With its its bolder, abstract designs and its brighter palette, Malaysian batik is a distinctly...